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Subaru Impreza Outback Sport & TS



  • jamespowerjamespower Posts: 42
    In response to #17, we have an 80 pound Old English Sheepdog plus lots of camping gear and asked ourselves the same question. The answer we came to was Impreza based 'wagons' including Outback Sport = no too small rear hatch too steeply angled, Forester = maybe, Legacy (including true Outback wagons) = yes definitely. I may be mistaken, but I doubt if the average SUV can hold more gear than a Legacy based wagon. Certainly something like my friend's 4Runner would do no better whilst costing a lot more to buy and run. Unless you really need true off-road capability, stick with Subaru, save money, gas and the planet.

    Just my £0.02 worth.

  • folkmusefolkmuse Posts: 11
    Regarding the pricing on '99 Outback Sports,
    I went to three dealers when I shopped around.
    Two "brick and mortar" and one via the Internet.
    What I came up with was:

    $16,345 w/ floor mats and tailpipe
    extender (
    $16,745 no options (Local dealer #1)
    $16,758 fog lights, keyless, mats,
    tailpipe extender, pinstripes (Local
    dealer #2)
  • milamila Posts: 1
    It's a compact combo which hv excellent control in the wheels and steer. More air-conditon slows down the wheels. Good buy for the performance.
  • folkmusefolkmuse Posts: 11
    In general, I've been very pleased with my new
    OBS. The performance, handling and convenience
    features are superlative. But I do have one
    complaint: the driver's seat is not comfortable
    on a long drive!

    I took the car on my first long drive a few days
    ago and after 90 minutes my lower back was hurting! I *think* the problem is lack of leg
    support for my right leg. I'm trying different
    support ideas to see if I can alleviate the problem.

    So, just a word of caution: if the seats in the
    OBS are significantly different from whatever
    you are currently driving, see if you can get
    a real long test drive in before you purchase!
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    It seemed like your post is the first ever comment about hte seaing comfort on the OBS. True, I don't think the seats are say....Lexus type comfort but I think for it's class it's really good. I sat on much worse. However, to each his/her own.
    Just want to add..... I was at a sweeping fast arc hook turn yesterday during a heacy rain. I believe the regular speed is 30km/h..... and most ppl would break entering the the turn. I went in at 60..... I thought I lost it. It was not until I got out and asked my friend wasn't that scary that they realised I was going in that fast. I thought I was about to lose it but all these time the OBS was holding the slippery road like a cat which refuse to slip. I just got a new found respect for this car. I'm convinced at that condition, no regular car would've got out of that turn without hitting the side bank of trees. I love this car!!!
  • bkperrybkperry Posts: 1
    Just picked up my new OBS today. I'm very happy so far- took it out for a spin on some rough mountainy dirt roads here in CO and it tracked like a champ. I'm proud to say it's already been to the car wash!

    As for the engine noise- believe me, as time wears on, you start to really enjoy the distinctive sound in low gears. It's like an old friend after my 4 years in a Legacy wagon.

    As for price, here's what I received:

    Base model, plus: mats, pinstriping, hood deflector, tailpipe cover, keyless entry, active/passive security, cruise control & ski rack for $17,707. This was after much haggling and many salesman-trips-to-the-manager. It's a silver model.

    I'm excited to get out and drive- I can't wait for winter.

  • folkmusefolkmuse Posts: 11
    "I don't think the seats are say....Lexus type comfort"

    They're not even Ford Escort (my old car) type comfort! My opinion, of course. The firm seat
    and small amount of leg support just don't work
    for me for an extended trip.

