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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • iansians Posts: 1
    A couple of observations on this topic. Half way through the 2000 model year, what are Edmunds and their reviewer doing publishing a report about a "preproduction 1999 car"? If you want to be taken seriously as a fair, unbiased review organisation (which you appear to be from all other accounts), test the latest production model from the manufacturer.

    Secondly, if the car came from Saab USA, what are they doing offering up the said "preproduction" example, heavily hammered by the ink stained wretches. Not exactly the way to get your prime product properly reviewed.

    My interest in this? I just ordered a loaded 2000 3.0L SE wagon, my first Saab ever, here in Canada for low $ 50,000 Canadian Monopoly money. Mr. Wardlaw sure made me spill my tea, until I figured that this review does not reflect well on either Edmunds or Saab, or do justice to a very fine automobile that I can't wait to get my hands on.
  • jpnwdcjpnwdc Posts: 42
    I just read Wardlaw's review of the Saab 9-5 wagon. I don't think I've ever read such a nit picky auto review before. Getting your fingernails dirty because of having to clean brake dust off the front wheels??

    Also, some of his complaints were probably due to driving a pre-production model. One of the Saab dealers in the Wash. DC area had several pre-production 9-5 sedans they were trying to sell. The front suspensions had a different feel than the production models, and the interiors had a musty smell. As a result, they have not been able to get rid of all of them.
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    I am fixing to buy a new 9-5 wagon and I have a few questions:

    The car I want is a 5 speed and I will want a specific color and options. How long does it take to order a car from Saab?

    Has anyone dealt with car How does this service work.

    Are there discount Saab parts dealers on the internet?

    Drive Safe,

  • I purchased the base engine with a manual transmission - test drove both auto and standard. The shift pattern is good, but not up to BMW standards. BUT, I bought the standard and love having it, as does, unfortunately, my 18 year old daughter. There was a decent selection of manuals available last summer - East Coast - in particular in New England, but I did end up with leather, which I do like, and the dealer ate the cost of the heated seats, which I really like!
    Wardlaw's review - WRONG!! - The VW Passat wagon is not in the same ballpark - underpowered(only the 150 hp four is available in the wagon) and much more body roll and noise. Also, the rear seats tilt outboard! The Subie isn't there either! Also, I paid $32,000, which was $10,000 less than the Audi, and $12,000 less than the BMW. So, I think someone ought to have him examined!
  • One more thing - Saab has a very annoying light that comes on telling you when to shift - The dealer can disconnect this!
  • Joe-I placed an order with for a 9-5 manual wagon three weeks ago. The price I was quoted was great-$600. below invoice- but so far it is just a quote. To fully understand the drama you should read (some of the) hundreds of postings devoted to experiences. Suffice it to say that they are way way way too busy right now and seem unable or unwilling to find many of the cars that people have ordered. My experience is similar to others-- they said they couldn't find the car and would have to special order it. I said fine. Seems simple, yet nothing has happened. It's been three weeks. The car hasn't been ordered. It takes days if not weeks to even get a response to an email. All that said, I am in no big hurry and if I end up with the car I want in a few months, below invoice, I'll be another happy customer. My local Saab dealer can't get me a manual transmission and won't special order. How's that for customer service? There do not seem to be any manual wagons in Southern California. I've called four dealerships. So, in my case carorder may be my best bet. Patience is a virtue!
  • I forgot to mention that a special Saab order through takes 12-16 weeks.
  • VladKVladK Posts: 1
    I bet this guy drives a Ford Explorer. Or something else, so conformist that he just can't see beyond his own rigid mindset.

    Most of his negative comments don't make any sense. Actually, the whole review does not make sense, including the choice of V-6 automatic. It's a *SAAB*, not a Honda, for crying out loud! The proper powertrain is a turbocharged four-cylinder with manual gearbox, just like God intended. None of that Opel crap!

    Placing window switches on center console makes them much more convenient for anyone driving a manual gearbox car. Your right hand does all the shifting, handbraking, window opening and key turning, without having to EVER take the left hand off the steering wheel.

    And maybe this guy will someday shatter his right knee cap when he crashes his Explorer. Maybe then the inherent danger of placing a sharp metal object in direct path of the driver's knee will get through his thick scull. And he will finally realize that placing the ignition between the seats is the only logical place. That is, if he doesn't shatter his scull as well, as his Explorer certanly does not provide nearly as much safety as the least safe SAAB does.

    I can't believe someone like this is an automotive journalist. He should be a censorship official in his local Gestapo.
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    EJ- The price I was quoted from was about $800 over invoice. Not really great. I am in S.E. Pennsylvania. I wonder if it matters where you live?

    Where can I find these hundreds of postings on

  • Joe- I found it by doing a topic search on Edmund's for The most current is experiences Part 2. I just looked and there are currently over 1,700 postings. Happy reading! I certainly haven't read them all, but from what I have read-- yes, it does matter where you live. For whatever reason, there are different prices in different states. People have reported better prices in California. Also, the price fluxuates, so check again tomorrow! Once you like the price, you can put it in your garage with no committment on your part. Then you have a certain number of day (7 or 10?) to order it at that price. The price expires once the clock hits 12:01 am of the "expires on" day. You do not have until midnight!!! You give them a credit card number and the authorization to charge $500 dollars as a deposit when they find your specific car AND you agree to this specific car. Carorder doesn't put anything on your card- just the dealership that finds and holds your car. So, I haven't been charged anything. Seems like you can back out of the whole deal if you want, with no penalty, except that if they find your exact car and you back out you are prohibited from ordering that same car with carorder for 6 months.
    Good luck.
  • After only three weeks my power steering has gone out on my 2000se wag! Dealer is ordering new ps pump. Still able to drive it...kinda. Please tell me this not normal. I really want to love this car!
  • I agree with the guy about the starter switch placement. This is an affectation, mercifully absent from the older 9000 model.

