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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    I NEVER GOT OVER 18 mpg......
  • Please take my infiormation as I would like to be a part of this as well. Im not on these boards every day but on my personal email which I have no problem sharing. I too beleive I should be able to give my car back and get my deposit back that i saved up for over a year for! $5k. I want to be put back to the place i was before this ever happened. They have had my car in shop over 45 days and every day its a different problem. i have a new engine now (after a partial rebuild previously) but dont trust rest of car to function properly and even the little things keep going wrong...weird yellow spot on my radio panel...passenger door not functioning properly..airbag light goes off when no ones stripping fell off 3 bucked for a year violently...lumbar support heat makes a weird whistle noise when I put it air pressure reads read the wrong tires...temp guage stopped working for 3 days...should I go on??? Keep me posted and thanks!
  • Just wanted to provide an update after posting my initial frustration in October. Just had my engine replaced with a 2012 engine and received reimbursement for my $1200 repair bill. Both covered under my powertrain warranty. All of the cylinders were scarred on the original engine. Wanted to give kudos to Mick in the Service Dept. at Jack Giambalvo Buick/GM in York. Once he became involved, things really started to move! I was provided with a 2013 courtesy vehicle for a total of about 9 days while my car was being repaired. Right now, I'm again a satisfied customer. However, I've noticed some infrequent transmission problems....doesn't shift from the lower gears and an occasional millisecond "blink" of dash lights. Nothing to take it in for yet. Thanks again, Mick! :)
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    Glad to hear that it went so smoothly, archer42! Wishing you many more happy miles!
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    Glad to hear that new engine is working good. I hope to have the same feedback to share soon.....I too am very fortunate that Gearhart Chevy has been amazing to work with and very responsive. Never once did they give me the run around and attempt to hide the problems as it seems from this board many delears have done. GM is who I feel totally dropped the ball and could care less about their customers or brand reputation. I have lost confidence in the vehicle and whenever possible do not allow my children in the vehicle. I strongly believe they will not address this problem correctly until someone gets killed or seriously injured which will be a tradegy.
  • Please keep me informed also. I am due the engine replacement, the engine is on order. I mostly have had the oil consumption problem. I also average 21 - 22 mile per gallon, local driving or long distance. Makes not difference. I have been complaining about the MPG since I got the car. Its like talking to the wall. Get the B/S story. Will post when the new engine is in and see what happens.
  • Sarah,
    I have been trying to call you for the last 3 -4 days about my car. The dealership FINALLY got the part in. But, when I went to ask about the incentive that you spoke with me about receiving to help out with the cost, They stated that it looks like they was able to knock off about $50, REALLY! I haven't had my car almost a month and you telling me that I CANT' GET A BETTER DEAL THEN THAT! On top of a car pay I have to pay over $700 in repairs. I just CAN NOT Believe this. Plus know no one is returning my calls when asking on what else can be done to help me out with this problem.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    Always great to see posts like this, gjdewey! Take care, and wishing you many more happy miles.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I would love to be involved in a class action lawsuit. My engine was replaced 3500 miles ago. I still don't think it runs right. Seems to hesitate sometimes when shifting gears. Also the heat only blows hot/ warm air when I have my foot pressed down on the accelerator. If I sit at a stop light, only cool air blows out. I don't want this car anymore but still owe a substantial amount. I'm sure it won't be worth anything to trade based on the history. Please keep me posted if someone proceeds with this!
  • lsb1955lsb1955 Posts: 17
    WOW. I got a new 2011 replacement engine, new fuel pump and fuel injectors. I had to borrow my Dad's car because the dealer said they couldn't provide me with anything to drive. They had my Equinox for almost 3 weeks. I still don't trust it. We'll see.
  • lsb1955lsb1955 Posts: 17
    Keep me posted on this too. I just got a new 2011 engine for my Equinox plus fuel pump and fuel injectors. I still don't trust it. We'll see.
  • lsb1955lsb1955 Posts: 17
    Mine averages 28 mpg combined.
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    I cannot believe they did not give you a loaner!! That is insane......
  • ajmcajmc Posts: 3
    Having issues with heater on 2010 re programmed but still not correct problem ..sometimes have to keep turning the temperature control knob back and forth to get heat...then a rattling noise as shutters open and close.. dealer says not sure how to repair ???? anyone else out there with this issue..Thanks
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    I have had similar positive experience with some warranty issues taken care of at my GM Dealer. I had some minor engine work done under warranty, re-programing for transmission shifting issues, heater / defroster control panel replaced Etc. Always offered a loaned at GM Dealer and treated very well. Repairs made never cost me any $$$ or stress. I currently have over 50K on my 2010 4cyl Nox, get 23-26 average MPG and change oil at dealer every 3500-4000 mile. I really enjoy this Nox and glad I have a 100k driveline waranty that has worked so far and saved me money! I will probably trade for a 2014 Nox later this year after 4 years riding this 2010 Nox!
  • duetsuduetsu Posts: 36
    Have your dealer check for a warranty recall on this. shortly after I bought my 2010 Nox GM had a factory recall to replace the computer module on the heater/defrost.
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    Glad to see not everyone is suffering :)
    How long before GM Sarah responds thanking you for your post!
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    Make sure you check your oil - you could have one of the trucks that has horrific oil consumption problems and needs a new engine. My truck never rode right. I just picked it up yesterday with a new engine. Will let you kow if that has solve the problems you mention in your post.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,346
    edited January 2013
    So true...I was thinking exactly the same thing!! Or one of the other GM paid pacifiers..

    In fact, the fakeness of the political corporate concern just makes it worse for those who are at their wits end with this car. It is an insult to their intelligence and I just don't understand why it is allowed on the forum. Ads maybe?
  • suevensueven Posts: 79
    What is worse is the response you get when you call GM.. I have ben forbidden to speak with a district manager. I have placed another call but am not holding my breath that someone will call me.
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