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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • skday1skday1 Posts: 13
    I bought a 2002 Linear Wagon with 12,000 miles about a month ago, after shopping for a Passat wagon for months. I have no regrets - I love everything about my Saab except for the mileage; I'm only getting 19 mpg city driving, and I'm a pretty gentle driver.

    Favorites: The leather is beautiful - I haven't let my dogs in the car yet. Automatic climate control is great. Heated seats are so necessary. The Sport mode and the Winter mode work great!

    I am a Saab convert, after the following ownership history: Honda Civic, Toyota Camry wagon, and Passat wagon.
  • skday1skday1 Posts: 13
    I love the hazelnut, but the green is even better.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    19 mpg for city driving doesn't sound bad to me. I don't recall what the City Rating is but if your getting 19 that sould mean you'll get mid to upper 20's on the highway. Pretty good for this class really.

  • skday1skday1 Posts: 13
    I was hoping it would stay in the 20s, but I guess 19 isn't so bad.

    Does anyone know if the sport button affects mpg significantly? In other words, should I feel guilty about using it? I would like to do my part to reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

    Also, any recommendations re. reducing brake dust?

    Finally, my stereo supposedly will go up in volume as my speed increases, but I haven't noticed that working. Any thoughts? I went through the process to turn this function on, but no changes.

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Well.. your looking at City Mileage.. 19 is good for city I think.

    You mentioned that your driving conservatively.. so.. using the Sport Mode is of no use really. Yes, it will effect mileage. In sport mode your holding a gear longer for higher RPM's and down shifting sooner.. again.. higher RPM's. I'd say only use it when you want to drive more aggressively and aren't concerned with mileage as much.

    The Automatic Volume is a feature you can turn on and off. I haven't looked at ours lately so I can't tell you without looking it up on how to turn it on or off. I will say this... even when it's in use.. you don't really notice the adjustments.. that's kinda the point. It's supposed to adjust higher so you can still hear the music. More of a seamless thing you don't notice.. you should just notice that you can still hear the sound without having to manually turn up the volume everytime you get on the freeway.

    I'm not sure this feature is all that great or not. I don't notice it.. Probably because it's working just as it should... who knows?

    One feature you do want turned on is the "Loud" setting. Sorry but you'll have to look in the book for this too. Again I don't have it committed to memory. This feature effects the Sub for a richer sound. In the off setting the system is not nearly as good.

    The sound system is decent but I think Dissapointing in the way you have to open the book everytime you want to change settings like these. I'm not sure why they can't just put a simple on/off switch for this one... Ugh.

    Hope your enjoying your Saab.
  • After reading this site and others for 2+ years I finally committed and placed a deposit today for a 9.5 aero wagon. I loved the Volvo suv but the poor gas mileage, underpowered performance and less than optimal service at my Volvo dealer made the final decision easy. I hope my "new swede" will be as stellar and go 190K+ on the original clutch (german vehicles other than for the W8 were never seriously in the running). What is the feeling and experience in regard to synthetic oil? After one month, after the break in, Castrol vs. Saab (Mobil one)? thanks.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    New Saabs come witha Semi-Synthetic. They recommend continued use of this. IMO a Synthetic is not needed for most of us in a car like the Saab. But.. you do have the Aero... if your planning lots of aggressive driving, I suppose it couldn't hurt.

  • garywgaryw Posts: 116
    We are considering the 9-5 wagon and are interested in real world experience. Is anyone using or have you tried using 3 car seats in the 2nd row of seats.

    We have three kids with one in a booster and the other two in child seats. Thanx in advance.
  • petersjfpetersjf Posts: 8
    I just purchased a Saab 9-5 linear wagon and only have 2 car seats in it, but see no reason you couldn't put a 3rd in. I've put 2 close to each other with an adult sitting on the outside without too much crowding. The only thing I've noticed is that for my tall 2 year old, there's less rear-seat room than in a Grand Cherokee and he ends up kicking the new leather seats :)

    The downside is that it's difficult to get the middle child in, and I would strongly urge you to take all of your car seats and kids down to the Saab dealership to really decide whether this is the car you want to transport the whole family.

