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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    Please let me know if you get anywhere with the State Attorney General. I have had it.....
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    My problems are with the 4 cyl engine.....
    Glad you are not experiencing the same problems. It is a nightmare!
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    Please let me know if you have gotten anywhere - I have had it. THe equinox is a complete nightmare and GM should stand behind their product and make it right - not how they see fit but in a manner that will satisfy the consumer.
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    please place a complaint on - GM is not being responsive - maybe if we all complain they will have to do something! They need to recall these vehicles and make this situation right.
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    Looks like most with new engines are not getting much relief... I am getting a new engine as we speak however I will never put my kids in the truck again - it is nust not safe.
  • rski43rski43 Posts: 13
    Dumped my 2010 last May w/ 26,000mi on it, started the oil thing around 18,000 or so miles, I wasn't going to do the "dance" back & forth to the dealer ump-t-ump times. My time is too valuable. I wonder how the folks w/ new engine are faring & how 2013 4cyl models are doing?
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    I can let you know after I get it baack but really hope not to have to drive it - thinking I will park it until the end of my lease and get a new vehicle - clearly not at GM......
    This is such as shame that this is happening to so many people and they are not doing the right thing.
  • Thank you! I will. Also writing to NY State Attorney general...GM and the dealership. I do NOT feel safe in my car and I dont want it anymore either.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I believe GM is oing to replace the 2.4 liter Ecotec with a new 2.5 liter engine across all of its models. It has started with the new 2013 Malibu this year. I assume the Equinox will get the 2.5 liter engine next year.
  • I had a new engine at 92000 miles. I now have 97000 and so far so good. No oil use.. I have had a lot of other things go bad, fuel pump, exhaust manifold cracked, air canister large leak, ABS wheel sensor, Trunk switch, but GM covered most of them. I have had a real good experience with my dealership and GM has stepped to the plate every time. My warranty is about to expire so i am hoping for the best.
  • duetsuduetsu Posts: 36
    Ok - I had the last of the oil consumption tests done at the dealer yesterday, and no surprise, the tests confirm that yes, the engine is consuming an excessive amount of oil. The dealer is contacting GM Quality about this issue. I'm waiting to find out what GM tells them. Also, the oil pan has begun leaking on the floor. I took pictures to show the dealer and when they checked it, they told me that it needs to be replaced, but didn't schedule this to be done at present if the engine is going to be replaced (AS I WNAT IT TO BE). I certainly hope that GM stands behind the warranty. I'll keep the forum posted going forward. If they don't replace the engine, I want to be part of the class action suit.
  • smc8888smc8888 Posts: 25
    I will participate if a someone is serously filing a class-action suit against GM, please keep this group informed. Thanks
  • my 2010 nox has 14000 miles on it my dealer in glenview il has been very good at fixing my car, when i told them i was putting oil in it every month, i only drive about 500. miles a month, they took the car and gave me a rental on the spot. they said they have seen this problem b4 and 5 days later my nox was back with a new engine no problems me happy, i hope their r no more troubles with nox.
  • willing to get in on the spot. new engine at 14000. miles and new rack and pinion the 1st the yr.
  • lsb1955lsb1955 Posts: 17
    You should be thankful that you have a dealer that is willing to work with you. We purchased our Equinox in one town but decided to have it serviced in the town that I work. They were awful and so was the one that we purchased it from. We have finally found a good one that we will be doing business with from now on. I have a new engine, fuel pump, and fuel injectors. So far, so good.
  • duetsuduetsu Posts: 36
    Thanks ! I am very grateful that the dealer I have is so good to work with me. They are not the dealer that I purchased from either. That dealer had the WORST service dept and did not treat my concerns well. I hope that your car troubles are over
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    My husband and I are seriously researching the class action suit as even though I just got a new engine - this is not what I singed up for when I picked this vehicle. We both feel strongly that GM should either replace the vehicles or allow customers who are leasing to simply return them. I will keep you posted with the information regarding the class action. So far I know it will only take 3 of us - and we have more than that already.
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    Just picked up my truck with the new engine - I will keep you posted as to how it goes. So far this morning - the heat did not seem to work that great....At the least GM should compensate us as I have never gotten the advertised gas milage - how about you?
  • rski43rski43 Posts: 13
    I don't think its the 2.4 engine block & valve train so much, I had a 2.4 in my '07 HHR & it was flawless. It was not direct injection, it had regular throttle body/low compression engine (lower HP too). I believe it was the direct injection & higher compression ratio that was never thoroughly long term tested that's the culprit.
  • duetsuduetsu Posts: 36
    My gas mileage has the average of 28 MPG.... I don't think ANY car has the estimated MPG as advertised.
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