    Have a look at what was lurking under my SAAB 9-5.
    I'll never buy another SAAB, and I'm a previously
    life-long fan ! See for
    the full story.

    SAAB customer service is a bit questionable too.
  • I agree with the guy about the starter switch placement. This is an affectation, mercifully absent from the older 9000 model.

    Have a look at what was lurking under my SAAB 9-5.
    I'll never buy another SAAB, and I'm a previously
    life-long fan ! See for
    the full story.

    SAAB customer service is a bit questionable too.
  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    First congratulations on a well done web site. However, do you really expect readers to believe you axle cracked for no reason in your driveway?
    Such an event is extremely unlikely and you have put forth only conjecture to refute the metallurgical analysis by SAAB AB. They allege blunt force trauma. You seem to be maintaining brittle steel a la the Titanic. Lets assume you axle was poorly cast and had a latent defect, why would SAAB deny this? DO you think they want to be defamed on your web site? Are really not attempting to extort a settlement from SAAB through blackmail. IF your case had merit, and I was SAAB, I would settle with you. Your car has suffered a massive structural failure and you are asking educated empirically experienced adults to believe a puerile explanation. Lets put it in perpsective, you leave a child at home with a valuable ship model. You later come home to find the Serapis demasted and holed below the waterline. You inquire of the child as to what happened to the bailment left in his charge and he tells you John Paul Jone's great grandson just happened to stop after a tad too many IPAs and bitters at the local pub, and in a drunken rage smashed the craft to smitherines. He then apologized, excused himself and left.

    Sure, it is possible the child is telling the truth, but would ajury believe it?

    Seems improbable. However, suppose the car was damaged overnight by vandals or stolen and returned without your knowledge or even that the axle just went kapooey, so what is you beef? Won't your insurance cover the damage? Are you seeking warranty coverage? What is your cause of action? Are you alleging breech of contract with SAAB? Do you think a civil jury will believe your version?

    OK, assume the car was damaged while driving and somehow you managed to get it home before it gave it out. Now what? You want SAAB to do what?
  • Thanks for the repsonse. I'll try to answer your
    points raised.

    The information on the site is there for you to take or leave. You make up your own mind. I'll
    do my best to leave matters of opinion and conjecture off the site.

    SAAB and their lawyers trawl the site on a regular
    basis, no doubt in connection with their continuous threats of legal action for 'defamation'. The site will only ever contain
    facts, because they can't sue me for that. They
    may try, but I will defend.

    The latest position is that SAAB are offering arbitration by a UK panel of Motor Industry
    representatives. SAAB are still witholding the parts removed from the car, denying my experts
    the chance to analyze them. SAAB are highly critical of me for failing to produce technical
    evidence to back up my position. See previous but one sentence about witholding the parts.

    These are the facts. You can come to whatever
    conclusion you fancy. Up to you.
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    I am about to order a Saab 9.5 wagon. Has anyone out there ever ordered one? How long did it take? Did the dealer give you any information on the progress?


  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    Well I did it today... I ordered a Imola Red 9-5 wagon for my wife. I spent part of Saturday at a dealer pouring over the 9-5 wagon in the show room and teaching the salesman about the features. I am sure we will both love it.

    I used The price was $23 over invoice. This was actually under invoice since dealers add a paperwork fee in this area. I believe the car will have to be ordered and it will take some time. I am planning on 8-10 weeks.

    Drive Safe,

  • gclugclu Posts: 23

    Congrats on you're new purchase. The 9-5 was on my short list, but my wife nixed it once she sat in the driver's seat. Being 5'3" she never could get a satisfactory driving position (always felt like sitting in a tub and looking over the edge!).

    Did you get the On Star system ? That was one of the main attractions of the car over its competitors -- in addition to its handling and the choice of the 2.3L or 3.0 L engines. BTW which one did you get ?

    Also make, sure that the you get the Standard 3yr/36K free scheduled maint. When I had gone last week, the salesperson/dealer wasn't even aware of it!


    '00 Passat GLX wagon with 4Motion!
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136

    I wanted a wagon with a 5-speed. This makes for a small group of cars. The Passat was on my short list, but interior styling left us a little cold. Volvo was also on my list, but they are in model change over at the factory and selection is limited. 5-speeds are out of the question.

    I got the base model 9-5 with the 2.3l turbo engine. 20-30 mpg on regular gas will be a good thing.

    It looks like there is nothing to do for the 3 years of maintenance per the Saab web site. Just buy the car. The offer does not include some of the 9-3 series.

    Drive Safe,

  • Joe,

    You could say the passat's interior styling is a typical Teutonic style -- though, my wife and I actually like it over the Saabs. Plus, how many $30K cars now a days have REAL wood trim?!? I'll have to admit though that the Saab uniqueness eg. key location, cooled glove compartment, night time dash lighting feature, are very nice touches!

    I got the same impression about the 3/36K scheduled maintenance from reading their website -- but foun it interesting that the dealer wasn't using it now as a selling point. I wonder what would happen if someone had brought in the car for servicing not having known about it ????

    Enjoy the new car!!!

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