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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    edited November 2013
    One "key point with Toyota!" ---- Since the engine "sludge issue," Toyota has been VERY customer focused in it's dealings with the customer, unlike GM with it's dealings with the Chevrolet Equinox issues. ---- I have done some research into potential problems with my 2010 Chevrolet 2.4 LTZ Malibu. ---- It seems that once I pass 50,000 miles I can look forward to "brake light problems" caused by corrosion in the connections of the "body control module," and power steering issues due to the electric motor shorting out. ----- So the quality of the Equinox has now spilled over to the Malibu. ----- What is VERY interesting is that SOME GM dealers do not know how to fix these problems, while others can fix the problem. How is this possible? ----- Are some dealers professional and proactive while others could care less about customer satisfaction and customer safety. I would think that rear brake lights and steering are "kind of important" with regards to vehicle safety. If I can find the cause of these issues on the "net" why can't some GM dealers fix the problem? ANSWER: ---- They simply DO NOT CARE! ----- My vehicle is just about reaching the 50,000 mile mark and I will be watching for these issues. Thank God I have an extended warranty! ----- The fix for the steering issue is NOT cheap! ---- All the best. ----- Dwayne
  • No matter where the parts come from, the ultimate responsibility for quality control lies squarely with GM, or more specifically, with US-based engineers. Toyota and Honda buy Chinese parts as well, yet there cars have a lot fewer problems, they take quality control seriously while GM's bean counters just want to save a few cents. Toyota dealerships in US are managed by Americans yet they take customer care more seriously. GM should be solely blamed for the fiasco, not the Chinese parts manufactures.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Well said and very well written! ------- Based on what has been written about the Chevrolet Equinox it is obvious that GM has no idea about "high quality customer relations." ----- They had an excellent opportunity to turn a "negative" into a "positive" by giving the customer HIGH QUALITY / PROFESSION / PROACTIVE WARRANTY SERVICE, ---- but for some reason they have dropped the ball BIG TIME! ---- I would have bet that most of the owners of these vehicles would have gone along with repair efforts had GM been proactive and thorough in their approach to the problem. ------ The high pressure fuel pump caused extensive engine damage, but GM for some reason will not replace the engine as part of the warranty repair. -------- The big question is WHY? ----- All the best! ----- Dwayne.
  • Actually you are right i did just find this forum because i was online researching the problems i was having. So again here i am stabilitrak light came on at the same time my check engine came on and my car had no power. No matter how hard i pressed the accelerator...nothing. If i kept my foot on the pedal the car would eventually pick up speed but the rpm guage stayed at over 2k rpm. So now i need a tow and hopefully i wont have to sell my house to repair my car. I have been using Robert Wodall Chevrolet of Danville VA and frankly im tired of "if there isn't a code we cant tell whats wrong with it" what happened to good old fashioned test drive! I need a new car...Anybody want to buy a 2010 chevy equinox? resonably priced just needs a little tlc!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705

    GM and the GM Chevrolet Dealers know exactly what is wrong with the Equinox Vehicles. ----- I would bet that they could fix anyone of the "problem vehicles" within ONE week, if they wanted to take that action! ---- For some reason, GM "thinks" that they are saving money by not taking care of the problem in a proactive manner. ---- In 2010 I almost purchased a 2010 2.4 Equinox. Instead I purchased a 2010 LTZ 2.4 Malibu. Thank God I made that choice. By doing so, I DID NOT get the direct injection 2.4 engine. ---- If had purchased the Equinox, I would have been in the same state of affairs as the owners on this site. This would have been disastrous for me, because I use my two vehicles as my office when I am on the road visiting customers. ----- I would have NEVER been able to deal with the poor quality of the Equinox. ----- GM thinks that this issue stops with only the Equinox owners. They forget that other people, like myself, read these postings. ---- While I DO NOT have any major issues with my 2010 LTZ Malibu, I will be thinking LONG and HARD about purchasing another GM vehicle. ---- Both my GM and Toyota dealers are outstanding in terms of service, but the lack of concern, as demonstrated by GM with regards to the Equinox issue, leaves me questioning whether I should purchase another GM vehicle. ---- Any vehicle can have problems. All the customer wants is for both the company and the dealer to stand behind the product and make things right in a timely / professional / proactive manner! ---- QUESTION: ---- What about this concept doesn't GM understand? ------ All the best! ----- Dwayne.
  • cjgacjga Posts: 17
    Well stated................
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Good Morning Everyone: (The following information was taken off the internet, so I cannot guarantee it's accuracy!)

