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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • duetsuduetsu Posts: 36
    Sueven - I just got the same letter on Friday, March 8th... and ironically it was dated Feb 1, 2013 and the offer to reprogram the ECU was only good until Feb 28, 2013. Thankfully my awesome dealer did the work when they put the new engine in.... Too bad the letter didn't give a return address as I would have sent the joker who signed the letter a response about the issues with this car....
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    smc8888, You are talking about two completely different things. The reprogram has to due with oil change frequencies suggested by the oil life monitor and has nothing to do with and is not intended to address the oil consumption problem some owners are experiencing.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    This recall is good through February 2015 depending on month you purchased your 2010 Nox. The intent ios to get owners to change oil on a regular schedule or appropriate time; the worn broken down oil will cause internal excessive unnessisary engine wear. being said; the idiot gauge that monitores engine oil life is not a smart way to gauge oil changes in this 4 cyl. or any other engine. Oil changes are cheap and good insurance for your warranty protection.
  • esperinosesperinos Posts: 18
    I believe the letter said Feb 28, 2015. By which time, I will ditch my wife's Nox. I have told her to listen for any abnormal sounds.
  • traciftracif Posts: 4
    I was never sent ANYTHING from Chevy. Nada. They have blacklisted my truck for now. I cant even get Chevy to change the oil. The dealer who was working with me for so long has just been advised by the local GM Rep that there is NOTHING WRONG with my truck and is no longer authorized to work on it. I had to take it to STS for my oil change. ;)

    Cant wait to know the outcome from ALL OF MY PUBLIC OUTBURST!! There is NOTHING I wont do to keep my daughter safe. Nothing. :lemon:
  • wirks4mewirks4me Posts: 7
    edited March 2013
    Hi Folks,

    I have not posted anything here since I traded my 2010 Equinox for a Ford, but I do follow the updates everyday.

    I have been getting emails from GM about my satisfaction with my Equinox...they don't even know, that I don't own it any more!

    Just got my letter today from the "customer satisfaction program" sad that GM is covering up their engine problems with more frequent oil changes, what a joke.

    My question is: Has anyone contacted their US Senators or Congressman concerning this cover-up by GM? Maybe if all of us sent them emails, they would look into this...

    What do you think?
  • reena02reena02 Posts: 3
    i have been reading everyone's posts and i feel sick to my stomach that i made the same mistake! i wish i read this before buying this car but i was really excited that i felt like i got a great deal...a 2010 with only 46,000 miles on it. unfortunately the day we went to pick the car up we been having issues and that was a month ago. first the engine light was on and we brought it to sales person's attention but he said its not a big deal it just got detailed so that could have triggered it and for us to take it for the weekend and if it doesn't go away to bring it back. so as we were driving out my boyfriend told me to park it so he can drive to keep in eye on how the car was when i parked the car started vibrating really bad so we went in to get the sales person and asked if they can at least put it on the machine and tell us what the problem is...the mechanic was there for a good couple of minutes before my boyfriend told them he wants to look at what it says before he erases it and right when we went over to the car the mechanic said that right when he hooked it up it turned off...which we both know that he just erased it! so from day one of purchasing the car i've been feeling horrible about my decision!
    we took the car home and the next day the engine light was on again so we decided to got to advanced (sunday)and have them check it that way we would have known what the issue was before we brought it to the dealer in case they tell us it just turned off again...but for some reason advance's machine didn't go up to 2010 models they still plugged it in...i swear i had planned to take the car in on monday (we bought it fri) and it was on all weekend until monday it turned off so i decided not to take it but the vibrating was sill there. i noticed that it would vibrate/shake more when it was on eco mode so i turned it off but it was still there. so i did my own research on here and on youtube. on youtube it had a thing about the fuel leaking into the oil in the 2010 equinox that it was a defective fuel pump. so i printed that and some of the msgs on here to show them that there is something def something wrong. it was last week that i took the car in and they call me telling me that the fuel pump is defective and that the part will come in tomorrow so i asked for a rental since i had to work the next day they agreed. so before i went to get the car they called me that they got my car fixed and i can pick my car up instead. so when i picked the car up the vibrating is still there i called them the next morning and they said they couldn't look at it to the following week. so the car was back at the dealer this past wednesday and they are telling me nothing is wrong with the car whatever little vibrating its doing is normal...? i told them that i want them to send the car to a chevy dealer so that they can look at it which was sent today and they just called me today saying thats it normal that they drove their other cars with the same engine or whatever and its the is this normal? or should i take it to another chevy dealer plus i have a 3 month warranty through the dealer i bought it from so i dont know if there will be any issues if i had someone else look at it. :confuse:
  • ambs1ambs1 Posts: 1
    The 2010 Equinox was the first car I bought without my parents help. My father wasnt happy about it but still helped me with the paperwork. I've owned it for a little less then a year and now realize PARENTS KNOW BEST! I have had nothing but problems with it. I was sitting at a red light and it just died on me. I took it in to have it looked at and the dealer said they couldnt do anything because the check engine light wasnt on. So I continue to drive it and it continues to die on me. I'm now over 50,000 miles and I'm sure the check engine light will come on now that its out of warranty. I also called GM and they acted like this was the first complaint they ever had reguarding 2010 Equinox. Glad Im not alone! Terrible car!! Wish I listened to my father!!
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Number # 1 I would suggest letting GM Dealer handle all warrenty work.

