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Subaru Impreza Outback Sport & TS



  • damish003damish003 Posts: 303
    Got it...will try.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    She's still around, in fact she just got Patti's old account straightened out for us.

  • Does anybody know if the stock WRX wheels will fit my '95 OBS? I recently purchased a WRX and was thinking of buying aftermarket Rota rims, but was wondering if I could put the stock rims in my old car. Please advise.


    -James B.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yup they'll fit. I have ran the WRX wheels on my '96 Impreza L. I currently run '00 RS wheels on it.

  • damish003damish003 Posts: 303
    Well, reality has now hit like a wet blanket. My brand new 2004 OBS, which was getting over 30 mpg on the highway, is now getting a highway/city mix average of about 25-26. This seems to be in line with what others get. I shouldn't have mentioned the good mileage...I'm thinking I jinxed it :( On the other hand, it's still much better than the Jeep GC I had before, and it's a blast to drive, so I really can't complain. It was nice while it lasted, though.

    Juice- you asked if I've tried pushing the engine a bit. Yes, I have been driving it more aggressively than when I got it, which likely accounts for the mileage drop. Anyway, the OBS isn't going to take on cars off the line at a stop, except for Civics and Neons perhaps, but it keeps up just fine. Nice, smooth power up hills. It doesn't seem to be straining at all. Of course, being able to take corners at speeds that would have been ill-advised in my Jeep more than makes up for the lack of big-time power. If I wanted a race car, the WRX would have been better, but this thing has more than sufficient giddy up for my needs. Go take one for a spin sometime, you'll enjoy it!

  • jmetz2jmetz2 Posts: 1
    I was all set to purchase a used Subaru Outback when I began to read about wheel bearing problems - specifically comments by those who own 1998 and 1999. Has this problem been addressed in the 2000 version and later or it just hasn't emerged yet? Any infor would be GREATLY appreciated as I can't afford a 300.00 per bearing fix! I have two options this weekend - one at 1998 at 77,000 and one 2000 at 50,000. Should I go for the 2000 year one?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The new bearing design started with the 2002 Impreza models.

    So the Impreza Outback Sport had the old bearings up until 2001. They'll be noisy if they are failing, FWIW, you should be able to hear it with the windows open and the stereo off.

    Now, thing is, at that mileage, if they are quiet, they'll probably last a long time. They would already have failed by now.

    The 2000 model has a little powertrain warranty left, I'd look at that one.

    Legacy and Outback were not affected, in fact they replace Impreza/Forester bearings with those designs.

  • Hello everyone,I am new to this site.I have a 2002 Impreza that I'm looking at with 29,000 miles on it or 46,000km.It is a manual and priced at $17,000 CAN.I need someone knowledgable to answer a few questions for me please.

    1)At what milage or kilometres does the timing belt need replacing on a 2.5 Impreza TS?

    2)Are these cars really not too bad on fuel compared to say like a Ford Probe GT 2.5 V6 even though they have AWD?

    3)Are maitenance costs higher but these cars are in the shop less?What about parts costs and availability?

    4)Is there any advantages of buying a 2002 Impreza TS as compared to a 1999?Improvements or anything I should know about?

    5)Is the engine in the Impreza 2.5TS the "Boxer engine" or is it called something else?

    6)Is the vehicle I am looking at a rare find and kind of hard to get?2002 Impreza TS 5 Speed,black!
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Hi lotboy - Have you had a chance to plug your vehicle/s into Edmunds' Maintenance Guide? In addition to recalls and tsbs, you can also look up manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules plus estimated parts and labor costs for your make/model.

    Also, our Used Car Guide lists all the standard features and specifications for each model year; look for Car Features in the left hand column of the individual used car pages. Others here may have more to add....

