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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Sounds more like a worthless dealer to me. Is there another dealer near you could try? I guess I'm lucky as there are about 8 dealers within about 20 miles of where I live but so far after a year only one small problem and I haven't taken it in for it yet. Got to wait for cold weather. It seems my radio locks up first thing after starting if weather is real cold like 10 degrees or so. does it a couple seconds after start and I shut down. open the door to cut power to radio and restart and all is well till next start, days, or who knows how long.
  • i have the answer, my 2010 started running like crap around 12000 miles.. i was on a trip when i slowed to stop at a light and the thing started bucking and sputtering, it stalled and i got onstar on the phone.. they ran a diagnostic and it came back as the fuel trim being rich and they recommended i use a fuel treatment and that if the problem persisted to take it to the dealer .. it didnt persist.. jump ahead a couple months, my check engine light came on and went off, came on again.. i called onstar and they ran a diagnosdtic which came back with an engine code of p0172 which is, fuel trim is rich... i am at 33000 miles on my nox and over the past couple months have been battling the engine light .. every time i called the dealer they told me the problem was probably dirty gas or something else so give it a fuel treatment and it should fix itself.. i did this and it worked.. well guess what, if you have this problem and you are getting crap mileage, car exhaust smells like a 72 pinto and your idle is rough, check your oil, does it smell like gas? if so it is your high pressure fuel pump is over pressureized and is basically flooding your engine.. the excess gas is going into your crankcase and disslolving your oil..... i took mine into the dealer and insisted that they find the problem.. they couldnt.. i searched on line for technical service bulletins pertaining to the 10 NOX and i found out that a TSB has been posted for the high pressure fuel pump being faulty in some !)'s .. i took my car back and cornered the repair tech.. i told him that we need to stop F**** around and fix the problem.. it old him that i had found a service bulletin online and he seemed completely surprised and after 20 minutes they told me i would have to schedule an appointment to have my high pressure fuel pump replaced because it was faulty..had the work done on tuesday the 15th of november and i got 27.5 MPG as my average MPG after driving 400 miles..
  • Way to much drama..You really need to focus and communicate the mechanical issues with this 2010 SUV!!!
  • On two occasions upon starting, I get engine noise that sounds like low or no oil. It clatters loudly for about 2 seconds then it is fine. This generally occurs after the vehicle has been sitting for 24 hours or longer. From past experience with other cars it sounds like all the oil has drained from the engine and it is replenished during those first 2 seconds. At any rate, I doubt this should be happening. I have the 2010 I-4.
    Anyone else notice this?
  • My 2010 nox dose th same thing; has never been an issue for me....This is normal for this 4 cyl engines when first started; there is never any oil pressure till the engine is running in any engine. I'm surprsed someone from edmonds did not fully explain this non-issue matter for you.
  • I'm well aware that oil pressure is created by a running engine, but this is the first vehicle (of many) I have owned that routinely does this.
    The noise is similar to what occurs when a vehicle is started immediately after an oil change.
    If indeed this is a nonissue as you say, then GM apparently found a way to prevent engine damage during those 2 seconds of clatter.
    Be happy to hear an explanation from Edmunds as you noted.
  • Why do you assume the specific sounds / noise during engine start up is causing internial damage? These raspy 4 bangers are known for not being very quite; you can't compare this engine to a V6 or inline 6 Cyl....If the car is running well and getting better that average MPG enjoy it...You have 100K warranty for drive line issues. I'm approaching 40k on my 4 cyl Nox and no real issues that have me concerned to date. I'm concidering buying new one in the near futrure.
  • The reason I suspect damage may be occuring is because what I'm hearing is an engine running without oil for a few seconds. It is important to note that this only occurs when the Nox has been sitting for over ~24 hours. Normal operation where it is started and stopped several times in a day is not a problem. I would not give it a second thought if it rarely happened, but it happens often. I'm not confusing this sound
    with the normal raspy 4 banger sound.
    I'm not complaining about the overall Equinox experience, just what I suspect is a future problem in the making.
  • Michaelrussell,

    I see you've already contacted GM. Looking forward to hearing how things go.
    GM Customer Service
  • Nox2010,

    Looks like things are taken care of. If you need any help from Customer Assistance, please email us more information.

    GM Customer Service
  • Thank you for this post, kynox! It's great to hear from happy drivers, and I'm so glad to know that you're well taken care of at your dealership!

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah from GM, I have indeed contacted GM but my issues are far from resolved. So far the fuel pump has been replaced and the ECM was updated, if anything the vehicle is running worse then ever. Yesterday stopped at a red light my vehicle was louder by far than the giant diesel truck next to me. I'm embarassed to drive it. Tomorrow it goes back to the dealer for the 7th time, this time for the engine knocking and now an old breaking grind that started up again that was fixed a week ago. Worst vehicle experience I have ever had by far.
  • Youg need to get this taken care of right away. We have a 2010 Equinox and have taken it to Dealer A for this exact same problem and we were assured by the service manager the sound was normal. It's been one oil chnage and yesterday we took it to Dealer B who siad the engine is ruined due to no oil getting to the lifteres. They went on to say the enigine had only one quart of oil in it.

    When we told then the low oil pres light had new come on they said GM didn't put low pres oil lights/indicators in the Equinox. (I find this hard to beleive.)

    I've been doing BING searches and there are a lot of people reporting low/no oil in Equinoxes. In all of the posts I have seen no one has reported a oil leak so the the thought is the engine must be buring the oil. (And at a very fast rate, 1-2,00 miles per quart.

    The dealer is telling us we are faced with replacing the engine.

    Anyone else finding their Eqinox is running load (like no oil) or finding the enigine has very little oil?
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,186
    I would never wait for a low oil light to come on before checking oil level, on any vehicle. By the time the light comes on you may already be damaging the engine.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    The oil light in most cars is a light to warn of low oil pressure, not necesarily low oil volume. Oil level should be checked manually via the engine dipstick. Check the level at least once a month and add oil if necessary. Do not overfill.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,946
    A good routine is to check your oil every time you fill up, or every other time if you fill up often.

    Rarely see anyone doing that though. :sick:
  • In addition; drive should be aware of potential leaks on driveway and garage floor where a vehical is parked, oil burning smell, Oil leaking from exhaust tail pipe Etc. These are all potentail issue warning signs that should get attention ASAP.
  • rski43rski43 Posts: 13
    .....down 2 qts. I ck'd a month ago & it was only down a strong 1/2 qt. I measured it from what came out of the drain pan (I still do my own at age 61). We def won't be keeping this past 5 or so years.
  • rski43rski43 Posts: 13
    I really don't think you'll find oil leaking from a tail pipe. Temps are too hot & will vaporize it. You may see a blue "twinge" but I've never seen dripping oil. I would expect Oxygen sensors & cat converters to "hic-cup" before you'd see oil "dripping" from a tail pipe.
  • I agree; however you will find evidence of oil residue around tail pipe if the engine is passing through and burning a significant amount of oil. I have let the dealer change my oil from the get go; to help assure "GM" is liable if I have engine issus during the 100K warranty period; my nox has about 40,000 miles on it.
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