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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • Just started my new oil consumption test today. Feel encouraged, presently,....the dealer seems to really want to get this resolved and the GM rep said that she is going to follow-up weekly. I'm nervous, too, about a new engine, but, like you, don't want to pass along problems....unlike GM evidently ;). If anyone knows about a class-action suit, please keep us posted!
  • Mine was at the dealer for 17 days and went through 2 engines before I got it back. I'm 700 miles into the new engine and found that I got 21 mpg on the last tank. Definitely not happy about that! I was getting at least 26 or 27 before! Also, I notice that it always smells hot when I park it. Not sure what to think of that! I'm on board with a class action lawsuit if there is one! I have no faith in this car and I doubt the trade in value will be adequate since its clearly not reliable:-(
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Keep us updated on how everything runs once you get it back, thelma61. We're available to check into anything further for you as well - please feel free to contact us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership, as well as a recap of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • So I finally had to call the dealer on Monday the 19th and they told me they couldn't check with GM until the 26th because they were closed all week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Another weeks rental I have to pay for. They call me today and tell me that yes, the fuel pump failed again but it did not destroy the engine like they had previously thought. Just slipped the timing belt. Belt is stretched so will have to be replaced for $1500 out the door. They will cover the pump replacement. WHAT!!! After the mechanic telling me that even if the engine seemed ok, with the pump failure it would cause premature engine failure so would need to be replaced.
    Not sure what to believe anymore. All I know is that two pumps failed and dumped gas in the crankcase and that causes severe wear on the metal parts. So I have to put all that money into an engine that has been subjected to undue wear because of a faulty part from the factory. And the car isn't even paid for yet. Probably will not make it to payoff if that engine stays in there. Does $1500 sound unreasonable for a timing belt/chain replacement on this engine?
  • How many miles on this Nox; are you the original owner; is there recorded history for oil changes Etc. must be a reasonable reason for GM taking this warranty position. Really; GM was closed all week during Thanksgiving; this must be part of the Obama Motors bail out!!!!
  • It only has 109,000 on it. Shouldn't need a timing chain this early. Always had regular oil changes and maintenance too. Just a badly designed engine I think.
    They should stand behind their mistakes. I have to.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Need to find out what 2010 4cyl GM recomendation is for changing timing chain in the 4cyl NOX; should be listed in owners manual if replacment is recomended. If GM is not recomending this chain replacment they should do whats right and prorate the 100.000 engine warranty.
  • Just had an oil consumption test on my 2010 Equinox 4 cyl. I was told I need a new engine. Apparently there is an oil leak associated with the timing chain. I was also told this is a recurring problem. The service manager is also waiting on another engine for a similar Equinox.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Glad to hear that your dealership has been able to determine a plan of action for you, goinpostal2. Keep us updated on the progress of the replacement!

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Please, don't do what we did in purchasing a new 2010 chev equinox. We have replaced the motor, rebuilt the transmission, repaired driver seat twice, the list goes on.

    This is truly a lemon.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    I have not had any of the mentioned issues I read about on this forum.....I'm glad I have 100K warranty left on drive line; if I do have engine or transmission issues which are ussully the most serious and costly, I'm sure my dealer will stand behind me getting nessisary warranty work done. I have an occassional shifting issue; not very concerned about it. The engine is raspy and always was. However my NOX cruises great on road and my MPG averages 22 mpg running A/C and 24 MPG with AC Off. Road trips 28 MPG at 70 MPH running AC. I have never seen 30 MPG the way I drive. I do push this raspy 4cyl and it dose a fairly good job. I let GM dealer change oil / filter every 3500-4000 miles since Nox purchase in October 2009. Dealer changed Transmission fluid at 38000 miles. I feel confident that any GM dealer will stand behind my current 50000+ mile driveline with my service history documentation since purchase. Changing drive line fluid is very cheap insurance, to help hold GM dealers feet to fire in the event of a driveline issues prior to 100.000 miles.
  • I got my vehicle back last Thursday and everything seems OK and the new engine is definitely much quieter. Too soon to say on gas/oil consumption but I am very happy with my dealership - Barnes Wheaton in Surrey, BC - they bent over backwards to find the problem and treated me with the utmost respect throughout the whole painful process. Fingers crossed.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    This is great news, thelma61! Thank you for sharing and we're hopeful that everything's been resolved for you. Keep us updated, and have a great holiday season!

