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Subaru Impreza Outback Sport & TS



  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    posting your question in the WRX wagon forum.

  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    My son is a budding auto tech and said he would never have a turbo without a timer. It allows you to leave the car, take the keys out of the ignition, lock it and even walk away while letting the engine run a preset time. This prevents the oil coking onto the turbo's bearings. This is basically what ruins a turbo.
  • celeste2celeste2 Posts: 362
    Ramon's wedding date is the first week of June as I remember. With only eight weeks to go I imagine he's busy doing all those things one would need to do in order to please all the folks involved. Jumping thru all the hoops, you know...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yes, I know! Hope our friend is hangin' in there.

    Turbo timers were popular with older engines, but Subaru insists it's not necessary with the WRX.

    Either way, what I would do is keep the revs low for the last minute or two of driving, to allow it to start cooling while you're still moving (and air is passing through the radiator for better heat transfer).

    Same thing when starting up - keep it under 4000 rpm until the engine temp reaches its normal operating level.

    I find that going slow in my neighborhood also pleases neighboring parents with young kids. :-)

  • armac13armac13 Posts: 1,129
    that every neighborhood is someone's neighborhood and deserves equal respect and consideration.

  • fern88fern88 Posts: 42
    Hey All,

    Well, I was initially looking at the WRX wagon but after driving the Outback Sport and the TS, I think I'm going to get one of these instead. I really need a functional car that will last me a while and can take me 350 miles per week. Also by saving the 5k difference, I can get leather seating and a nav system. The power felt nicer than most of the cars I've driven(Matrix XR, protege5, elantra GT, focus ZX5) and I feel it's a more solid, reliable car. Now the question is whether to get the the OBS or TS. These are the ones I'm debating between:

  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    ..are similar to what I went thru about a month ago. I looked at and tested Matrix, Protege5 and Subie OBS and TS sport wagon. The WRX was not in running for me as I was getting a 2nd car for my wife and I and the WRX was too expensive. I live in B.C. and felt that the AWD, the stronger engine and the handling of the 2 Subies was preferable to the P5 (rejected Matrix early on). In Canada, the OBS is $4000 more than the TS and I decided I would go with the TS. In the U.S., I think the OBS is not that much more than the TS; in which case, I might have gone with the OBS. The photos you enclosed are good - that silver OBS would be nice. But they are both good cars and should fit the objectives you set out. Happy picking!!! I have over 1600 kms on my TS now and enjoy it more every day.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm not much help - I like all those colors! :-)

    Though silver is easiest to keep clean. The other colors are dark and will be harder to clean, plus they'll show swirl marks.

    Neat little factiod: the OBS gets cross bars with small loops at the end of the cross bars, to be used as tie-downs. The Forester and Legacy/Outback do not get this neat feature.

    Bob pointed that out to me at the NY Auto Show.

  • I got the Midnight Black OBS and love it. The first 2 weeks some turd put a crease in my passenger door but I should be able to get that fixed pretty cheaply. The OBS here, in Ohio, is about the same price as the TS. Also with the goodies list that the others don't get is the Ambient temp gauge, 16" wheels (TS has 15" rims), cargo tray, power outlet, and cargo net..STANDARD! Get the armrest extenision too!!! More storage and a place to put your arm!.
  • fern88fern88 Posts: 42
    Hey All,

    Thanks for all the info. Right now i'm talking prices on the silver OBS. I'm basically down to the following options and price:

    silver OBS
    - arm extension
    - air filtration
    - autodiming mirror
    - keyless entry
    - cargo net
    - muffler cover thingy (already has it)
    - aftermarket leather seats and side panels

    19,500.00 plus tax and lic.

    does that sound pretty good?
  • Sounds good!...I have the tweeter kit in mine..doesn't make a big difference in sound but I think it is noticeable. The 19.5k includes the leather seats and side panels too?....If so go for it!
  • Does the outback sport have side airbags?
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    No, only in the WRX sedan and wagon.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You know, I lost my subscription a while back, maybe Ramon did too? Anyone have his e-mail to ask him?

  • I finally test drove the Mazda P5 and Subaru OBS, both auto. I now drive a 2.5 auto LeBaron covertible and a Saturn SL2. Both cars have good pickup. The 91 Saturn has very strong pickup.

    I was somewhat disappointed with the P5. Apparently it's mostly show and no go. Not enough passing power on the highway. The steering wheel was too small for my liking. The steering was too tight for me as well. Nice otherwise.

    Next stop, Pontiac in Wantagh, NY. "You need an appointment for a test drive with the Vibe" Guess where they can go jump into. I guess it doesn't matter anyway because the engine is probably too weak, the steering wheel is too close to the dash (I am not going to drive with my arms stretched out) and last but not least, the mirrors do not fold (I'm tired of bumping into my mirrors in the garage or having them broken off). And I could do without the hoaky dash. Otherwise I really like the Vibe with it's great plastic covered cargo area and it's unpainted bumpers that will not scratch.

    Last stop.. Subaru in Hicksville. OBS, auto. This car has a real engine. There is a little lull in acceleration, but better than the Mazda. The car "feels" sturdier as well. The steering wheel was the right size, and steering felt right and the car rode nicely. The seat material which I previously thought ugly maybe not so bad after all. I like this car the most even though I wish MPG was better and no side airbags.

    I will wait till June to see if they will offer side airbags and to see the new Forester as well. I also noticed on the Japan website that the Impreza has a sunroof (maybe in 2003?)!

    Also, why don't they offer reasonable financing for this car... don't they want me to buy it?
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    "Also, why don't they offer reasonable financing for this car... don't they want me to buy it?"

    How about trying your own bank or credit union??
    Just a curious thought... :-)

  • limpyboylimpyboy Posts: 26
    I wouldn't say the Protege5 has no power. It has very good power from 0 to 30 or 40 m.p.h. There's no question it runs out of fire after that, but it seemed to be workable for highway situations when I test drove mine along bustling I-75.

    I''m weighing the P5 and Outback Sport also. My bottom line: I like the performance of the Subaru and the interior of the Mazda.

    I'm leaning toward P5 because for me, the interior of the Outback Sport is pretty awful. Not the seats or materials, but the cupholder situation is ridiculous, the steering wheel has a rail-thin and hard feel to it (it's also too big) and to top it all off the stock stereo is absolutely awful. I know you can replace as soon as you buy, but if I get the Mazda I won't even have to.

    One bonus of Outback though: For most insurers they have lower rates, even though the engine is more powerful.
  • brekkebrekke Posts: 304
    I agree the Impreza steering wheel is too big, but for $35 you can add a nice leather steering wheel cover which'll make it feel softer and thicker. I'm sure there are workarounds for the cupholders as well. No way would I sacrifice the AWD for that stuff.
  • so.... a bank or credit union is going to offer reasonable new car loan rates? They're usually at least 8%. Subaru is offering low financing on all cars but Impreza.

    And if a car runs out of fire after 40 mph... what good are the low profile tires, ground effects... etc? Why should I spend $18,000 on a car that lacks power when I already have a paid- for car (SL2) that gets 35 mpg and has better pick-up? I want something as good as or better than what I have.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    7%. I've seen many new car deals at 6.9, 5.9, 4.9 and 3.9%. Banks don't normally go that low. Search and ye shall find. :-) Besides, if you already have financing before you go to the dealer then your in a much stronger bargaining position.

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