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Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Hybrid System Problems



  • ytallentytallent Posts: 11
    Talk to the General Manager of your dealership and tell them you know that HH has a history of this failure even though the recall is not for the 2008. You want a Toyota case manager and you want resolution of this problem and no you will not pay that price to fix a known failure that is a recall on the 2006 and 2007 cars. Obviously this is a problem on later model Toyota HH too and Toyota should fix it for free. Others can offer better advice as I didn't have to go this far yet!
  • nylove64nylove64 Posts: 8
    I got my 2006 Toyota HHB fixed in 14 months, I wrote many of letters, they had a recall In February of 2011, you have to google it. I still lost, I had to make the 406.00 a month payment and insure it, than to top it off I ended up paying a few 100 dollars for rotors that went bad from sitting, a new battery and my drivers window won't work, I think when the inverter blew my windows were left down and it rain in my truck and shorted the power windows.
  • gregpghgregpgh Posts: 1
    2008 Highlander Ltd Hybrid - 125,000 miles. Last Friday, my wife and daughter pull out onto a busy highway -and hear a "pop" sound and the vehicle just dies - All warning lights come on ...luckily she was able to get to the side of the road.

    We take to the dealer who explains it's the hybrid inversion part - and that the repair will cost $11,000. We review with the case manager - and they offer $1,500 toward a new car. That's it -- claiming they look at number of Toyota's bought (this was our first), if routine service is done at dealership(s) (we didn't), and number of miles out of warranty. No appeal process - our case manager said the decision is final - he basically replied - sorry folks, you are screwed. Any suggestions from any of you would be appreciated!
  • kenduffkenduff Posts: 19
    They did the same and said to us, same thing happened to us, :lemon: we sued and got 11,000 for our car, Toyota are a bad bunch, good luck.
  • s_weavers_weaver Posts: 8
    I am so sorry to hear about your highlander! I am not sure that your highlander is part of the recall? Toyota told us the same thing at first; that basically we were out of luck and that they would give us $1500 towards the repair, which is like a drop in the bucket. Because ours was within the recall, we were able to push Toyota to get a tech to check it put. The dealer told us that our car did not have the part number with the recall, but the tech was able to verify that the part was, and they fixed it. We kept calling the case manager and demanded that Toyota send someone to look at it, because the dealer wasn't able to "open the box" because the technogy is so complicated that special training is needed. The day after they fixed it, we dumped the car. We lost $10,500 because the value went down so much, but we felt like it was a gamble to keep driving it. When I was feeling desperate, I did find some used parts online. Problem is that you don't know if they too are junk, but I thought we may have to fix it then dump it. The parts were much cheaper online from junk yards and such. Good luck.
  • ytallentytallent Posts: 11
    Would say to the case manager, you are aware that the 2006/2007 are under recall for the very same problem and you want it fixed or you will sue the dealership and Toyota as your family could have been killed and this is a known problem with the Highlander Hybrids beyond those model years. Consumer Reports states there are problems with them up until 2012 model. Also report it to the National Safety Board. I imagine they don't want to have to extend the recall to 2008s. I plan to sell my 2008 as it has nearly 80,000 miles on it immediately.
  • cfebrescfebres Posts: 3
    My 2006 THH was under the recall. I took it to the dealer and they fixed "whatever it was". When I had the problem with the inverter and mentioned the recall the dealer said it was some other piece not related to the $10k problem. I got $1500 from Toyota, $600 from the dealer (I call it keep quiet money) repaired the car and so far it has been running fine. Toyota had to send an "expert" because none of the mechanics at the dealer knew how to replace the inverter. I contacted a lawyer and he said that the guarantee was over, so no recourse. After having 3 toyotas in my lifetime now I want out and far away.
  • bcrawfilbcrawfil Posts: 1
    Well my 2008 HH was running fine with no problems until one morning 2 weeks ago. I was 20 minutes into a drive made a turn, hit the gas pedal and the dash board lit up and all power is gone! I managed to coast into the left turn lane to get out of traffic on a 6 lane road. After an hour of trying to restart the car made a call to get towed. I did not take the car to Toyota but to an independent shop. They diagnosed the problem as the inverter and quoted $4500 to repair. I decided to see what I could get from Toyota since the issue was the same as the recalled 06 and 07. I had the car towed to the Toyota dealership I bought it from and they diagnosed the same thing claiming that they had not heard of this happening but to 1 or 2 other HH. I managed to get Toyota to agree to pick up half the 9800 total bill. I had 126000 miles on the car and for me that meant that I still had another 75000 miles that I got out of my Honda's before this Toyota. I decided to let them fix it for someone else as my wife insisted that I not drive that car again since this could have happened on the highway that is under construction with no way to get out of traffic. I let them have the car as a trade in an bought a used Honda CR-V with way less miles. So I'm back to a car company that does stand behind their cars. I will report the HH to the NHTSA to help the rest of you that will probably see this problem going forward. GOOD LUCK to you and thanks for this post to help me see what was going on with my former HH. :lemon:
  • My story is the same as so many others, but I am still posting here just in case there is better news regarding Toyota stepping up to do the right thing. My Toyota 2007 Highlander Hybred was doing just fine. I had 238,000 miles (often 200 miles a day ) when the warning lights went on and I coasted to the side of the road. Towed to dealer and spent $230. troubleshooting the problem. Repair costs $8,700. I'll file a complaint. The dealership called immediately to try to sell me a new car... no chance. Really sorry to hear so many stories of people being hit hard financially. Should be help some where.
  • ruth72ruth72 Posts: 3
    im sorry to hear about your car, i assume it was a bad inverter? just wondering how much the inverter (if that was the problem) cost and how much the labor cost out of the total $8700 bill.
  • cd94539cd94539 Posts: 3
    Bought a Certified Pre- Owned 2008 THH in 2011 and thankfully I bought the extended warranty from Toyota directly that extends warrant coverage through 2014. Vehicle has ~68K miles on it now. Last month I would see a "Hybrid System Overheated" message mometarily flash on the small screen with a bell tone alert about 2 x wk. Took it it for svc and had them check for it. They charged me $150 for troubleshooting and tech could never replicate it. Said there were no error codes in computer. I was miffed but nothing I could do.