    The car does handle well, though, and I look
    forward to my first New England winter drive.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Yeah, I do agree that the leg room is pretty small compare to most cars in its class. I was kinda surprised. Also the back seat is quite cramp. I agree to that. But heck, I still love this car and most of the time I travel either by myself or with my girlfriend.
  • My wife and I just bought a 99 OBS. We paid $16,600 for a base model with auto trans. We traded a Honda Civic hatchback for it, and so far, we don't miss the Honda at all. It's mostly a commuting car for my wife, and while the gas mileage isn't as good as the Honda, the peace of mind she's getting from driving the highways in a car with some heft and power to it are worth the investment. Also, she doesn't feel as intimidated by the larger SUVs that are now crowding the roads as she did in her 94 Civic. Just some thoughts...
  • At this time of the year, you should really be looking for advertised '99 models, because you should be able to pull off great deals armed with dealer advertising. Look into the laws in your state to see whether the law requires the dealer to sell at the advertised price; most states do, I think. In any case, in the Oregonian this morning, I saw a Subaru Outback Sport ad for a vehicle with an MSRP of 18,847, but advertised at 14,245. I could walk in to the dealership today, and assuming they still had the vehicle, purchase it at that price. Judging from the MSRP, this is either an automatic vehicle, or a loaded 5-speed. So don't settle for the "losing money if we sell below invoice" drivel that the dealers try to pull, and don't settle for the $17k price range for automatics. You should be able to do better. Look for well under 16k (or even 15k) if you're buying a 5-speed, even if you don't have an ad to bring in to the dealer. For dealers to be advertising vehicles at the above price, there MUST be large dealer incentives available. This means that even if they sell you the car at invoice, they are probably making $2000 on the deal. Read the Edmunds web page, and don't get fleeced.
  • Since you asked for opinions and experiences with this car, my opinion is I love this car. I base this on the fact that it cast a spell on me. I never cared about cars before I bought a Subaru Impreza. I drove a Chevy Prism for 12 years with no air conditioning or anything for goodness sakes! What was I thinking? My point is, the OBS will cast a spell on it's owner and you will fall in-love with it. I have had my 1999 OBS for 10 months now and each day I love it more. It brings a smile to my face just looking at it, and it is really hot looking too! So unique and sexy. Besides the look, it performs like a dream! Driving to Mt. Lassen in CA from here (Chico), used to takes me 2 and 1/2 hours, but honestly in my OBS, it takes 1 and 1/2 hours! The car zips up the windy mountain road like a dream come true. It takes 10 MPH hair pin turns at 40 MPM with complete confidence and grace. It sticks to the road like a vise gripe. If you can test drive one on a twisty steep road, you will get an experience of a life time and Subarus will become more then just a car, but part of who you are. It is magical really.
  • I want to correct my post from yesterday. I said that the Subaru OBS was "a loaded 5-speed or an automatic". Actually, I've looked at the MSRP more closely, and this is almost certainly a 5-speed, with cruise. The MSRP is 17995+357(cruise)+495(destination) = 18,847. It's probably silver, since that seems to be all they have left these days. Still, $14,245 is a pretty good price - $640 better than I got when I bought an identical vehicle a month ago.
  • Wow - it's amazing how volatile the price of
    and OBS is. I paid $1000 more than Alancit
    did in msg #29 when I bought in July. Perhaps
    some of this pricing is regional. Outbacks
    are very popular in New Hampshire and used
    ones are few and far between. Don't know
    what kind of deal I could swing today on a
    99 - but I'll bet I'd pay less that two months
  • what is pinstriping?
    what (on the OBS) is the hood scoup for?
    Is it a good car?
  • Pinstripes are decorative decals.
    The hood scoop is decorative, "agressive" styling.
    Is it a good car for you? Depends on your criteria.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Where i live here in Southwestern Ontario, the AWD of my OBS does wonders in unplowed snow. Also, you can easily modify your scoop to make it functional. Alot of fun to drive considering this is a wagon! Might need some good tires though the current white letter tires look kinda spiffy on it. =)
  • I just test drove a 1999 OBS and was wondering if anyone else felt that the break feel was a little too giving. I don't know if it was just the dealers test car or is it normal that the break feel would be "squishy". Squishy meaning more then average pressure needed for breaking. I didnt buy the car. I am considering the Impreza Sport Wagon though for me ABS is very important. (my best friends life was saved by having it on his Acura) So another question is has anyone driven both cars and felt a difference in handling?

  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    i test drove both. I now own a 99 silver Outback Sports. They are about the same feel. The OBS has more stuff but cost more. You pay what you get. yes, iget the ABS version. Not sure if the Brighton Impreza has ABS as an option. The tires are different and so is the suspensions. the OBS seems to be more tight feel to it. However I do agree that the brakes seems mushy. I've tested all models in the Impreza line and the brakes felt the same. Go test another one to find out.
  • I think you just have to get used to the feel. Felt different to me, so did the clutch when I
    first got the car. (1999 OBS).

    Re: snow, I'm looking forward to my first
    New England winter. Got stuck twice last year
    in my Escort, so the AWD was my prime consideration in a new car.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    But I have to say that the tires that comes with the OBS suck though. I don't think they're very suited for serious snow driving.
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