    This morning while search the "net" I came up with the following information as related to the 2.4 GMC Terrain, which is the same vehicle as the Chevrolet Equinox. ----- The following is the "NEW & IMPROVED High Pressure Fuel PUMP # (12622475) ---- {This is the latest pump at the start of the 2011 production year.} So in theory, "IF" you have this pump on your vehicle, you should not have a problem! ----- (One person did claim that he still had a fuel leak problem with this pump.) ------ While this is the latest number on the high pressure pump, there were three (3) pumps for this vehicle as follows: #12629934, #12633594 & #12622475. ---- Based on my research, it was reported that "some dealers" are still installing the "old stock pumps," not the latest number pump. If this is true, this action on the dealer's part is just compounding the problem! ---- All the best. ---- Dwayne
  • cgoode3cgoode3 Posts: 8
    edited November 2013
    Hello All,

    I just wanted to give you guys a follow up and possible "hope" for the future of your vehicles. Like many of you, there are several features of the Equinox that were very enticing: good fuel economy, good looking body, spacious for it's size, and reasonably priced.

    I have posted to this forum a few times - angry with the horrible quality of product that GM had knowingly released into the market as a basic game of roulette. They knew a portion of these vehicles had faulty high pressure fuel pumps, but waited until the problems with the drivetrain - particularly the timing chain began surfacing.

    When the average of these cars started showing problems between the 40k-60k mile range, GM sent out a letter stating that some of these Equinoxes may be experiencing stretched chains from the fuel pump releasing raw fuel into the crankcase in turn delubricating the entire engine.

    One month prior to receiving the letter my Equinox started running rough...I took it to my family mechanic because frankly I trust him FAR more than those used car salesmen who work the service department at my local dealership. (I find those guys to be unnecessarily defensive as though they themselves had birthed this car, or were the reason for it's faults...) My mechanic told me that #1, in the manual where it states that you can go 7,500 miles between oil changes on a 4-cylinder Equinox is a death sentence for the car, and #2, the timing chain and the solenoids were both going to have to be replaced as a result of not receiving enough lubrication. What he didn't notice was the high pressure fuel pump leaking...

    So fast forward to when I received the letter from GM. I take my car back to the dealership and show it to them and explain that my timing chain has already been replaced...They then reluctantly replace the high pressure fuel pump that was indeed leaking, and reimburse me for the cost of having my timing chain replaced.

    After all of that - 4000 miles later, I will say that so far, fingers crossed, things are good. The car seems to be running fine, and I even had my family mechanic look at it again a few days ago to make sure that no major damage had been done to the car. As far as he could see - everything seems to be okay. It's not running rough anymore, no more check engine light, and I am fanatically diligent about having the oil changed every 3000 miles. Just a tip: my family mechanic used to work for GM and recommended that all GM vehicles be maintained with Dexos rated oil for optimal performance.

    At the end of this - I know many people who have had major problems occur with their vehicles with very low mileage that had it repaired, then maintained properly, that continued to run upwards of 200,000 miles. If you're like me, and you can't afford to take a loss on trading in your Equinox and taking on a new loan for another vehicle, you might want to consider putting some money into fixing it up and keeping it as long as you can. I know that there are a few folks on this forum who swear by always having your car maintained at the dealership, but I am not lucky enough to have one that provides trustworthy and proactive service. My dealership would not have been able to even diagnose the problems with my car until I smacked them in the face with the recall letter from GM.

    So - if you're having problems with stalling, and other codes from sensors going bad - you might want to POINT out to your service guy to first start with looking at the high pressure fuel pump. If that part is faulty, it could be the cause for A LOT of problems that are occurring with your vehicle.

    I'm hoping that my high pressure fuel pump and timing chain will hold up - the nice thing is that I have some peace of mind knowing that the warranty on these parts have been extended as a result of the recall.