    Now it's acting up way more often, maybe 2 x day. Happens when you go from stop to rapid acceleration (throttle 2/3 open) and is easy to reproduce. I took a video of the message and took it in. The Svc Advisor said this time there would be no troubleshooting charge and he would have his Sr. Master Tech work on it.

    They took the same video and sent it to Toyota Tech Svcs. TTS made the tech take a "snapshot" of the computer output and send it in. Next day they advised tech to flush and replace inverter coolant at my expense as this was a maintenance item that is usually done at 90K service. I was on the hook for @$269. I gave then the ok to proceed :( Today the tech did the flush and replacement, problem still there. Again he had to take a "snapshot' and send to TTS. Finally TTS are convinced, that its an intermittent inverter failure problem. Inverter has been ordered. The Svc Advisor says its like $14,000 job and he wants it done and off his books. I guess they don't like having expensive parts sitting in inventory. So far Svc Advisor says it's covered under warranty

    Will Update when Inverter is replaced. Hopefully the battery has not taken a beating cause that's also $10K+ job.
  • As of 9/4/2013, Toyota has agreed to a voluntary recall for exactly this problem so I am hoping all parts and labor will be covered by them and I get my diagnostic fee refunded. The car has been in the shop for 6 working days still waiting for Toyota to ship Inverter parts to the dealership.
  • After waiting seven working days, finally got the vehicle back. Toyota replaced the whole inverter and had the inverter cooling system flushed and replaced. Was covered by the Recall and the 100K warranty on the hybrid system. Service advisor says I got one of the last inverters in stock and they are going to bill Toyota close to $10K for the repair.

    People who come in for the recall repair work from now on will have the component board insider the inverter with the failing Power FET Transistors replaced at a cost of about $4K to Toyota.

    I plan on selling this car within a year when the extended warranty runs out. No way I want to have repair bills like that paid out of pocket.
  • My Highlander stayed at the dealership for 14 months, I wrote many letter to every official I could think of, my recall notice came exactly 2 years ago this month. I still ended up paying for a new battery, rotors had new rotors and being that when it lost power my window was left down and it rained probably shorting out the window box so I'm stuck with that $400.00 repair they wouldn't accommodate. I had to pay the monthly payment of 406.00 and full coverage insurance. I also had to spend 4,200.00 on a 97 Honda just to keep my job. I wonder if their is any compensation for all this money I lost??? anyone have any ideas??
  • Shame on Toyota! I paid the whole 10k. I wish I could have a recourse to get my money back. If someone has any ideas write!
  • I need to get the 75,000 mile service done on 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid .... does it have to go to the dealer for this or would a local shop be OK for it ?
  • tfryartfryar Posts: 1
    My Toyota dealer just replaced my radiator with a new factory radiator for $700 so get a quote from another dealer. Still high, but I don't want to mess around with it because it's a hybrid.
  • 89fj6289fj62 Posts: 20
    When at all possible I buy Toyota OEM. You can find generic radiators for most cars. as for prices I paid $400 using a discount Toyota dealer to buy a radiator about 10 years ago. So your price probably is about right.
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 55
    I'm in the market for an suv, there is a 2008 HH for sale with 64k on it for $20 in my area. Should I stay away? Far away? I've read a lot about 06 and 07 inverter problems but not many on the 08.
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