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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    I remember going back to the dealer a week after I purchased my last new car (long ago now). My salesguy was on his way out the door to work for the competition across town. Wouldn't surprise me to learn that the dealer has changed hands a few times since then either. Maybe it's different in your town.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    QUESTION: ---- Did you open up a case number with General Motors and get them involved in the problem? ---- I had an issue with the Malibu, and I opened up a "case number," and GM worked with the dealer to solve the problem. ---- He again documentation and professional communication makes things happen. ---- Had I not been successful, I would have hired a "Lemon Law Attorney," and put the entire issue in his / her hands. ---- I would continue to seek service to resolve the problem from the dealership while the legal process was moving forward. --- Since I do a lot of driving "over the road driving" for my career, I would take a supply of oil that I purchased from the dealership, on the road with me, and I would keep careful records as to the amount of oil added in a diary. (Date, Time, Mileage & Amount!) ----- The dealership or GM cannot object to me adding oil on the road! If I needed an oil and filter change on the road, I would stop at a Chevrolet Dealership, get the serviced performed, and mail a photo copy to my selling dealer for their records "Certified Mail / Return Receipt Requested!" ---- In life you need to be "pro-active!" ---- If and when the "lemon law hearing arrives" I will have all my service records and oil records at hand! ----- Here again, "documentation" is the key! ---- If things became really "nasty," I would consider putting "magnetic signs" on my vehicle stating something like; ---- "This new vehicle burns oil! --- Purchased at: XXXXXXXXXXX" ----- Since it is the "truth," there is not much the dealer or GM could do legally about it! ---- What are they going to do, ---- take me to court? That is what I want!----- Just some concepts to consider! ----- Dwayne.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    When purchasing a vehicle, the first thing the customer needs to do is "pick the dealership" very carefully. ----- YES, you pick the dealership, before you start looking for a vehicle. ---- Do some research on the net! ----- When I make contact with the salesperson, (meet & greet), I ask them to show me the service department. If I do not like what I see, I thank them for their time, and I "walk!" I will not do business with a dealership that has a sloppy service department. ----- I do not play games with the salesperson. I tell them about my trade, because I already know what my trade is worth! I have also done my research on the new vehicle, and I know what it is worth, and what a fair selling price would be for the vehicle. ---- I am not a payment buyer. I negotiate the "price of the new vehicle," the "trade value," the "price of the top of the line manufacturer's extended warranty," and the down payment. ------ If the salesperson plays games, I thank them for their time, give them my final offer, and walk! ---- The ball is then in their court. ---- I will not allow myself to be "manipulated into a purchase," and I will not let the salesperson leave me sitting at his / her desk while they joke with the sales manager. I have the power, because I have the money, and they want to sell the car. ----- We have to come to a "win / win situation" in order to make a deal. ----- Every customer has the ultimate power, and that power resides in their two legs. If you are not treated professionally, get up from the salesperson's desk, thank them for their time and leave. You have lost nothing but time at this point in time. ---- Just some ideas. ----- Dwayne