    Good luck to all!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    I enjoyed reading your informative posting about your Equinox. You are absolutely correct with your assessment of GM dealers. ------ I am very fortunate, in that I have an outstanding dealer in New Jersey for both my GM vehicle and for my Toyota vehicle. The problem with the GM dealers is that General Motors DOES NOT police their dealers to ensure customer satisfaction, and high quality diagnostic / warranty service. ----- While I have an excellent Chevrolet Dealer, my Toyota Dealer is "state of the art," and VERY customer focused. ----- Customer satisfaction is more that filling out a "customer survey" after the sale and after general maintenance. ---- The real "customer satisfaction" comes into play when the vehicle has a major problem! The Equinox has had MAJOR problems and GM HAS NOT been proactive. They act like they are doing the customers a favor by servicing their vehicles under warranty. ---- As a customer I paid for that warranty service in the price of the vehicle, and if I decided to purchase an extended warranty, I paid an additional amount for coverage and for some "peace of mind!" Once GM, through their dealer network, accepts my money they have both a moral and legal obligation to service and repair my vehicle under the terms and conditions of the warranty. My obligation, as the owner, is to keep the service of the vehicle "up-to-date!" When warranty repairs are made they should be to the highest possible factory standards. No short cuts and no patch up / good enough repairs! --- I just came back from a road trip with my GM vehicle, and it performed in an outstanding manner. With a fresh oil and filter change I easily got 30mpg with off brand 87 octane gasoline and my additive. ---- But after reading the postings on this site about the Equinox, I am not too sure that I would put out another $35,000.00 + dollars on a GM vehicle, and take a BIG gamble on getting a lemon! ---- With that kind of money, I can purchase a Rav4, a V6 Camry or an Avalon and these vehicles hold their value on trade in! ----- Just something to consider. ----- Best regards to all! ----- Dwayne
  • bkh61bkh61 Posts: 2
    Two weeks have passed and back in to the shop two more times. Battery was replaced beginning of October because of a no start twice. Two weeks ago started noticing hesitation in start and next night after sitting all day it would not start. Took back to dealer, reprogrammed HVAC module per TSB update. Monday noticed radio volume going up and down on its own. Last night, car would not start again after sitting all day. Back to the dealer today. They are going to hold the car for a few days while they monitor what is draining the battery. Gave me another loaner vehicle (2014 Impala). I am wondering if the battery really needed to be replaced after all.

    Don't know how much more I want to visit the dealership. Getting to know the service people too well. Talked to dealership manager today who said he has seen me there a lot lately. Went over the whole history and told him I was ready to see what they would do. He is going to contact GM. I said I am not even sure I want to purchase another Chevy/GM vehicle.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Here are the "all important bottom line questions!" ---- "Why can't GM and their dealers fix these vehicles the first time? ---- Are these vehicles that poorly manufactured that they cannot be repaired? ---- Are these vehicles "poor in quality" in terms of materials and components? ---- Does GM really want to repair these vehicle? ---- Do the dealers have the "ability" to repair these vehicles? ----- I think we all know the answers to these questions! ----- It is VERY sad state of affairs! ---- ----- People have paid their "hard earned money" and no one seems to care! ---- This is an excellent opportunity for a "foreign name plate" to take over all the Equinox customers! ----- I am sure Toyota, Kia and Hyundai would love to sell their SUV's to the dissatisfied Equinox owners! --------- I think it is time for a "reality check" for both GM and the dealer network! ----- Are they going to allow their customer base to go over to a foreign nameplate over this issue or are they going to take proactive action? ------ Dwayne
  • I have had the same issues for the last 2 years. Did oil consumption test, replaced all parts as you state in the engine. 1 week after I got my truck back, the transmission went. Brought it back in they fixed the transmission and were sending the results of the oil consumption test to GM to see what they can do for me. Then I received a letter in the mail regarding the 2010 Equinox engine problems and they now have a "kit" to "upgrade" my engine. Had this done for a second time and still major problems. By the time I hit 4000KM (from last oil change) there was no oil in my engine. Truck started to run bad again brought it back and needless to say I now have a complete new engine. Do I trust that I am out of the woods? NO! Will most likely purchase a new vehicle in spring and it won't be a GM or Chev. PS Now I need front brakes!
  • Well said, Dwayne. My answer to those questions Yes GM products are poor in quality, No Dealers don't have ability to repair these problems, and it would seem that GM and the Dealers don't care as long as they've already gotten our "hard earned money." At least that was my experience, and it sounds like the same for many, thousands of others.

    My final answer was to get rid of my leased piece of GM crap and get a Hyundai Santa Fe to replace it. We'll see how well it performs and holds up, but my '08 Toyota Highlander before the Nox was absolutely trouble free and dealership experience was good. As I've said before, I will NEVER buy another GM product again, ever.
  • In the ongoing saga of my engine issues, I am now on engine #2, using Dexos oil every 7000km as per my dealer recommendation, and all of the issues I experienced the first time around with my first engine are all happening again. I am burning oil (about 1L every 1000km - and Dexos oil is NOT CHEAP!), the engine is noisy again (timing chain is stretched). My car stalled on me Friday night on my way home twice, nothing that adding a few liters of oil didn't fix after I checked the oil - it was empty - I had only checked it a week before and it was fine. I was told by my dealership that when my new engine was installed (the 2012 engine) that the fuel pump was also changed - which they have now found to be the cause of all of these issues). I don't think it actually was replaced. I am not going to fix this vehicle (I have 220,000 km on it and am almost finished with my loan). I will not be purchasing a GM again - this is my third and my last. I am currently shopping around right now for a new non-GM vehicle and am looking forward to an engine that doesn't act this way.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    edited December 2013
    Hi All:

