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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • wit2wit2 Posts: 11
    Read message # 248 by me wit2. It expresses my opinion on a 6cyc verses a 4cyc
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Yes I am familiar wit h the Quad 4. 16 valve head if i recall. Requires revs to perform. Not a great design for heavy loads at low revs. A bit raspy of a motor too.

    Yes, in hilly terrain can be a problem with constant downshifting if an engine is a little under torqued for hills and heavy loads. Final drive ratios are geared very tall so the fuel mileage claims can be met under the controlled (non-aggressive) testing. Maintaining a set speed near the 'cruise' rpm at 50 or 55 or 60 mph in top gear and in hil;ly or even grades, does tend to downshift.....especially if car loaded with people or A/C on etc. So there is when a 6 might shine. So it becomes a judgement call. You want instant ondemand torque for your cruise, or do u mind paying what is likely a premium in fuel usage at the end of the year. If you tow or have a car load of occupants often, or are an impatient by nature sort of personality (no slight intended) likely better with the 6.
  • kerry11kerry11 Posts: 12
    edited March 2010
    I have the 2006 Nox and I bought it new has about 45k and I have every problem you can think of. Steering had the column replaced, had the power steering replaced twice, ABS brakes replaced and think they are going out again, Over flow tank had to be replaced,struts, ignition has been replaced but still does not work. Visors have been replaced three times, the molding on the inside windshield on the drivers side the long thick wide one fell in my face while driving. Driver window has been re wired twice, now it is scraping from inside the door. My leather seats look horrible the use very low quality leather. My brakes (pads) have been done four times in one month..... Now I think the transmission is going out, and the steering is scaring me.. I will keep you posted I have contacted GM and they don't' have anything good to say.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 153
    A little side note about these hybrids. Now that the insurance companies have realized the electronics are so sensitive in crashes, they are upping the premiums for collision about 20% on them to cover the increased cost of repair.
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46
    '10 LTZ 4cyl

    I know there is a recall on the HVAC module, just hadn't gotten notification yet. Sunday morning before church, we stopped at the local Wal-Mart which is about a 5 min drive from the house. All controls, heated seats etc. were working correctly on the way. Got back in after Wal-Mart and nothing. No radio controls, no HVAC controls and no heated seats. Tried everything we could think of besides disconnecting the battery and still nothing. Still had radio controls on the steering wheel but I can only imagine if we had the heat/defrost on full blast and it was stuck. It is at the dealer now, taking care of a couple other issues as well. Couple hard shifts and rough idleing. It has 5500 miles on it now so I would say it is broken in. Wiper blade has a 1/4 inch area on the drivers side that isn't wiping correctly and there is a rattle coming from the rear lift gate when driving over bumps or a rough road.
    On a side note, made my case that the vehicle wasn't safe to drive without the HVAC controls in case the windows fogged up and the dealer didn't even hesitate offering a rental! Don't know how many times I had to wait for a shuttle or another ride after having to leave vehicles for repair in the past that didn't justify a rental.
    Dealer said a day or two to get the module in and replaced.
  • carguy05carguy05 Posts: 30
    Hi, I have a 2010 Nox (7500 miles) and when I brought my car in for a minor adjustment on the brake lights about 3 weeks ago,the dealer told me about the HVAC module recall and ordered the part, I never received any notification from GM. I made an appointment for the following week when the part came in and waited for the repair.which took about 2 hours. After the module is installed, the computer has to be re-programed. I never had any problem with the controlls like you did, but understand that this is exactly why they are recalling it. Good Luck. Make sure they have the module in stock before you leave your car.
  • photojemphotojem Posts: 5
    This was exactly the problem that I had back in November, on my then 2 month old LS, which brought me to this forum!..No one had a response for me! I was just happy that it corrected it self over a weekend where it was warm enough in the northeast to not need the heater or defroster, and I was able to avoid the dealer. Thankfully, it hasn't had a repeat episode either over the winter.
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46
    Picked the 'Nox up last night, everything is smooth as the day we brought it home. Still waiting for the wiper to come in, had to special order it. Don't know if it is the arm being replaced or the blade. There were 2 recalls completed, one for the HVAC and the other for an evaporator hose that I hadn't heard about. Washed and vacuumed just in time for the spring storm this afternoon!
  • bluesgalbluesgal Posts: 3
    I hadn't heard of any recall. I have a 2010 ls purchased in November...should I take it to dealership? What exactly is wrong with the hvac?
  • carguy05carguy05 Posts: 30
    My understanding is that the defroster could stop working which would be a safety concern if you were driving in bad weather and needed it. I would call the dealer and inquire. They may have to order the part.
  • jlg44jlg44 Posts: 12
    I have a 2010 Equinox 4 cycl and haven't had any problems. I think half these compliants are BS .Probably some Ford or Toyato owner making this up. Too many dumb problems and questions. Who as ever heard of adjusting tail lights? What do you expect to hear when you drive over a rough road?
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46
    We hadn't had any problems with the 'Nox either until the whole center clusted stopped working. I knew there was a recall but didn't get notification from the dealer we bought from and didn't worry about it since nothing was wrong.

    For the record, I traded in my Camry for a Fusion last month but am not making up our problem with the 'Nox ;)
  • jlg44jlg44 Posts: 12
    The reason I said that was I just had my wifes Nox in for a free oild change and I asked him if he checked to make sure there was no re-calls. His answer was yes he checked because they get paid for those also. He said there was none. Maybe yours was made before mine. Do you know the re-call # or any re-call #'s and I will check it out with the dealer.
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46
    I will have to get the paper work out of the 'Nox tonight and see if it is referenced. We had a build date late October '09 and we picked it up 2nd week in Nov. I can't recall when the recall for the HVAC was announced but I want to say early December.
  • n2icn2ic Posts: 2
    How did they resolve your "center cluster stopped working" problem ?

    My 2010 Equinox continues to have a major issue. It is described on another forum. Google "2010 equinox problem n2ic" and you'll find it.
  • carguy05carguy05 Posts: 30
    Hi, My taillights on my 2010 nox would only light up when the brake pedal was depressed all the way down. I brought it to my local dealer and he said it was a software adjustment on the computer. A 15 min. fix and it is fine now.The brake lights should go on as soon as you hit the brake pedal.
  • jlg44jlg44 Posts: 12
    Let me know because that is when mine was build and we also picked ours up the second week Nov.
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46
    Sorry for the delay but here is the verbage for the 2 recalls:

    CC: 0090
    FC: 9090

    CC: 0090
    FC: 9090
    PART# 20941961 HOSE

    We also requested that the transmission be reprogrammed and here are the notes on that:


    Stopped by this afternoon for the wiper blade swap, the service writer did it in 10 min and we were on our way.
  • jlg44jlg44 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info:
  • central3central3 Posts: 1
    My 2010 Equinox that I purchased on Black Friday, has been in the shop since last Thursday, I just learned about an hour ago that the dealership will be replacing the motor. I only have 5,800 miles on my new car and they are already replacing the motor. My car kept loosing oil and the dealership couldn't see where the oil was going, they put oil in the car along with a dye so that they could see where the oil was going, and it was just going away. Has anyone else had this problem with their new Equinox? this is the second time that I have had to have a rental car since I purchased this car, the first time the check engine light came on and they said that it was something to do with the emission. They replaced a part at that time, now they are replacing the motor.
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