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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro



  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Have you tried ready the codes from the computer to see if there is a problem with a sensor? Does the check engine light come on while it is running rough? You could also pull the neg. battery cable for 30 min to reset the system to see if it helps. Make sure to read the codes first because resetting the system will erase anything stored. I would try that before swapping out any parts.
  • I had simlar issues with my 2001 safari, 4.3 l engine. It, surprisingly enough, turned out to be the fuel pump. I would take it to (I cannot believe what I am about to say) a Chevy dealer and have their mechanics check it out. The dealership was my last resort but this might have been the one case in my life where I should've gone there first. They did a pressure test on mine and I think a vacuum test and it was a fuel pump issue. I replaced it and the trouble corrected.
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,068
    The only code it will throw intermittently is a mass airflow sensor code. It comes and goes and does it while driving. Not sure why it is throwing that particular code. I have swapped out 2 different mass air flow sensors and it still throws the code. No other codes are present.
  • littledllittledl Posts: 2
    I am a owner of a 1994 Chevy Astro EXT CL version which i bought brand new no major problems almost 300,000 miles on it in still running title
  • Driving my 1995 GMC safari home stopped at light it "chugged" and died now it will not start again. Sound like it wants to new battery and fairly new starter.

    any help would be great
  • I also have stalling problems when restarting within 5-10 minutes of turning engine off. Am happy with the features of the van, but very concerned about the reliability. Have been in 4 times in under 20,000 miles for the injectors only. Would be curious to know how t2muchjam got to the arbitration point. I wrote a complaint letter to GM last fall and received a form letter extending the warranty on the injectors only to 100,000 miles. Haven't followed up again, and now this past Thursday, it happened again.

    cheap plus one
  • I just purchased an '88 Safari van that has the split rear windows, and I've noticed that some of the newer vans have a full rear window with the split doors below. I was wondering if I could convert it to this with no problems, as I don't like the blind spot back there.
    I parked next to a newer SLE model just a few minutes ago that had them, and it looks like it can be done. The split doors seems to have the hinges in the same place. I'm concerned about the top full window.
  • i have a 94 astro van awd thats a steering colunm can a two wheel drive steering fit just need it from steering wheel to knuckle
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