    Over the Holiday I had the time to re-read all the postings dealing with the problems of the Chevrolet Equinox. ---- While this is a VERY SAD state of affairs for the customer, we as consumers need to face the reality that manufacturers and dealers look at us as simply numbers. ---- Yes, they smile at us when we are in the showroom making a purchase, and they smile at the service desk, but in many cases it is NOT a true concern for us as valued customers. ----- YES, there are exceptions, and as I have stated before on these boards, I have two dealers that are very professional and customer focused. ---- But the all important questions are; --- Why do manufacturers abandon the new car customer when a problem arises with the product, and why do manufacturers make the customer feel that they are doing them a BIG FAVOR by performing the required service to repair the vehicle? ----- We as consumers have the power to make things happen in the automotive world. ----- The manufacturers need our money in order to continue in operation. ----- Personally, I DO NOT care what I drive in terms of a name plate. I think my Toyota Camry has more American Parts in it than does my Chevrolet Malibu which then begs the question; ---- "What exactly is an American Car?" ---- The Chevrolet Equinox issue has taught me some BIG LESSONS about vehicle purchase. ----- 1.) Never purchase a vehicle that is totally new design the first year. ---- 2.) Review the past years of the vehicle that you want to purchase to see if there are BIG maintenance / warranty problems associated with the vehicle. ----- 3.) Deal with manufactures & dealers that are "proactive" with regards to service & customer relations. ---- 4.) Research the dealer before you enter the showroom. (I have walked into showrooms and within 10 minutes I made up my mind that I would not do business with them based on the "body language of the sales people." People do not realize it but they give themselves away though their body language as to what they are thinking about the customer that is sitting across the desk from them during negotiations.) ---- As long as people continue to accept "poor quality products" and "poor quality customer service" by the dealer network, that is what the manufacturer will continue to provide. ---- We motivate the manufacturer to change through how we make our purchases. Our money is the power. If manufacturers see their products on the lots unsold, they will sit up and take notice. ----- My Chevrolet appears to be a high quality product, it runs very well and I have a great dealer, but I am a little "gun shy" in terms of making another GM purchase, because when I shell out $35.000.00 + dollars I really want a HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT, and I expect the manufacturer to stand behind the product in a timely / professional manner with a professional dealer network. ---- The postings on this site have demonstrated a "less than acceptable level of customer service." ------ When we make a vehicle purchase we are trading our hard earned dollars for what we assume is a high quality product. Many times our "expectations" are higher than the "reality of the situation." ----- Just some concepts to consider! ----- Dwayne
  • cjgacjga Posts: 17
    I AM BACK AGAIN..........ONE WORD...UNBELIEVABLE. I had problems with HVAC 3 months ago......air stop blowing cold air. Guess what's....NO AIR again
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Common Owners and Critics...This Number one selling SUV / Truck is a headturner and they are selling faster than any other SUV on Market.

    I owned the 2010 Nox 4cyl never had any scary or mechanical issues GM did not stand behind; never cost me a dime for warranty work or loaners in the 3.5 years or 55k miles I drove this 4cyl Nox truck! Now I upgraded to 2013 3.6V6 301hp Terrain and have over 10K miles of trouble free ownership.

    I must say I have had a great experience with both GM SUV Trucks and reccomend this GM SUV all the time; its a great value and drives fine!

    This is the positive side of owning a new GM SUV opposed to all the Negative Hipe disgruntled owners tend to share and overeacting for warrantee repair work they are probably not able to get done! due to NOT FOLLOWING Manufacture instructions for Service work...This is easy common sense stuff!
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Its always typical to not hear from satisfied owners, only those that have issues tend to post. There have been a signicant number of owners that do have troubles and it has taken quite a while to come up with solutions.
    They sell many thousands of them every month for years and I don't see thousands with problems so its not like they are all bad :)
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Exactly they are the number #1 selling mid size Truck/SUV...I would guess about 2% of the dissatisfied owners have not followed the recommended manufacture service plan and never used the Mfg dealer for service till they discovered a major warrantee issue ie; engine, transmission Etc. only then this type of owner wants all the online attention and threatens lawsuits etc. Its crazy unreasonably owner nonsense; when owners follow the Mfg maintenience / warrantee guide plan its easy stuff. Bottom line, if you buy any new vehical you need to get it serviced @ Mfg Dealer and if you choose to go off and do your own thing; you will pay the price for not following Mfg service plan for any vehical; All Manufactures are the same when it comes to warrantee protection and getting claims taken care of. I would Highly recommend letting dealer perform all scheduled service work on any vehical with warrantee protection.

    In addition if anyone purchases a used vehical there are dealer reports that show vehical history, the Car Fax Report and several others showing everthing from date and State vehical was sold, engine and Transmission service and also any accidents vehical may have been involved in since inception!
  • cjgacjga Posts: 17
    The problems with 2010 Equinox is less about the dealer and more about the car. Until you own one and experience the problems, you are not qualified to make a grand statement.
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