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Boards
  • .. on your TS queries. I own an '02 TS in black (actually a very dark blue called Midnight Black Met.) with 5 spd. I only have about 18000 kms on mine and have had it about 17 months. I don't think it is particularily rare as I have seen a number of them here. My fuel mileage runs about 28 mpg in town and about 33 or so on the hiway (calculated in old manner with Cdn. gallons, of course). I have not heard of maintenance costs being higher. Mine has been no problem other than an overly sensitive CEL sensor, replaced under warranty. The '02 TS has more engine than the '99. The '02 has the 2.5 litre boxer engine rated at 165 hp/166 lbft torque. The '99 engine is less but not sure of figures (hp is about 132 I think). I haven't checked my book but think timing belt is good to at least 100,000 kms. Hope this helps. PS - I put on 4 snows on separate rims in the winter and can go anywhere with it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The only extra maintenance item is the rear differential fluid. That should be done every 60k or so, and it's about as easy as an oil change (remove two bolts, drain, replace one bolt, fill with 75w90, replace 2nd bolt). I've done it on a Miata, took less than an hour (first time, learning curve).

    Interestingly, we owned a 626 V6, same engine in that Probe, and my wife traded that in for a Legacy L, same engine in that TS!

    The Legacy is more fuel efficient PLUS it uses regular fuel. The V6 uses a recommended premium. Our fuel costs are way, way down. The Legacy gets about +2mpg better than our old V6, plus the 87 octane is 20 cents cheaper per gallon. Range is also better.

    The TS is a lot lighter than the Legacy L. The Probe is also a little lighter than the 626 V6 was, but not by as much.

  • My new 2004 OBS has only 1100km (~700 miles) on it so far. However, I got only 19 mpg for mixed city/Hwy drive. Is it normal? How long it normally takes to get a better mileage ? Thx.

  • Billy,

    Only 19 mpg?? That sounds very low. When I got my new 2004 OBS, straight hiway mileage was 33-34, with city being 28-30. With over 4k miles on it now, mixed city/hiway is 27-29, with straight hiway at 30-31. I'm getting somewhat higher than the book says I should, but you're getting lower than expected. Without knowing how you drive, all I can say is try driving without quick stops/starts. You might want to try another brand of gas, in case what you're using is sub-standard. 87 octane is just fine, though. Of course, they say that mileage will improve over time, but 19 seems ridiculous.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Don't even bother measuring until you're past the 1000 mile break-in.

    Even then, it'll improve by about +2mpg once it's no longer so green. Mine did.

  • I appreciate your help,thankyou very much.
    You said you see a fair amount of TS's around,do you live in western Canada?I live in southern Ontario,wish I was back out west though.
    Does your car have descent passing power at highway speeds?And you mentioned you put snow tires and wheels on your car,how much did that cost you approx. and what tires and wheels did you select?
    Is your car almost as good as 4x4 or is it different?Probably depends on depth of snow or mud etc...
    If you have time fire me back a response,cheers Rick!


    I like Camry's too!
  • I appreciate your response,very interesting.I own a 1994 Probe GT at the moment,it's pretty good on gas....want a car better in snow now though....
    Cheers!!!from Canada dude!!!

  • files are all out of the house as we were just recently under Evac. Order because of the serious forest fires here; so my answers to you are based on memory for now. There seems to be a fair number of '02 and newer TSs in Western Canada as I have noticed them in Alberta as well as here in southern B.C. interior and at the Coast. My TS is good at hiway speeds although you have to dump down from 5th to 4th for better accel. I have been to Vancouver several times with it and no problem keeping up (or exceeding traffic). My snows are Yokohoma 720s and are mounted on 4 steel rims that I bought very slightly used from local Subie dealer (came off another new Subie). I think my tires were in the $100 apiece range. I think the TS (or any AWD vehicle) is superior to 4x4 in that all 4 wheels are getting power always (split 50-50 on standard shift TSs). Many 4x4 are not 4wheel until some action is taken; either by the driver or by the computer. AWD is better IMO. The only thing you would not be doing in the TS is going seriously off-road, it's not got the clearance nor the HD suspension. So, how many AWD or 4x4 vehicles go seriously off-road? Maybe 5 or 10%. I have owned several 4x4 vehicles and prefer the AWD for snow and ice. Better for braking also with standard shift and lower center of gravity than most 4x4s. Hope this helps.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think you'll get about +2mpg plus much better snow traction, go for it! :o)

  • Cheers guys,thanks for your time,it's been fun.


    PS-rbleland,do you know a guy named Dave Ross by chance?We use to fly together for Peace Air based out of Peace River AB.It's in the north...where I learned my lesson about driving without enough traction...
  • Western Canada is a big place!! :>))
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