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I sent my info to the address you listed and haven't heard anything back.
    Dealer just called. Finished putting on 2nd new fuel pump and timing chain. Said compression check came out good. Test drive went good. $885 for timing chain replacement. Hope it lasts. Still think that the faulty High Pressure Fuel pumps caused all of these problems. Last GM I buy!!
  • jlg44jlg44 Posts: 12
    I just got back my 2010 with a new motor put in at 34m miles .Was using too much oil. The motor is quiter than before and hope it works out. Had zebra striped cylinders. As far as the sensors goes mine had the same problem but the had to drive it for 60 miles to correct and reset computor . Love the car because of its gas milage. I have been lucky to have a good dealer ship that cars about their customers.
  • My new 2010 engine replacement has 20k and I am getting 25mpg. The old engine was getting 31mpg highway. I drive 100 miles a day . I am very disappointed with the outcome. I have 81k now on my Nox. I am really thinking about trading it in before 100k. I don't think I would buy another Equinox!
  • I have 20K miles on new engine. Gas mileage is terrible. I got 31mpg on the old engine and I am getting 25mpg on the engine. What gives??
  • Traded in our 2010 Equinox for a 2013 CR-V EX-L today.

    I come from a long line of loyal Chevrolet/GM customers and have never owned anything myself that wasn't a Chevy, but the way this case was handled by the dealer and the GM Customer Service for the last 6 months was unacceptable.

    Like so many other have written all over the internet in regards to this issue, I was constantly treated like I was an idiot every time I tried to get the problem taken care of - especially by dealer. With so many other things going on in day-to-day life, I just could no longer be bothered to fight a pointless battle on a car that first started burning oil rapidly right after the 30,000 mile mark.

    The car was burning a quart of oil every 1,000 miles because I was constantly checking it and adding a quart, but the dealer just flat out lied to me and told me it wasn't. So to prove it to myself instead of believing maybe I was crazy, I finally stopped doing the consumption test and drove the car for exactly 5,000 miles without adding oil...sure enough the check engine comes on around 4,000 miles, we take it to a Mr. Good Lube that isn't going to lie to cover their asses, they drain the oil and their is less than a quart in the crankcase. So a car is just going to burn an entire load of oil over 5,000 and this is supposedly normal?

    The oil engine isn't the only problems I've had with this car either. The FM/Am radio reception was always terrible - which isn't the case with the new CR-V and the headliner was sagging about 2" minimum and of course, I was told that was normal too. I guess a poor product is just the new "normal" standard for GM.

    Just a F- for GM, Chevy and the way they treat their customers, new or loyal. They lost a customer for good. No more GM. EVER.

    I can't wait until I publish a negative review on regarding my dealer and their General Manager contacts me within 24 hours begging me to remove it. No thanks, I think its fair everyone knows how lousy this car is and how lousy the service was.

    Good riddance and thanks for nothing.
  • Like you, I have NEVER bought any non-GM cars ever since I bought my first used Buick Century in 1982. I also handle car purchasing for my wife and, naturally, she always drive a GM car (2009 Saturn VUE now). Although there were problems for most of the cars we bought, those were non-serous ones that were taken care of quickly and we have been, in general, happy with GM cars. The 2010 Equinox I bought completely changed that, I have numerous engine problems since the beginning, and GM simply don't want to admit and fix them properly. I have 67000 miles on the Nox now and if I can not get the oil consumption problem resolved soon, I will trade it in and say good-bye to GM for ever (that include my wife's car as well).
  • This is exactly the same boat we were in. I am just astounded that GM and the dealer treat their customers like their a bunch of idiots. Don't they understand that this day and age with the internet we are all aware of this problem and how it's being handled across the board?

    I don't have time to battle and mess around. They had 8 months to do something about it but apparently they were stalling hoping my warranty would expire first since the 5 year mark of the 5/100,000 warranty is less than 2 years away now.

    Give me a break. It's sickening that the government bails them out but they can't do anything to bail out their disgruntled customers driving around lemons.
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