  • I have had or am having all of those problems. This has been the worst car I have ever owned and ironically the newest car I have ever owned! Started out with a supposed bad sensor on my fuel pump, because my car just stopped in the middle of the road still running but wouldn't move no matter how hard I pushed on the gas pedal, but that didn't fix the problem so took it back. Eventually took it back a total of three times in three weeks until they finally "believed" me that there was something wrong with my car. Personally I think they were just resetting my check engine light because after about 5 days the light would come back on. After the third time going back they had to replace my timing chain, etc. This was last summer, now I have 100000mi and it is just running horribly. I could smell fuel in my oil so I took it in and they said it was my injectors $600 later and my car is still running like im in quick sand! just had the injectors replaced last week and my im still having the same problem. I took it back the next day and they put it on the scanner and low and behold no problems! Seems they can only find a problem if there is a check engine light on. What ever happened to test drive and popping the hood! They said I could bring it back in and they would test drive it for $80 more...really, I am sure you will! Just to pat me on my head and say well the technician said it ran smooth...I am really at my wits end I don't have another $600+ to evidently just give to the dealership bc they are obviously not in the business of actually fixing things! So right now the best I can say is that I will never own another Gm product as long as I have feet and I am going to try to dump this thing ASAP, hopefully before the transmission goes out, which I am fairly certain is the current issue. The car is only 3yrs old and has almost exactly 100k mi on it! This situation is completely ridiculous this vehicle should have had a recall along time ago! its actually comical that every time I have to fix something I make sure there is no standing recall and the only one I see is for the defrost...lmao! Guess they had to put something up there. believe me I make sure I tell everyone NOT to buy GM until they learn we as consumers need more than just looks. Money is too hard to come by to just give it away and not have a major corporation not stand by their name. Well you have definitely lost me as a customer!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Thank you for sharing your experience with this vehicle. ------ Do you have raw gasoline in the engine oil? Is it possible that the "direct injection fuel pump" is leaking raw gasoline into the engine's crankcase? This "thinned out engine oil" will cause damage to the timing chain, the main bearings, and the cylinder walls. ---- In addition, once the cylinder walls and piston rings are compromised the engine will experience "blow-by" into the crankcase, and this will "over load the PCV system" causing drivability problems. With all the problems with this vehicle posted on these boards, I find it hard yo believe that the dealer does not know how to repair the problem. Suggestion; ---- pull the engine oil dip stick and smell the oil to see if there is "raw gasoline" in the engine oil. If the oil level is above the "full mark" you have found the problem! ------ All the best! ---- Dwayne
  • GM sent out a letter last week for 2010 owners. I recently traded mine in for a Buick Encore. Call GM and inquire about the letter related to 2010 Equinox engine problems.They will take care of the problem.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    What information did GM share with the 2010 Equinox owners? ------ Could you share the contents of the letter with everyone on this site? ---- Best regards! -------------------- Dwayne
  • The only letter I'm aware of is the one posted in post #2159, or here if the link works.
    ronwel, "2010 Chevy Equinox Problems" #2159, 9 Aug 2013 8:55 am#MSG2158

