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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • Just purchased a 2002 9-5 Linear Wagon and I'm interested in buying a few accessories for it. Can anyone direct me to any sites that offer discount pricing and quality materials? Thanks
  • go to - 20% off all saab parts and accessories - these are factory authorized parts and accessories. saabcenter is actually BRI Imports in Oklahoma City - they are a Saab New Car Dealer. I've ordered from them before - they are fast and efficient.

    for performance parts go to, or, or www.nordictuning (i think).com these sites offer upgraded ECU chips, suspension, and other components.

    FYI - if you're really into saabs - go to - this is the most active site on the net for saab enthusiasts. they have a great forum - mind you the forums are geared for people to solve problems with their cars so don't be surprised if you see lots of posts re. problems - not indicative of the build quality/relaibilty/durability of saabs...

    good luck
  • I presently own a 99 540iat and have always wanted a Saab wagon. I am afraid I will be disappointed if I trade. If I do make the change, which model should I consider? How about reliability?
  • rickpctrickpct Posts: 71
    I would consider the 9-5 Aero - that version would approach the performance of the 540i. Aero has 250 HP, 258 FTLB of torque @ 1900 rpm so the power band makes it fast in everyday driving, 17" rims, high performance suspension and brakes, etc... - all this and 30+ mpg on the highway.

    The 540 will give you better performance - acceleration and handling feel, but realistically for everyday driving and such, the Aero is just as good. If you push the both cars to the limit, the BMW will outperform. My neighbor has a 540 sedan - he drives it 10 miles round trip to work in city driving never exceeding 40mph - seems like a waste of power and performance. I've had my base 95 wagon at 100mph+ - felt solid and under control. I'm sure the aero will feel just as good or better at 120mph. But at the end of the day, just how hard and fast will you drive and how often?

    Versatility and utility is another factor, the 540 wagon is SMALL compared to the Saab - especially cargo area. Finally, the FWD/RWD thing. Up here in CT, my neighbors 540 is snow is horrendous. Despite the fact that it has TCS - in 6-8" of snow - or if you need to go up an incline or hill - forget it - FWD is better.

    Cost is the final factor - new 540 wagon - $50K+, new Aero - $39K. You can take some of that difference to alter the engine chip and software to boost HP to close to 300 if you want.

    Saabs are as reliable as all of the other european cars. Since you own a BMW you won't be surprised by service costs,etc - but Saab pays for first 3 years of service.

    Basically I don't think there are other performance wagons out there - not sure if they still make the Audi S6, the Volvos handle and perform like dogs (but they are versatile wagons though).

    At the end of the day you need to decide what factors are most important to you. Saabs are great cars, fun to drive, practical, and different.

    Good luck.
  • jiber1jiber1 Posts: 1
    Just stopped by the dealer to look at a 9-5 sport wagon, they have one 2001 9-5, 4cyl, leather loaded, with 4K, never titled, used by owner, sticker is $40K+ left on the lot. It has TSC but not ESP, Air conditioned seats & remainder of full warranty. I went for a test drive, and was pleasantly surprised by the handling, cabin noise was more than expected, especially with the fans running. I was waiting on the new A4's and even considered an MDX, I drove the V70 and left unimpressed. The Saab, seems very worthy of consideration, especially the demo which is left. I am not familiar with Saab pricing or discoutns, so any suggestions on pricing and discounts for Saabs would be appreciated. Thanks....
  • mstsscmstssc Posts: 89
    I think $40k is way over priced. I was just looking at a 2001 Aero wagon, new, zero miles for $51k cdn (about $32k US). You should be able to do much better. A new 2002 Aero should be less than $40k.

    BTW,I have a 2001 sedan, great car to drive.
  • kibkirbkibkirb Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a new wagon and just took the new 9-5 Linear Wagon for a test drive. Much preferred it to the Volvo V70 2.4t, plus we've had a 9-3 for 3+ years and love it -- fun to drive, no maintenance problems. My question is about the TMVs for the 9-5 wagons -- they're about $2k below the invoice for all models. Does this make sense to others? From what I've seen at the dealers in my area, they seem to be selling pretty well.
  • mvcjonesmvcjones Posts: 14
    I live in Los Angeles and have the following offer on the table.

    2002 9-5 Arc with silver metallic paint, List at $41,000
    36 month lease
    Turn in my leased 1999 9-3 SE which is a $3,000 loss based on buy out vs. market value
    Dealer will take care of my remaining 9-3 SE payments, amounting to about $3,250
    $1,495 down
    $498/month taxes included.

