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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • I bought my 2010 equinox brand new in august 2010 and have had nothing but issues. BIGGEST issue has been with the engine and brakes. After multiple visits to the dealership most of the problems have been fixed but now there are a few new ones. I went from driving a Honda with no problems to a car that I don’t trust to take on a long road trip because I don’t feel safe and I LIVE at the dealership. At this point, I wouldn’t know how the car should run because I have had nothing but issues. Has anyone else had issues with the rear brake pads and rotors? They replaced them and then put some kind of adhesive on them because it was still doing the moaning noise when you would let off the brake but not hit the gas. See below for engine/diesel sound.

    1)(parking Brake) First time it went in the shop was approx 1,500 miles because you could hear something hitting under the car. As always they said they couldn’t duplicate the problem (it had been going on since the day I bought it). I took it back at 2,631 miles and they determined that the parking brake cable was loose and hitting under the car. Back to the shop at 2,927 miles because of the same exact issue and was told that the parking brake shoe was deformed and parking brake cable spring had excessive clearance. They had to order the parts and I had to bring it back in to be fixed. (4 trips to the dealer for the same exact problem)

    2)(Wipers) The wipers have always skipped across the windshield and is hard to see out the passenger side of the windshield. Dealership inspected , cleaned wipes and said everything was normal. 7,378 wipers were replaced and then again at 16,000. Replaced again at 25,000 miles and was told by the service manager that the part has changed and that it should fix the problem.

    3)(Headliner) 8,653 miles Entire headliner in the car was sagging. Dealership inspected and found that the magnets on the headliner had detached due to insufficant adhesive. Had to order parts and bring car back for fix.

    4)HUGE PROBLEM (Engine ticking) This is something I have been battling. The car sounded like a 1982 diesel car. The idle was really ruff and at times would drop down so far that it felt like it was going to die. Ive almost rear ended cars in stopped traffic because I would have to hit the gas to keep the car alive. The first time I took it to the dealer for the engine ticking and idle very rough was at 8,653 miles. I was then told that the problem was told that the problem was with the High press fuel pump. They replaced the fuel pump and lines. This didn’t help anything. Every time I would take it to the dealership for maintanice I would tell them about it. I was once told that this is normal for a 4cyl. Finally at 25,621 miles it was determined that the issue was with the timing chain and tensioner. After 16 days in the shop and work complete I got my car back and it now seems to have transmission issues….

    5)(outside temp Gauge) Would stick on one temp and never change. They verified and replaced part. 16,000 miles

    6)(Rear Brakes) reported at 25,000 because it was a moan that would happen when you would let off the brake but not hit the gas. It was a high pitch noise that could be heard inside the car. I even stopped at the dealership and had the service manager drive with me so he could hear it. We didn’t even have to get out of the dealership and he told me that it was the rotators and it was completely normal. That made me feel really unsafe to hear its your brakes but its normal. It went in the shop and I received a voicemail for the service manger that they had to replace the pads and rotors. Really at 25,000 miles? That actually didn’t fix the problem so they said that they had to coat the back of the brakes with some kind of noise reduction adhesive. Now when I brake it feels like the car is skipping… Doesn’t feel so good.

    7)Front speakers- 23,000 miles there was an internal failure
  • My wife and I bought a used 2010 Equinox 40k on the odometer. The vehicle is pinging sometimes just at pulling away from say a stop sign. Dealer (who lost his Chevy franchise) said they all do it and according to him unless the CHECK ENGINE light comes on nothing can be adjusted or checked.
    Oil consumption seems ok so far. Time to check with the local independent garage. All of the posts on this whole subject are pretty scary.
    Is this the son of the QUAD 4?
  • Use 91 or 93 octane and the pinging should go away, as well as the fuel pump ticking (can notice at a stop light with radio off). I think there is a computer update you can get that will allow you to use 87 octane without the pinging, but you lose 1-2 mpg. They just have the timing on the spark wrong on many of the 2010s. The cost per mile is about the same with or without the new update, so I just use higher octane since it gives better performance.
  • Good morning erinmarie94523,

    We're very sorry to hear about the concerns you've encountered with your Equinox. I see that your current, unresolved concerns include the transmission, yes? If you would like for us to look into the situation further with you, please email the following information to us at your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Good morning jdfrmcrssprgs,

    We're sorry to hear that you're having this pinging concern with your Equinox. I see that wallyuwl made a suggestion about fuel - if you wanted more information on that check out 8-54 in your manual. Also, it looks as though the dealership you're working with is no longer a GM dealership, is this correct? Let us know if you need any assistance in locating one of our dealerships nearby or if we can look into anything for you! Our email is

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • GM replaced my engine @ 66K. My 2010 Nox also sounded like a diesel. Continue to check your oil. I had none on the dip stick after a 3 week oil change! Runs well now but I only get 26.5 mpg!I got 32 with the old engine. I haven't gone back to the dealer.....I will prob get rid of it soon!
  • Dealer continues to say diesel sound is normal.

    Completely forgot about the sagging headliner because of other major issues at hand. But yeah, they said that was normal as well.