    I got my copy about a week ago.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    edited September 2013
    The letter that you are referring to is a letter from GM Canada! It does not pertain to GM / USA! --------- The letter is VERY misleading. It makes it sound like the "timing chain problem" has "NO CONNECTION" with the fuel pump problem, --- when in reality, ---- the fuel pump leaking raw gasoline into the engine oil, (thus thinning out the oil), is causing the timing chain issue, and subsequently the additional engine problems. ----- QUESTION: ---- Is this letter vague by accident, --- or --- is to vague on purpose? ---- With the old style fuel pump, these engines are a "time bomb" looking for a "time" and "place" to "self-destruct!" --------- QUESTION: ---- Why should a person / customer have to live with a vehicle that has the "potential" to "self-destruct," when both GM and the dealers know all about the issues, and how to correct them, but are not proactive in their approach to the problems? ----- It is all about "ethics," sensitivity," and "concern" for the customer and their safety! ----- The Equinox is a beautiful vehicle! ---- I would love to own one with a four cylinder engine! ------ All it needs is some tender loving care from both GM and the dealer network! ---------- All the best. ----- Dwayne
  • The letter posted is indeed from GM Canada.
    The letter I received is identical except that it comes from GM USA.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    They make the owner wait for the problem to surface rather than being "proactive" in taking care of the issue before the problem surfaces. -----LETS LOOK AT AN EXAMPLE: ----About two years after I purchased my 2007 Toyota V6 XLE, I read about a "flexible exterior engine oil line" for the VVT system that had a tendency to leak while the vehicle was traveling down the road. ---- I immediately contacted my Toyota dealer, and confirmed this issue. ---- Since I am on the road constantly, I made an appointment to have this flexible hose replaced with a steel line designed by Toyota before mine started to leak. --- My extended warranty paid for the service. I did not have to experience the malfunction, before the warranty repair was made. This is what I call "pro-active warranty service" that is customer focused! ----- If this exterior oil line had leaked on the road at 55 mph I would have lost all the engine oil in seconds, thus destroying the engine. Toyota fixed the problem before I had the experience. This is why I will consider another Toyota product. Any vehicle can experience a manufacturing "issue," but what the manufacturer does separates the professional from the unprofessional. ---- Just some thoughts. ------ Dwayne
  • dowopdowop Posts: 25
    edited September 2013
    All that trouble & this is your first post ?? I know you just happened to find this forum. What Dealer have you been going to?
  • I did open a case with GM, but was told to follow the dealership's instruction regarding bringing it in for oil consumption tests. My other issue was they told me they could not find the problem because I put oil in before I brought it all ocassions when I found the low oil it was a situation where I had to put oil in to get home or where I was going. (late evening, or out of town) It seemed like they were just looking for a reason to not fix the problem.
    I do agree, after the nox purchase, that you need to look at the service dept before you buy. The "service' dept at the dealership where I purchased my car should be called the lack-of-service dept. I took the car there one time for a simple bulb change that I called about before going in. When I arrived no service adviser would come out to assist me. When a employee from parts asked if I had been helped and I told him no, he went to get a service adviser. They told him to tell me I needed parts not service when I spoke to a service adviser before ever going to the dealership.
    Because I did not want to worry about GM not taking care of the engine problem before the warranty was up I traded in the car. After this experience I do not know if I will try another GM product.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Thank you for sharing your experience with the people on this board! ----- If I had your vehicle, and it was still under warranty, and the dealer was not giving me the "proper service," I would have gone to a magnetic sign company and had two signs made up ---- saying; -----"THIS VEHICLE USES ENGINE OIL! ----- PURCHASED NEW AT XXXXXXXXXX". ---- I would take pictures of the vehicle with these signs, and I would mail them to both GM and the dealership "Certified Mail / Return Receipt Requested!" ----- Ask yourself this question; ---- "What would be the reaction of both GM and the dealership?" ------ You would definitely get some sort of reaction. ----- Notice that you are saying that your "specific vehicle" is using oil, NOT all Equinox Vehicles are using oil! ----- (You are telling the truth about your vehicle!) ------ Ride around town with the signs and talk to people. ------ Take pictures of your vehicle at different locations. ------ You could also talk to the local News Paper as a "human interest story," you know "the little guy against the big vehicle manufacturer!" ----- It would be a "great story" all based on the "truth about your vehicle!" ----- (People in the market for a car always like to talk to people who own the vehicle that they are interested in purchasing. ----- You could look at your efforts as a public service. You know, helping your fellow man not to waste their money on a poorly designed product.) ---- This is not legal advise, but something that I would consider doing if I had a vehicle with your problems, and a lack of sensitivity on the part of GM and the dealership. ---- JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT! ------ All the best. ----- Dwayne
  • I recently took my Equinox into the dealership to be looked at after I received my letter about the damaged timing chain and high pressure fuel pump issue. I had already had my timing chain replaced 6 weeks prior to receiving this letter - and it cost me $2500 to do so. At the time that my outside mechanic replaced the timing chain he also identified issues with the intake solenoid and exhaust solenoid needing to be replaced. He believed they were gummed up from whatever else had damaged the timing chain. We didn't replace them at that time because those parts were on backorder from GM because this is a COMMON problem in the Equinoxes and Terrains.

