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Subaru Impreza Outback Sport & TS



  • grackgrack Posts: 3
    Oh, I commute a lot to'd be much more than an extra $3/week. If it was about $3....heck, there'd be no issue. :)

    If I actually only got 22mpg with the subaru...driving about 75 miles a day (ugh!) and currently spending about $2.40/gallon (gotta love living in the San Francisco bay area) ..actuall I paid $2.48 the other day.....

    Doing a quick calculation... I figure I'd save around $456/year with the Mazda3i (at around 28-29mpg) than the Subaru if I was only getting 22mpg. That's $456 I'd rather spend on something else. ;-)

    Thanks Dan for your quote. 25 is sounding a little better...and up to 27 in the summer...that's sounding much nicer. Any other OBS owners?
  • ericf1ericf1 Posts: 54
    AWD AWD AWD!!!!! I would go for the RS Sport over the Mazda3 5-Door even with the slightly lower gas milage. By the time you equivalently equip it (add ABS) it's the same price anyways and you still don't get AWD.

    Hey, but then again, the low-end Legacy is very close in price to an automatic RS Sport too. Anyone sat in the Legacy? I would guess it has nicer seats. Too bad I can't afford the Legacy hatchback. :(
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That would put you in the low 20s, you can get an OBS for mid teens and RS Sport for high teens.

  • ericf1ericf1 Posts: 54
    Where can you can an OBS in the mid teens? Seems priced equivalently with the RS Sport here in the Boston area.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    From, lowest price for:

    OBS Special: $17,794
    RS: $16,972
    RS Pro: None in stock
    Legacy: $19,177

    A little lower than I expected, but once you add some options I was pretty close.

  • ericf1ericf1 Posts: 54
    OK, you get one of those for me in automatic, out the door for $17k I'll buy one.;)
    No chance of getting those kind of discounts here in New England area.

    I want to wait and see what they do with the side-impact test stuff first, if my current car can hold out that long.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, even prices are higher from Subaru of New England, it's crazy. They some how manage to operate along with SoA and of course add their margins. :mad:

  • eric2003eric2003 Posts: 6
    I have a 97 outback sport with only 35k miles. owner's manual stated that the belt should be replace at 60k or 60 months. what is everyone's experience? i would think the wear has more to do with mileage than time.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The rubber breaks down over time, so the time does have an effect on it.

  • ericf1ericf1 Posts: 54
    New Englanders love their Subarus. It is so hard to find a deal on a used one it doesn't even pay to buy anything but new.

    If I end up buying I will try and hold out as long as I can so the thing will pass the side-impact tests, if not hopefully they'll offer that $1k incentive again. That was the biggest incentive I've ever seen Subaru NE offer on the Impreza.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My Miata's belts are squeeky as a pack of mice. I have just 56k miles but it's a 93 so the belts are probably 13 years old or so. Time to change 'em. :sick:

  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    My '04 is a 5-speed. I think it's great on gas for an AWD vehicle. Around town in the summer I see 26-27 mpg and average around 30-31 mpg on the highway, although I've seen better than 33 mpg a couple of times when I wasn't in a hurry to get somewhere. With our cold temps and winter-formulated gas, it drops 4-5 mpg in the off-season.

    I'd have to say every time I see someone saying they can't do better than 22 mpg with their Impreza, they're talking about the WRX, whereas I've seen other owners of the 165-hp version say they've broken 30 mpg, so I'm not alone there. My longest range between fills so far was 425 miles, and I only got 29 mpg on that tank.

    Obviously, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to get the same kind of numbers, but it's definitely possible.
  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    Oooooo I just so happened to squeeze 25.88 mpg out of my WRX wagon [AT] today - mainly highway and moderately heavy on the foot. :D

  • ozman62ozman62 Posts: 229
    Hey Brent, are you converting your mileage to US gallons? Just wondering, for the sake of comparison.
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    Yes, I calculate US mpg as well as L/100 km. I know Imperial mpg still has its fans, but I find I don't really have any use for it. US magazines and web sites refer to US mpg, and in Canada L/100 km is pretty much the rule now.
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    I get around 16-18mpg in my OBS Auto. But that seems to be some kind of an aberration, since other owners get into the 20s.

    My low mileage could be due to:
    a) Aggressive driving.
    b) Ultra High Perf AS tires - Michelin Pilot Sport A/S in the standard 205-55/16 size, with the air pressure at 38psi all around.

    With tires having less rolling resistance, the mileage should improve, I guess. I have no other modifications.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Except that lead in your foot. ;)

    My mileage has ranged from 17.3 mpg to 30.4 mpg. '98 Forester L, 5 speed.

  • '02 OBS AT. Initially 25-26 MPG. Removed roof rack crossbars & went to a fairly consistent 27 MPG. 60% hwy 40% city.
  • It's finally time to replace the Bridgestone Potenza RE92s that came on my OBS. And am I happy. I hate these tires. Now, what to replace them with? I'm leaning toward the Goodyear Assurance Comfort Tread ( I'm becoming an old fart, and like a smooth quiet ride ). But these seem to get pretty good reviews in almost all other areas as well ( wet traction, dry traction, etc ).
    Has anyone put these on their Impreza? How do you like them?

  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    I've got the SP5000s on the '99 OBS with ~6k miles on them,...
    and my 60+ Mom [her daily driver] hasn't a complained.

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