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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • 58mga58mga Posts: 8
    Hey Great news fellow nox owners...After 2 engine rebuilds and a misfire no one can find fault... The Transmission blew up today!!! Of course this now lies upon my shoulders as the warranty is expired yada yada yada.....Anybody want to buy a parts vehicle for about 17K????
  • kzk8brownkzk8brown Posts: 12
    Wow that is Scary!
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    I find this difficult to buy into; the drive line has 100K coverage and if its not repaired I would "think" GM would replace the engine Trans Etc. or replace the entire vehical! You should Scan your dealers service history report and share it with everone on the forum to help confirm this drive line issues!

    I'm approching 50K on my 2010 4Cyl LT Nox; have only changed oil and trans fluid; motor oil on dealer scheduled 3500mi plan and still rolling strong with no issues YET; Glad I have 50K of Drive line warranty Left when reading these GM horror Forums!
  • 58mga58mga Posts: 8
    UPDATE; Dealer called and says that they will cover half of the transmission repair under Warranty. Work starting next week, will post the outcome. Lead Mechanic thinks misfire could be due to the transmission.
    ROYKULP....I Will not be sharing any documents!!!!!!! and yes you would "think" GM would do the right thing and replace with new IE: Engine or Transmission rather than REBUILD, however that is common sense and I believe GM has none of that. I have suggested a buy back however GM is only concerned on PROFIT!!!!! and not customer satisfaction. If you feel this is bashing.....well I am only telling my experience of one very expensive LEMON!!!!

    To be continued..........
  • esperinosesperinos Posts: 18
    One of the issues not considered here is the role being played by the "oil life remaining" feature. There has always been the mindset of changing oil on a regular schedule, and the feature on this (and other vehicles of all makes) is - in my mind - indirectly contributing to some problems. An indicator which serves as a reminder based on mileage is one thing. When you advertise or market a feature as saving you money by indicating an oil change only when you need it (this was right on one of the OnStar emails - ways of saving on maintenance costs) may be unwittingly giving drivers a false sense of security. You can bet that I'm not waiting until the car tells me to change the oil in our remaining 2010 Equinox. It's on a schedule.

    I go back to an earlier posting I made. I feel there are a batch of engines which had a design or manufacturing flaw in the 2010 model, and that "rebuilding" is, at best, a temporizing measure. It's like the heart, you can only operate in it so much. At some point you need a transplant. I'm glad, right now, that I have only one Equinox to worry about - not two.
  • nailsgirlnailsgirl Posts: 13
    GM replaced my engine! No questions asked! They must know there is a problem. Had a rental for over 3 weeks. Nox seems to be okay except my gas mileage went from 32 mpg to 27! Nice to have a vehicle with no ticking and pinging!
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    Interesting; the service history report would tell a story on how you maintained and cared for the vehical since purchased. This could play a significant roll in collecting on a manufactures warranty. This is more than likley why you are paying a percent of damages! Its just that Simple!
  • wlmerrilwlmerril Posts: 1
    I have 48,000 miles on my 2010 4 cyl 1 LT equinox, with very few minor issues with the car so far. Until late last week my engine began to sound alot louder but still seemed to run ok. On the way to our cabin for memorial day the car stalled out twice when getting off the highway and then stalled three times on the way home and then on the way to dealership hit a traffic jam and stalled 3 more times. Always seems to stall out when idiling for a long period or when you are traveling at faster speeds and have to stop rapidly.