    The dealership did in fact replace the high pressure fuel pump that had been leaking raw fuel into the oil crankcase for a LONG time. I pleaded with them to replace the solenoids for free because they were most likely damaged because of the fuel leakage as well. They declined because it was not in the GM letter to replace these parts. I wrote to GM customer service and was contacted by a rep who also declined to cover the solenoid damage because my car was no longer under warranty.

    I still owe almost $10,000 on this HORRIBLE car. It's really sad because it's a beautiful vehicle, but it has some MAJOR engine design flaws. I'm now searching around for other brands and will NEVER buy another Chevrolet - not because I think that they have faulty products, but because of how they've handled this situation. Knowing that at least 1% of these Equinoxes were problematic was one thing - but to completely blow off the customers who purchased them is another.
  • Please tell everyone how you serviced your 2010 Equinox since purchase? Was Oil Changed at dealer on regular basis or @ brand x ? Are you the original owner? How many miles on Nox when you had brand X change timing belt / chain? How many miles on your nox today? This information will help others understand why you may or may not have a warranty left on you 2010 Equinox.
  • raabraab Posts: 9
    I feel sorry for you! I am lucky to have gotten rid of my 'nox . I cannot recommend a Chevy even as a Long-time customer of GM and spouse of employee. My spouse did not want me to use our GM connection in our dealings with the dealership and customer service . Wasted over a year of my life with at least 4 rental cars, multiple premium oil changes, advised not to use the ECO setting, multiple repairs, ending in an engine replacement . Customer service was not helpful nor sympathetic, recommended trading in the damaged car, and was slow to respond to phone messages(weeks at a time)-I had to plead with the operator to please help me find a new rep! I am baffled why there has not been a recall, yet.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705

    I would love to know how many 2010 Equinox vehicles were produced with the "2.4 direct injection four cylinder engine," --- where were they produced, --- and how many of these vehicles had the problem with the defective fuel pump? ---- If all the vehicles had the problem that is one thing, ---- but if only a portion of the "production run" had the problem then further investigation needs to be done on where the engines were manufactured and / or who manufactured the fuel pump? ---- There is more to this issue than both GM and the dealers are sharing with the customer base! ---- The timing chain issue is connected to gasoline in the engine oil. ---- QUESTION: ---- Who manufactured the high pressure fuel pump for GM, and do all the four cylinder Equinox vehicles have the same pump from the same manufacturer? ----- There might be different pump manufacturers, so as such, there might be some 2010 four cylinder direct injection vehicles that DO NOT have these problems. ---- Once the high pressure fuel pump is replaced does the "replacement pump" solve the "gasoline leaking problem," and does it hold up over time? ----- All the best. -------- Dwayne
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi cgoode,

    I understand your dissatisfaction with this situation, and apologize that your case was not resolved to your satisfaction. I cannot guarantee a different outcome, but if you'd like for us to take a second look into your case, I'd be glad to do so. I can be contacted via email at [attn Amber]. Please include your name, VIN, contact info, and case number.

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • My 2010 Equinox was purchased used at 24,000 miles. I can't guarantee that is was maintained properly before I purchased it, but I can tell you that I had the oil changed every 3,000 miles after I had purchased it. My car didn't start running rough until it reached about 50,000 miles at which time it started idling pretty rough at stop lights, the average fuel economy dropped from 29.3 mpg to 28.3, and I could feel major acceleration delays.

    My car is now at 59,000 miles and was considered out of warranty when I took it to the dealer at 58,500.

    I DEFINITELY know that the timing chain was stretched and running on it's last leg because of the gasoline in the oil. I can also speculate that with the gasoline thinning the oil, there is remaining damage to the engine that will at the VERY LEAST leave it a major oil hog. I suspect that in another 20,000 miles everything will begin running rough again. I'm sure that GM suspects this as well or else they wouldn't have extended the warranty on the timing chain and fuel pump in the recall letter. I don't believe that the fuel pump will hold up over time. The timing chain however, I had replaced by my outside mechanic was an aftermarket part. The kit was $900 that he purchased as opposed the the GM parts which I've been told run around $250. I'm no mechanic, but that's a huge price gap and I trust the our family mechanic of 30 years would only put the best parts in our cars.

    From what I've read, the 2010 Equinoxes were assembled in Tonawanda, NY & Spring Hill, TN, with many parts coming from China.

    I'm not going to make a sweeping generalization that all of the Equinoxes are flawed, I will say though that the stress that it's caused me and anyone else who's ever been in this situation is infuriating. The money and time away from work to have to deal with it is too much. And - as a little cherry-on-top, the dealer NEVER offered me a loaner during the 3 days that they kept my car.
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