    I have a feeling that if I was out of warranty none of these things would be "normal" and instead would be expensive costs absorbed by myself.
  • cbfcbf Posts: 1
    For roughly the first 60,000 miles, I didn't have any real problems with my 2010 Equinox - or so I thought. Friends had told me that my car sounded rough or was too loud, but when I asked the maintainers at the dealerships, I was told it was normal. At roughly 60,000 miles, I had a new fuel pump installed after my vehicle stalled at a stop light. For a little while it ran fine; however, it still sounded rough and I was still told it was normal. At about 74,000 miles my check engine light came on and within ten miles my vehicle lost engine power and turned off - while I was on the road driving. The dealership found that my vehicle was 4 quarts low on oil and replaced the fuel pump, timing chain, tensioners, etc. After all this work, the vehicle was quiet for a day or so, but then started the ticking sound - which it has done since the beginning. At 75,000 miles my ABS light and StabiTrack light came on, so I returned to the dealership. I'm awaiting an update on the current issues; however, I've had GM vehicles in the past and never had so many problems as I have with this one - and those vehicles had double the mileage! I'm not really a "car person" - although I'm getting a crash course now - any helpful hints/advice/suggestions on what I should ask the dealership?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    With that mileage, I would trade it in before something else goes wrong. After it's fixed, look for a more reliable vehicle. Good luck.
  • Good morning cbf,

    If you would like for us to check in on the progress at the dealership on the repairs to your Equinox, we'd be happy to get a Service Request set up to do so. Please email us the following information at your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • You could be writing my 2010 Equinox story. By 75,000 miles, I had all of the repairs you mentioned, new timing chain, tensioners and fuel pump. My oil pressure sensor also failed. I lost confidence in the vehicle and traded it two weeks ago at 82,000 miles!
    I am really disappointed with GM. Most people that I know are driving their cars well beyond 100,000 miles....most 150,000 miles or more with very few problems.
    The 2010 Equinox with 2.4 liter EcoTec engine was obviously not engineered properly, because too many people are have the same part failures by 75k miles.
    I considered trading for a Ford Excape, but I bought a new 2013 Equinox with the 2.4 EcoTec engine. I'm giving GM one more chance! I hope they have improved the engine in last three years!! If not, there will be Ford in my future!
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    The new Escape may not be a good choice because it recently has had several recalls. One incident, the Escape caught fire on a test drive because of a coolant leak. If you're looking at another Equinox, then it's probably worthwhile to wait for the new model with the 2.5 liter engine. Hopefully, some of the prior issues would have been corrected by then.
  • We're sorry to hear about the troubles you had with your 2010, rvm819. May you have many happy miles in your 2013 (Congratulations, by the way!)!

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
    Take this letter to your dealer. You have described what happened to our vehicle too. They were only going to change a few parts until I faxed them this letter. It is ridiculous that we had to search the Internet for a letter that the dealership should of already had. They should be checking every 2010 equinox that comes in with problems. They are replacing my engine, but I have no faith in Chevy service anymore. If I had left it up to them, I would be driving my kids around in a car that could stall out at any time. Chevy 2010 Equinox owners check your oil! Do not go by the oil life on the computer screen. I just hope the replaced engine works better. From what I am reading, I am not going to get good gas mileage anymore. That is why I bought the thing in the first place! :sick:
  • This is nice if I can ever get my dealer to admit that I am burning more than a quart every 2,000 miles. Apparently a dry bone dry dipstick means you only need to add a quart (at 3,700 miles). They won't do this test until they determine you are actually burning more than a quart every 2,000 miles.

    And GM Customer Service hasn't been too helpful because it's just ending up being my word against the dealerships word.

    Do they really think I want this aggravation in my life and to fight this battle? Let alone on a vehicle with 37,000 miles? I wish I didn't have to.
  • Thanks for the follow up Sarah, GM Customer Service!
    Indeed, I hope the issues with my 2010 2.4 EcoTec engine have been corrected on my new 2013 Equinox with the same engine. The 2013 engine is much quieter than the 2010, and I am hopeful this will be a good vehicle. I want GM to be successful as much as you do, but GM has to do better than the 2010 Equinox power train!
  • Okay, So I have a brand new engine and life was good. I did notice that at low speeds (neighborhood speed limit is 25) the car would jerk and jump, but wasn't overly concerned about it since I had spent so much time at the dealership. Well, today I was starting to accelerate and the dashboard lights up and I get a message that says that the engine has reduced power. I slowly got it up to speed and since I was only 4 or 5 miles from the house I tried to make it. I managed to get about 2 miles down the road and it died. I shut the car off and let it sit for a minute then tried to start it back up. It was if the starter stayed engaged so I immediately shut it back off and called the dealership who sent a tow truck to get the car.
  • We're sorry that the new engine in your Equinox has started to act up, foster904. Please keep us updated on your progress with your dealership, and if you want for us to check into anything further we can be contacted at

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • nox77nox77 Posts: 12
    Thanks for attaching that tech bulletin. It make so much sense--it describes what we are all experiencing! My dealer never gave me any problems (Hamilton Chevrolet, in Southeast Michigan), and my new engine was great for the first 10K. Now I am at 76,000 and it sounds as bad as the first engine. I love my Equinox, but we are looking at our options. A friend actually got a new Equinox--not just a new engine. She got the six, and has no problems!
  • Sarah, I have to give Nimnicht Chevrolet 10 stars for customer satisfaction. The issue was caused by the fuel pump giving out and they replaced it and had me back on the road by this afternoon. However, after all of the trouble that we have had with this car I have come to the conclusion that it is time to throw in the towel and get rid of it. We contacted Nimnicht this evening to see if we can work on a deal to get into a new Equinox, one that doesn't have all of these mechanical problems. Maybe GM could help out with that?
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