    I was stalled out at the toll on the mackinaw bridge during a traffic jam on memorial day, talk about pissed off. I'm hoping this issue will be resolved under my 100,000 mile power train warranty, but after reading some similar issues with timing chains, debating on getting a new vehicle all together. :confuse:
  • raabraab Posts: 9
    Right now, the news is not good because, more than a year later, 6 service visits, and opening and re-opening a case with GM customer service, the same problem persists. I was always politely assured after each service visit that the problem was solved. The problem ALWAYS comes back-loud engine, stalling, and engine light coming on. It is very embarassing to me when co-workers tell me it is time to bring the car back, because they can HEAR the problem. Last Friday, I had a hard drive back home, stalling frequently on a very busy road. I kept pulling off the road to get out of the way of traffic. I brought it back for service, they fixed the part that had set off the engine code and proceeded to charge me for another oil change (I think this is the 3rd or 4th one since January) - the oil was at 70% this morning (at the previous March service visit when another oil change was charged, I had just paid for an oil change the week before). But no one wants to acknowlege this recurrent, repetitive issue (not the service dept and not you-know-who). UNLESS I would rather not drive this car (or as a customer service rep advised, I could buy another car). My sister offered her 10 year old Saturn to drive, I think I may take her up on it, though it is a bright purpley-blue, but, hey, it runs fine, and I don't have to worry about being rear-ended. End of disheartened rant.
  • raabraab Posts: 9
    Just wondering if anyone has had a positive outcome from opening a case with Customer Service. Or the BBB.
  • chaddeechaddee Posts: 1
    Ok, so I'm glad I found this site, I'm having the issues with the 2010 Chevy Equinox LT. Stabili Track issue, check engine light comes on for about a day and half, goes off for a day and half and then comes back on again. It ticks (it has since I got it), they said it was a cold start. So I drove it last August back to the dealership, it was 90 degrees out and drove it for an hour to get there, got out of my truck and said "Cold start huh?" That was my 7 and final trip there when their "fix" was to put an engine insulator under the hood! Now all this stuff is coming up with it and I'm worried! I'm calling tomorrow and hopefully they will take care of it, but I'm assuming they will not!
  • raabraab Posts: 9
    edited May 2012
    Why so mad after 6 trips to the same service department for the same problem? I mentioned earlier that the dealership insisted on changing the oil today (at my expense). I told them the level was at 70 %. They said that is not accurate. The paper they gave me after changing the oil stated that the dipstick was low. My husband told me he checked 2 days ago (Sunday) and that was absolutely not the case. He knows cars! The service rep told me to bring the car back in another 500-1000 miles to do an oil consumption test (he said the engine may need to be replaced). When I paid for the oil change/air filter, the bill was $158 (with a $20 discount)-why so high? Service rep said I also approved a fuel injection treatment as well (NOT TRUE-the paper I signed had his recommendations hand-written initials). My husband is ballistic over this-why would this be done if a new engine is anticipated at the next visit?
    I am so sick of paying out of pocket at each of these warranty-covered engine service visits. (January visit-car was returned with a cracked windshield after they accidentally let someone drive away in my car-I replaced and paid $100 deductible, at 2nd of 2 March visits, they offered to fix a suspension problem that I did not have when I dropped the car off for $135 (BTW, the 1st and 2nd March visits were on consecutive days because the engine light came back the same day as the 1st visit, so I brought it back the next day and they kept it for the rest of the week-hence, the new suspension problem).
    I don't like worrying about being rear-ended, especially with a kid in the car. I also drive all over the state for work. I love what I do and I need reliable service.
    We had the case re-opened when the engine light came back on and I had multiple stalls on a trip home from work (3.5 hour drive). Made the service appt for this morning and crossed our fingers. Came home this afternoon absolutely devastated that in addition to no resolution to our car problem, the dealership has found a way to charge me additional fees. Let's say it together: "engine problem". There, was that so hard? Now let's do something!
    I still have pride in GM, I want to believe in their product, their customer service...
  • rvm819rvm819 Posts: 7
    I have a 2010 Equinox DI 4-cylinder with 78k miles. The car ran great until it start pinging at 73k miles. I took it to the dealer after the check engine light came on, and the diagnotics showed low fuel pressure. So, they replaced the fuel pump; and the car does run much better, expecially acceleration. However, the ping has reduced it's severity; but it's still there. Premium gas does help, but I don't want to continue paying the fuel premium. In another blog concerning spark knock, I did find mention of ECM calibration PI0325. Did you have this done?
  • tcsealtcseal Posts: 1
    I took my 2010 Chevrolet Equinox to the dealership where I bought it because of oil consumption issues and GM replaced the engine. On the invoice, it referred to an internal memo noting that the rings were put in wrong from the factory. So, if you are having oil consumption issues, do not let some ignorant know it all on this site tell you that you do not know what you are talking about! Do not listen to those who claim you must not have changed the oil often enough. The truth is that GM knows there are issues with some of the engines from the factory.
  • foster904foster904 Posts: 9
    I own a 2010 Equinox and it ran fine until around 50+K. It developed a chattering noise so I took it back to the dealer and they changed the timing chain tensioner. They returned the car and said everything was fixed. When I drove it the chatter was still there so they replaced the balancer on the timing chain shaft ( or something like that). They gave me back the car and the chatter remained. I took it back to them and drove around with the Shop Manager and mechanic and they heard the chatter but couldn't tell me what it was so they took the car back and said they would fix it. I just got the car back yesterday and the SR said they found the AC Compressor was torqued properly. Guess what, the chatter is still there, no change. Guess I will call the SR again and see what he says.
  • hsports94hsports94 Posts: 4
    Check the oil level. Vehicle ticks when oil is low
  • smc8888smc8888 Posts: 25
    Could you provide more information regarding the "internal memo nothing that the rings were put in wrong"? A lot people, including myself, have this oil consumption problem and we need some concrete evidence to talk to the dealer.

  • foster904foster904 Posts: 9
    edited June 2012
    I took my Equinox into the dealer this morning for the 4th time...yesterday morning I rode around with the shop foreman while he listened to the chatter. He was going to get a couple of mechanics to look at it and see if they could figure it out. The guys at Enterprise are getting to know me on a first name basis :) I do have to say that the dealership has been very accommodating but I really need a repaired car.
  • Been a while since I was here. Car now at 68k. Same problems with noise and rattle and idle as all along. Finally got ac and headliner fixed. Today it finally overheated. Spent another couple of wasted hours and missed work dealing with tow truck, dealer and rental cars. No news yet as to issue, but imagine it will be engine oil issues based on things read here. Hate this vehicle and nothing but problems for 2.5 years.

    Looking tonight online at used Fords and plan to go back to different manufacturer ASAP. This is my first and last Chevy.
  • I feel your pain. My engine seems to have given out today after no one has ever been able to diagnose and fix my problems from the early beginnings in 2010. Out of warranty here, too, of course. Waiting to hear from dealer tomorrow, but thinking I will have scraps to sell as well.
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