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Kia Forte Real World MPG



  • jim1977jim1977 Posts: 14
    edited May 2011
    I returned a month ago from a 5000 mile trip from Pennsylvania to Texas in my Forte EX 2010 with the fuel economy package and 5-speed automatic (see the first post). Over mostly Interstates with the usual secondary roads and towns, I averaged 38.9 mpg, driving at the speed limit. The high was 42 mpg, and the low was 33.2 mpg, with some driving in downtown San Antonio, Austin and El Paso.

    A/C was in use maybe half the time. The gas was of course 10% ethanol, and it would have been better mpg without it. I use Mobil I (5W-20) oil, and took a spare quart just in case, but it didn't burn any. I ended up with about 23,000 miles on the car now, and am pleased with it.
  • mml1mml1 Posts: 2
    Gee, you're doing quite well! I get 23-24 in mostly city driving. Have seen as high as 32 on the highway in the wintertime. I got comparable mileage, city and highway, with a 2001 Chevy Impala with the big V-6 engine!

    The Impala had lots of mechanical issues since new; so far the Kia seems to be a better car but I am not impressed with the terrible mileage. Kia oughta be sued for false advertising... if that were possible (not sure it is.)
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    the vehicle depending on the engine is rated by the EPA at 23-26 mpg (US) for the city and 32-36 mpg for the highway. So you are getting what it claims so how can that be terrible mileage?

    Mileage has nothing to do with Kia, all vehicles told in the US are tested to the same standards set by the EPA. So in no way is is false advertising, it always claims you mileage may vary due to a variety of conditions, its simply a guide to judge vehicles as they are all tested identical so its a fair assessment.
    The previous poster is exceeding the rated mileage. I bet you, that if 10 different people drove your car over a set route with a fixed distance and at the same time of the day, you would end up with 10 different fuel ratings.
  • mml1mml1 Posts: 2
    Roger that... had expected much better out of a small car with a 2.4L engine. 32 was ONE trip, done in winter. Generally sitting around 29-30 on the highway.

    That said... it is summer in Florida, and I suspect that is the biggest culprit...
  • jimpimmsjimpimms Posts: 81
    edited July 2011
    I have a '10 EX 5-spd manual sedan. I bought this car because it has a nice balance of power and fuel efficiency, the handling is much better than one should expect from a simple torsion-beam rear suspension, and it's good-looking. It's a hoot to drive this car spiritedly.

    My mileage around town is usually 22-23 mpg. Since I have a heavy foot, I'm not disappointed with those figures. Highway trips (300-400 mi. @ 70-75 mph, with occasionally higher bursts) are always in the 32-34 mpg range, which at those speeds I consider excellent.

    My wife and I took a 100 mile round trip today, mostly on 45-55 mph non-Interstate roads (which I exceed by 5-10 mph, and I eventually pass anyone who doesn't). Combined with the 90 miles of mostly city traffic I had already clocked, I got just over 29 mpg.

    No complaints here.
  • jessica82jessica82 Posts: 3
    edited September 2011
    I drive in the city and just calculated mine to be 21.7 on a 2011 Kia Forte 5 door. I don't have a heavy foot so I'm not sure why I'm getting less than advertised. My Eco light is usually on too. Hmmmm....
  • bmc4bmc4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Forte 5door That I drove from gas station to gas station
    on I 95 going south from georga to Fl in eairly eve (not very Hot) going slightly down hill all the way on cruse from ramp to ramp 70mph with Eco light on all the way got 30.5 Mpg this is a real best case test for the car its a ex auto rated at 36hwy 26 city I took it to kia to have it checked they had me run 3 tanks of gas through it from the same staion to ck. local mpg which is Avg. 19mpg combined local & Hwy. I have spoken to the AG's office here in Fl. and they agree that this will fall under Fl lemon law and if KIA can't get car to with in epa's + or - Std. on this 3rd "fix" that they will have to take it back. I sugest others with same problem Call KIA and tell them they to will invoke there states Lemon laws I have other cars and have never had a car that I didn't get est mpg or better Even now my other cars on the same run beat est.
  • just bought a2011 kia forte ex. 6000 km. first tank of gas managed to squeak out 285 km ..all city driving. very light on the gas. i expected twice as much. city driving 16 liters per 100 km. whats up with that? any suggestions would b appreciated.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    how did you calculate that figure? Give us some figures so we can double check your calculation.
    I tracked my 2.4L Rondo over 14 months after purchase and the worse tank full I got was 11.8/100km and that was in extremely bad weather conditions.
  • gcoombsgcoombs Posts: 4
    edited November 2011
    i bought the car oct 12 11 with a full tank of gas and approx 6500 km.
    1 full tank is 51.8 liters. i drove this car,easy on the gas pedal, city driving ony, untill the gas indicater was just below the last mark. i got 288 km.
    car is rated to 573 km......9l/100km. seems i got 5.5km/liter. 49.5km/9liters,a little better than my previous figures. But still not what i was told to expect. the road condtions and weather were good.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    well its obvious you didn't figure it out right, 52L is the total capacity of the fuel tank not what you used, other wise you would have been stranded and out of gas! It's quite possible you had another 50-75 km left in the tank before it would be empty and also did the low fuel light come on? How much fuel did you put in the tank to cover the 288 km? Is it a 2.0L or 2.4L?