    Any advice on whether this is a good deal?

    Thanks in advance

    MVC Jones
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To mvcjones- In addition to the feedback here, you should also post (copy/paste) your question in this FWI Leasing discussion. Our host (Car man) should be able to offer you some feedback on your deal. Also, weekends are a little slow around here, so you may need to give it a day, or so, more feedback. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your lease.

    To kibkirb- To respond to your Post #630 "TMVs for the 9-5 wagons -- they're about $2k below the invoice for all models. Does this make sense to others?

    Edmunds' TMV is most likely taking into consideration the current $2500 Incentive that Saab is currently offering to their dealers. Good luck.

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  • I have going back and forth between the 9-5 turbo wagon (linear) and the aero version. I'd appreciate some help in this decision from experienced Saab individuals. Also, what about pricing: linear $430/month (including tax) w/$2800 down (15k a year, w/premium package and metallic paint) sales price is $31,800. Aero w/touring (black), $540 month (including tax) pricing is $37,200.
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    Depending on the model, Saab is running some pretty significant discount programs right now, up to $4,500 off on the Linears, so the TMV's are probably pretty accurate.
  • murphd02murphd02 Posts: 3
    Purchased a 2002 9-5 2.3l auto recently. Love the car (when I'm allowed to drive it!). I am looking into putting a tow hitch on it to pull a utility trailer. I'll probably use it 4-6 times per year. Anyone have any insights on whether towing is a good idea with this vehicle? Any other comments would be welcomed. Thanks
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    I hear that SAAB makes a tow hitch for the 9-5. It is an all day affair to install, but very nice when done. They reccomend the dealer does the install. I think the capacity is 2000 lbs.

    Drive Safe,

  • marionwmarionw Posts: 1
    after three volvo wagons over 25 years, do i ever love driving my manual transmission, road hugging, comfortable car with seat heaters that work. the gadgets are fun, the door locks are lovely, the cargo space large but it's the way it handles that's so great- it's light and nimble even though it stays solidly on the road. (tho it is true that the rear visibility needs improvement.)
  • rivettsrivetts Posts: 5
    A friend of mine and I just bought left over 2001 9-5 wagons. My friend has owned SAABs since the 70s and I owned 1 other SAAB and that was a 1975 Sonnet.

    Her car is Silver and mine is black. At the moment I am a little disappointed with the fact that when they buffed out my car they covered it with scratches. They said I can bring the car back in and they would buff out the scratches.

    I originally felt that the car was over priced, but with the leftover discounts the car seems like a bargain. I was considering a VW Passat.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the company that makes the engine and transmission? The engine is made in the UK and the transmission in Japan.
  • jorgbirdjorgbird Posts: 3
    Has anybody driven the new Linear or Aero in snow? I am wondering how the electronic stability and traction control programs work under those conditions. How useful is the winter mode of the automatic transmission? Any and all reports are appreciated!
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    I have a 2000 9-5 base wagon. I figured a big heavy front wheel drive car would be good in the snow. This would be similar to my experince with a Tarus. The traction control would be a bonus. No such luck.

    The 9-5 was mediocre in the snow. The wide, performance oriented tires are to blame. I put on a set of the factory snows and it does much better in the snow. The snow flake wheels were a bonus. Worth the money.

    SAAB 9-5 with factory snows

    Drive Safe,


  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Also, nice picture of your 9-5 wagon. If you have a chance, feel free to also share (copy/paste) your pic in our Saab Photo Gallery and Station Wagons Pics discussions. Happy motoring! ;-)

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  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    has anyone had a failure of the cooling fan ?
    while going through d.c. a few days ago my cooling fans went out in heavy traffic and the engine overheated.
    went to a dealer and they found a blown fuse....
    but,there has to be a reason for the fuse to blow.

    anyone has any background ?
  • bmmillerbmmiller Posts: 9
    I just looked at a 2001 Saab 9-5 Wagon SE and got a price of $33K on it and was wondering how good that actually was. I think that it was the demo car but am not sure of the mileage on it (I think it had like 200 miles on it.) Also would it be better to just go with the 4 cylinder model because it would be cheaper? How does the 4 cylinder respond to the throttle when fully loaded (with 4-5 passengers)? Thanks
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