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Subaru Impreza Outback Sport & TS



  • This past August I paid $20k for an OBS, (Automatic trans) out the door. That include taxes, tags, prep and as a bonus the factory color matching mud flaps ( list about $120) and the rear differential protector(about $65), both installed. I thought it was reasonable. Maybe a few hundred more than I would have paid if I wanted to fight about it but my wife liked and we can fit two of our Greyhounds in it.
  • I went to san francisco auto show yesterday and received a VIP card. The man working there wouldn't tell me the details of VIP pricing. I searched on internet and found people saying you will get an invoice price or even 2% below invoice.
    What price did you get via the VIP program? Did the dealer add destination fee on the invoice?
    When I got the quote of $17246 on Impreza 2.5i, I pointed out the invoice was $17,026. The salesman said I should add destination fee, so his quote was far below the "invoice". If that is true, the VIP pricing wouldn't make any sense.
  • my brother works for SIA in indiana. so i got their typical dealer invoice with a 1500 rebate from soa. but i dont think i'm supposed to mention that? so, with my installed options plus that stupid advertising fee they passed onto me. i'm around 17800 for my obs SE. short throw shifter. cargo tray/net, all weather mats.that included destination i do think. go to for lots of info on invoice pricing and breakdown of costs. etc.

    but, as i mentioned, i'm having problems with my dealer and getting the VIP pricing. They're really jerking me around. My car is supposed to be here around the 25th, and they still claim to not have my information for VIP. I've submitted info twice.
  • How did you get that price? Just show them you are a VIP? The VIP program is supposed to be a fixed price (somewhere around invoice minus any rebate) without haggle.
    I just got a VIP card from the autoshow. That is a simple yellow card without my name or any information on it. I don't know what problems I will have when I show it to a dealer.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    WE bought our Legacy that way, but apparently the program has been revised, and I don't have the details of the new deal. A friend is about to go through the process and if he does, I'll share what I find out.

    It's not a big secret or anything, IMBA or ACA members qualify for it. I bet 800-SUBARU3 would have details if you called.

  • called a dealer today and mentioned the VIP card, then I got a quote of $17460 on basic Impreza 2.5i, $200 more than the quote I received befor I got the VIP card. What the hell is the VIP program?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That is odd.

    I guess if dealers are giving up some of their holdback (more than they would under VIP), they can offer lower prices without it.

    One thing about VIP - it's supposed to be no-haggle, i.e. the intent is that you walk in and pay one set price. I guess it's not necessarily the lowest price possible, but it is consistent.

  • I called several dealers and 1-800-SUBARU3, it turns out that there are two types of subaru VIP cards, VIP or VIP executive. With the VIP card, you will get a price of dealer cost (invoice + destination fee+ other fees); with a VIP executive card, you will get 2% below that. Clearly the auto show VIP card is only a common VIP card. This makes no sense at all, because if you deal with the internet salesman, you will always get a quote below the "invoice price".
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    ...because if you deal with the internet salesman, you will always get a quote below the "invoice price".

    Not true at all.
  • ...because if you deal with the internet salesman, you will always get a quote below the "invoice price".

    Not true at all.

    Not "always" but when I bought my OBS, 4 out of the 5 offers from internet salesmen were below the "invoice" price.
  • Yeah, it was fixed. SIA employees immediate family members get some good rebates from SOA. i got invoice for the VIP plus 1500 rebate for being an immediate family member. Thats rebate on impreza since they're made in japan, not in the us. same goes with forester. [hope i'm not hung for this] now, the US made cars, legacy, outback, tribeca. get a larger rebate, at least for SIA employees, etc. [the reason i'm worried about giving this information is the cars101 site was asked to take its info on the VIP program down. and if i'm out of line, i'll surely edit my post.]

    if you're simply a 'friend' or non-immediate family member. it should be invoice plus 2% off.

    current offers and specials for VIP are even greater if you're getting an 05. often invoice plus a certain cashback offer. then, any rebates for friends and family on top.

    i tried hard to find an 05 OBS SE before settling on the 06. but i'm happy. and by the way, my dealer has taken care of my issue with getting the VIP info from SOA. my car is on the carrier and will be here this week! pictures forthcoming. i've been driving on a donut for a week. ;)
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Not "always" but when I bought my OBS, 4 out of the 5 offers from internet salesmen were below the "invoice" price.

    Depends on who's quoting...around here most of the guys will go below invoice also, but a few of them have a no-quote policy. I always quote the same way regardless of who the customer is.
  • the regal blue pearl outback sport SE 5 speed with short throw shifter has arrived. picked it up today. the whole dealership was commenting on the colour, the blue and grey really look striking in daylight [and night-light]

    the "260 watt" sound system is quite lacking in the high-end... some distortion at higher volumes. eh, oh well.

    took me 2 hours at the dealer to get everthing taken care of and i'm just glad its in my hands now.

    i went from a 98 mitsu eclipse to this and it is night and day. subaru definately has a rumbleish sound to the engine that i still can't get used to, but i'm sure i will. i'd be a bit more worried over this noise, but the three other imprezas i've test driven since 04 have all felt/sounded the same. i'll miss the low ride and comfortable seats of my eclipse, but i'm in love with my new subaru. i'll try to snap some photos and post them soon. too bad the break-in period is a whopping thousand miles. yikes! and she already stalled on me once. :cry:
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    My son also just took delivery of a new '06 Outback Sport SE the other day too. His is a Steel Gray/Crystal Gray automatic version, and he loves it. He traded a '96 Impreza Outback, which he had for 10 years (and had over 132K on it), so he's really able to see—and appreciate—all the improvements made over the last decade.

    Good job Subaru! :)

  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    Don't worry about the engine sound - it's normal. You might even start liking it. I sure do. Gives it character. There's a sweet spot above 4000 rpm on my '04 where it's pulling strongly and sounds great, but even at lower speeds I enjoy the rumble. Congrats on the new car.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I love the sound. Very Porsche-like (water cooled Porsche).

  • well, after this break in period, i'll enjoy that 4000+ rpm sweet spot. i accidentally hit 4 grand today pulling into traffic. yikes! but yes, the bump in power was there. i'm loving the car and my only gripes are the sound of the stereo and the brakes are very different. took it around a bunch of twisty/bumpy roads today and i thought it handled quite smoothly/nicely without a lot of roll.

    the steel grey top/crystal grey bottom was my second choice when i was looking for an 05, but since i decided to go with the 06, i would have nothing but the regal blue pearl. i almost don't like the attention the car is getting because i tend to shy away from that, but it does instill a feeling of pride. especially from the other subaru drivers around here.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yours is an 06, right?

    I like the new front end, the more I see it, the more I like it.

  • aye, 06. i'll take some better pictures and post links soon.

    tonight while driving home, i was coming up an embankment in 5th gear, 50 mph, and the rumbly tick of the engine was gone. all i heard was that nice whine. so, now i'm curious what sound i'm hearing in 1st-3rd gear and early in 4th. aside from the standard subaru break-in, is there anythign else i should be doing? i did have one nasty stall on a steep incline at a stop light. scared the crap out of me.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Try not to lug the engine, i.e. revs too low for the conditions. 50mph in 5th going uphill is probably putting more of a strain than necessary.

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