    I'd be happy to answer any other questions - FWIW, except for loss of some interior room, I love the car in every other respect.
  • garywgaryw Posts: 116
    Peter - thanks for the response. We have a Land Rover Discovery II that we love but it will not hold 2 car seats and a booster...we just found out number three is on the way.

    Two questions
    1. Per your comment, is it difficult getting the middle child in due to the lower height vs. an SUV?
    2. Can the adult in the back buckle their seat belt or do the seats take up too much room?

    Thanx for all the help.
  • petersjfpetersjf Posts: 8
    1. I would say it's difficult vs. a minivan or other wagon/suv with a 3rd row but probably similar to many mini-suv's and midsize suv's with 2 rows. Another family hauler we looked at closely was the Highlander, and I think because of the spacious second row in that vehicle you'd have an easier time getting the baby/child around the outside seat to get to the middle seat.

    2. The adult could buckle in with the 2 car seats in
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    Yeah, I agree with petersjf, the saab it gonna be way cramped with 3 car seats. The Highlander has a nice roomy back seat, but is actually not bigger in space than a large wagon (about 85 cu feet.) It's really a glorified wagon vs. a true SUV. I only have 1 kidlet so I went with the wagon but if I had 2 or more, I'd go with something else. Besides, where are you going to putt all their stuff? There's very poor storage in the Saab (ie, cubbies/drinkholders.)
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    We have 2 kids ages 6 & 8 and the space in the Wagon is fine for us.

    We used it during our vacation last summer instead of my Hugh Montero and had no regrets.

  • Happy to say I am the new owner of a 1999 Saab 9-5 Wagon, black with charcoal interior, 6 cylinder and almost any option you can mention! It has 90,000 km. on it and we purchased the extended warranty for it. Dealer seemed miffed I had checked the car out through Carfax and has all my info with me when we talked with him. They leant the car to me for a day which was good and also I took it to my mechanic. It is in beautiful shape - interior like new and barely a scratch on it. We tried out a 2000 Volvo S/W they had on the lot but it seemed noisier both idling and driving. Saab is much quieter and everything seems well thought-out as to placement of controls, etc. The Volvo was $28,000 CDN and the Saab $21,000. They WOULD NOT budge on price!!! Salesman said he had discounted it as far as he could go. Car was on the lot for six months!!
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congrats on your recent purchase. We look forward to hearing all about your Saab 9-5 wagon experience. Please keep us posted. Happy motoring! ;-)

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  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Anyone care to share some details about their Saab 9-5 wagon? For those interested, you can list your:

    1. Model Year & Total miles to date.
    2. MPG & Driving habits. Any differences in mpg since you first purchase?
    3. Any additional accessories & mods?
    4. Maintenance issues to date.
    5. Any interesting trips or cargo experiences?
    6. Overall impressions pro/cons of your vehicle since you first purchased....

    Share as much (or as little) information as you'd like. I'm sure other Saab 9-5 owners/shoppers passing through here, would find the information quite interesting, if not helpful.

    Also, you can report back every 3-5k to update again. Who's game?

    Thanks for your participation! ;-)

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  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    is how much in US dollars? Please forgive my exchange rate lack of knowledge.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,611
    at the current rate (.7) that's about US$14,700.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I just read an article this morning about the problem of Americans purchasing new cars in Canada. It's perfectly legal to bring them across the border apparantly and Canada has adopted US Emmission standards now.

    The savings examples they were citing were significant. Automakers openly admit the lower pricing is a Market Situation. Pricing is often as much as 40% lower!! I was amazed to read this. In retaliation, some manufacturers are NOT honoring warranties here. Some Canadian Dealers are offering Private Warranties to off set.

  • charlesbcharlesb Posts: 43
    New cars sure are cheaper North of the border, but most manufacturers will refuse to honer the warranty of cars purchased in Canada. I guess if you are buying an out-of-warranty car, this wouldn't be an issue.
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