    Number # 2 Change engine oil every 4-5K do not go by idiot gauge.

    Number # 3 Add fuel conditioner to fuel every oil change "all engines"

    Number #4 Do not let all the hype on line freak you out "let GM Freak out" and do the warrenty work while in the 100K window for the drive line.

    I have over 50k on my Nox and have experience some of the warrenty related issues with my 2010 4cyl. to date. The "truck" runs fine, gets a respectable 22-28mpg the way i drive and has never broke down or caused me to question its safety.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    The percentage of disgruntaled owners; leased or owned vehicals is no doubt so low you will never cause any great concern with vehical stalling occasionally, making raspy engine noise or consuming oil is not a national safety concern, that will cause a huge recall...These are warranty matters / issues...Fact is, this newer Equinox "SUV" is one of "Consumer Reports" top rated SUVS for reliability and cost since 2010. This is probably where the dis-satisfied customers should be going to voice their consumer oppinion. Being said, I still own my 2010 Truck and have not experiened any problems getting reasonable repairs made since purchased in October 2010; dealer has always taken care of me and the truck runs fine; raspy but runing fine...Glad I change oil every 3500-4500 miles and have the 100K warranty!
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    I think you should enjoy your new ford ride and contact washington with any further spare time you may have! I going to start surfing the Ford Forums in my spare time and dig up some old ford skeletons! Gotta love this nox reality forum!!
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    edited March 2013
    nox123 - I can't figure out if you are a troll, or need to get your head out of the sand. There are major issues with this engine. I got rid of my 2010 Nox due to unreliability and engine issues. My father's 2011 is starting to rattle and show engine trouble. And STALLING while in traffic IS a safety issue!

    This is not a small sampling of cars. I'm part of another online theta platform forum, and over there both the NOX and the Terrain are being reported as having the same issues discussed here.

    Your Nox is running fine, but don't dismiss those who are having touble.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76 ones dismissing any GM issues...I'm simply giving my own opinon having pretty good mechanical sense for my own 2010 Nox...I still own my 2010 Nox and have had some of the same issues ie; engine, Trans Etc that have all been resolved by GM dealer for FREE incuding loaner car.

    I appoligize for not caring to join your rally against one of the largest Auto Builder in the World....Being a business owner I choose to lead not follow; I will let GM Fix or Repair my car till I trade for a new nox this fall or 100K gm plan expires! I get some good information and feed back from this Edmonds forum. However I dismiss the garbage and non-sense that is nothing more than a forum realty show!

    Hey, I have had a pretty good luck with my suv/truck, my business asscociate had good experience to date and a some owners I meet on road have had no safety or scary issues...GM just came out with a new policy for changing motor oil last week; makes me wonder how many with engine issues were related to owners not changing oil & filters as recomended or not even at all?

    I personly know men and women that think nothing of not changing oil or maintaining their vehicals; my wife happens to be one of them!
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    Being a Canadian, and living a short distance from the plant where they build the Nox, I'm very loyal and partial to GM. Every car I've owned, or my parent have owned has been GM.

    This is not a rally against GM, but legitimate issues with an engine that is not functioning correctly. My old 2010, my parents 2011, and now my new 2012 all are showing the same issues. This is not some over reaction, but a legitimate problem. I'm careful about my cars, as well as my parents. Every 5000km my cars get an oil change, some times sooner. This is not a case of neglect.

    So..enjoy your Nox, and I am glad that you are not having issues, and having it stall in the middle of traffic. However, instead of making cynical, snide, and arrogant remarks, just stay quiet if you don't have any solutions or positive things to say. Those of us with bad engines are upset, and making ill-received comments are not helping matters.

    (And yes...GM has fixed my old 2010 for free. But I've also missed a bunch of time at work, and stress about getting my car in to be fixed while trying to look after my family. I'm sure those of us with engine issues have all had to deal with juggling our schedules to deal with this.)
  • reena02reena02 Posts: 3
    nox123, does yours vibrate when you're stopped at red light or at a stop sign or even just parked and go to reverse? the vibrating comes and goes.... they say that it's normal...
  • I have 2006 Equinox also and have had numerous problems over the last three years. If your are still sharing info, (I realize this post is two years old), I would be very interested in receiving it from you. Thanks.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Occasionally it will run little rough at an idle; i do not use ECO and vehical seens to run better; I also do not sit long in traffic with truck in drive; I idle in newtral when hanging in traffic for more that a few minites.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Interesting information: Wards Auto Magazine dated December 2009.

    Oil spray reduces friction and noise in newer 4cyl Nox engines. Changing oil on regular schedule / mfg. recommendations would be imperitive to avoid friction and noise per this Wards Magazine artical 12/2009. Low oil level would shut down engine per other gm information; this is most likly caused from older broken down oil; which causes excessive friction / wear in 4cyl engine.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    We would be happy to check into this situation with your Equinox further. Please contact us via email at with more information ( including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    I see that you have connected with us by phone - did you have a Service Request (71-**********) for you when you called?
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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