    I would run a few tank full recording the amount of litres put in the tank (till the pump shuts off) and record the km covered. You don't know how full the tank was when you bought it as you didn't fill it. Don't go off a fuel gauge as being dead accurate, they never are.
  • the person i bought the car off filled the tank, till it clicked off,it was full,as i was there.i ran the car with the low indicater light on for 30 km as i wanted to see how many km i could get. the car is a 2.0. it is rated at 573 km per tank,city driving. 288 plus 50(reserve) is 338 km, 235 km short of my expectations,a big difference.
    i visited kia today for an oil change,inquired about this issue,answer...the car needs to broken in..up to 12 or 13000km(service dept ans)8 or 9000 (sales dept ans). I really like the car and will keep track of my fuel milage and make updates. any sugg to improve my milage apprec.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    you still didn't say how much fuel it took to fill it up after driving this 338 km?

    The fuel guide figures are a guide to compare various vehicles, it does not necessary mean that you will get it, it clearly states that. The are run under laboratory control conditions so its always consistent. You need to run a few tank fulls recording the mileage covered and the fuel it took to cover that distance.

    You are still comparing the range on the vehicle on a fuel tank that is run till empty - that does not happen! Is it a manual or automatic?
  • 93949394 Posts: 67
    edited November 2011
    don't believe the [profanity removed] from your dealer, your Kia requires no extended breakin as stated in the owner's manual, my Kia was getting close to EPA hwy rating after 2 tanks, and improvement over the next 30K was minimal.

    city FE can be affected by many factors:
    cold weather, especially short trips, it can be up to 50% worse
    traffic pattern, rush hour, downtown...etc

    try testing on a longer trip, do not top up when filling up, try to do it at the same pump same gas station if possible for better accuracy.

    i repeat, do not believe your dealer, you are doing the right thing by posting in this forum.
  • manu6manu6 Posts: 2
    I have an identical fuel consumption problem.

    I bought a 2011 Forte 5 EX (2.0L, 6-speed) in July 2011.

    For the first 5 tank fill-ups (45-46 liters, read at the pump, I usually fill up as soon as the gas light turns on) I was averaging 500-520 km (city driving and air conditioning running, echo light on most of the time).

    Then ... in September (still very good weather conditions in Toronto, but no need for air conditioning) I noticed that I could only get 400 km out of the 45 liter fill-up. And now I average 380 km (5 fill-ups so far).

    I asked the question at the KIA dealer this week, as I was going to get the first oil & lub (odometer 4000 km, mostly city driving, echo light always on), and I was told that the engine was wearing out and that it's normal to see an increase in consumption. I thought it was [non-permissible content removed] (from 500+ down to 380km ... come on).

    What I noticed though, is that when driving on a flat surface at about 50 km/h, no acceleration, the transmission shift to the 5th gear (!) and the engine runs at 1000 rpm. Is that really gas efficient ???

    I heard that parameters of the transmission control module can be adjusted to improve gas consumption on some other cars. Can it be done on the Kia Forte 5 and how?
  • The fuel consumption should be reduced, not increased as it breaks in for the first few thousand km, so that part from the dealer is nonsense. Maybe a sensor is going bad, and the fuel mixture is wrong, or something like that? It does not sound right.

    My 2010 Forte 5-speed auto will shift down to 5th gear so as to run around 1200 rpm at 40 mph (70 km/h), but I have never seen it down to 1000 rpm. It should be gas efficient at that speed though.
  • 93949394 Posts: 67
    you only managed to drive 4000km in 5 months, probably lots of short trips?
    compounded by the cold weather in November, i think what you see is normal.

  • I am having the same problems. Driving from IL to St. Louis, I only got 26 mpg, going 70, using the heat only about a third of the time. I haven't even broken 30 mpg one time. I also previously had a '02 Elantra GT that I loved to death, but it died in a fender bender against a much larger car to my sadness. I have 10k miles on the car, and if anything, the fuel economy has gotten worse, not better. I have the 2.0 L automatic, and the 36 mpg highway rating seems like a filthy filthy lie to me.

    If anyone has any luck having anything done in the shop to increase fuel economy, please post. I'm going to be keeping quite a careful log and be looking into lemon laws.
  • Same here. I actually just pulled up next to a guy with another 2.0L 5-door EX and he said the same thing. 26mpg is the absolute most seen by either of us. I do 80% highway driving which makes this even more ridiculous. It's actual got me looking into I tried talking to the people at the service department and all I got was shoulder-shrugs and "yeah, we've been hearing that a lot from people". If anyone comes up with something, let the rest of us know!
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