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Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Hybrid System Problems



  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    good decision ,you'll be way a head of the game later on,smart smart
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    did you get my fax's,if you post your private email we can converse privately,mine is posted so if you want to email me without going thru edmunds ,you can they restrict what you can say.i also secured on go daddy the site i would love to do a web site with all of our stories on these toy hi hyb ,and do a youtube,video exposing these defects on inverter's so unsuspecting consumers like yourself will be aware of the problems,what do you think,i'am just not that computer savy
  • I got your fax just before they deleted my message with my phone number.
    Give me a day or so to locate the original TSB and I'll post it on this site.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
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  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    hi steve,did you recieve the tsb i faxed you,i have not seen it posted on edmunds,what happened
  • I scanned the pages but couldn't figure out how to post them.
    I can email the images to you if you know how?
    Sorry for the delay.
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
  • If someone gives me instructions on how to post .jpg files, I will post the four page TSB-0386-08 here.
  • tomas10tomas10 Posts: 2
    Our 2006 Highlander hybrid failed in the same manner described in many of these messages. Sudden power failure, many error messages, including engine light, check VSC, and check AWB. The car became totally inoperable and unstartable, in a dangerous traffic situation. The first feedback from the dealer is that one or more ignition coils have failed. This might be true, as the engine was running very roughly on one of our restart attempts. The question is, could the sudden failure of the inverter lead to associated failure or damage of the ignition coils? It is not hard to imagine that a voltage surge could do this. Our VIN in 60019910.
  • tomas10tomas10 Posts: 2
    the previous message contains an error. The VIN of our 2006 Highlander is 60001122. The VIN number listed is the previous message, 60019910, has been reported in this forum (and others) as the "break" when Toyota began using a new inverter assembly. I have read another forum which reports that no power loss incidents have been reported after the "break"
  • I it looks like I was bit by the inverter problem. I lost power on a busy street in Houston. Luckily no one was hurt but it was a little scary. I reported the incident on the NHTSA website and referenced PS 11-005, which appears to be the open incident on the issue.

    I also Emailed Frank Borris and gave the reference number to the incident.

    Frank S. Borris
    Office of Defects Investigation
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    1200 New Jersey Ave SE, W45-302
    Washington, DC 20590
    (202) 366-8089
  • my 2006 died out sun march 6 2010 while on i55 near pontiac,il 121 miles from home in chicago had car tow to a local tow shop overnight the closest dearler is in boomington 20 miles to the south. waiting on what cause it to died out had the same warning about check hybrid vsc code interested in the vin break after i get everthing ill post more only has 57000 miles on it but it was scary as hell trying to get to the shoulder. please email me for my fax number thanks
  • irina2irina2 Posts: 23
    Can you please email me a the TSB-0386008 info (the .jpg file)? My email is set to public.
  • I only have about 57K. I Just spoke with toyota and they confirmed it was the inverter and covered under warranty.

    It looks like a bunch of people that were not as lucky. This set of posts was very helpful.

  • I had the same nightmare... Could not believe a car could be running so smooth and then totally die. I had just gotten off the interstate on a very rainy night... So glad I read all your posts as well as the Lexus 400 h
    There is an inquiry..thanks to all of you who took the time to write up about the problem - html
    same inverter?
    I called Lexus..waiting..I am over the warranty, wanted my car to last a long time...I
    Have defended the hybrid to sooo many people.
    Yikes..still cannot believe this.
  • ablevyablevy Posts: 1
    Ok...I'm been reading this blog and I am really scared! Today, my 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, with approximately 145000 miles, suddenly shut down...just minutes after someone commented to me about how they could not hear it running. It was running really well with no indication of problems to come.

    The engine shut down with warning lights of Check Hybrid System and Check CVS! I attempted to restart it but it was obvious from the way it sounded and steered that something was drastically wrong. I had the car towed to my home and have not yet contacted a dealer about repair.

    My husband has just gone back to work after over a year of being unemployed due to his plant closing....I cannot BEGIN to come up with the kind of money being discussed on this blog to repair my car....and I really need my vehicle!

    I will have it towed to the dealership tomorrow! I had planned to have another mechanic look at it, but that doesn't appear to be the wise thing to do, with the information I have now! I will keep you all posted about my outcome and welcome any advice that you could provide to me so that I can get off on the right foot tomorrow. Anything in particular I must know, say, or do on that first visit with the dealership?

    Please help!
  • In my profile, you can find my email address. We're not allowed to post it here. If you email me, I can send you a copy of the invoice. They donated the part as goodwill for me and then I only paid labor of $1,000. Maybe my invoice will help you negotiate. My car had 115,000 miles on it.
  • I just got a call tonight from Precision Response on behalf of Toyota. They asked a bunch of questions and said they are investigating what happened. They wanted to know the weather conditions, how fast I was going, what happened when the car shut down, if it made a warning noise, where we had it towed, etc. Thought that was very interesting. Did any else get a call from them?
  • irina2irina2 Posts: 23
    No. But I think this is because of the class action suit that was just filed against Toyota regarding this Inverter failure issue.
  • nylove64nylove64 Posts: 8
    Yes I got a call too...Maybe this is the begining to some help
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