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GMC Acadia Water Leaks



  • I really wish I had seen this forum before buying my 2007 Acadia. It has been leaking since we bought it. The first time it happened we took it in to be fixed and it was still under warranty and the dealer didn't charge us. Then it kept leaking but we couldn't take the time out to go get it fixed until recently. The dealer wanted to charge us $250, but luckily we talked him out of it.

    Now, we are having electrical issues. If I could afford to get rid of this car I would.
  • Hi frzdawn,

    I had the same problem about a year ago. I believe there is a recall that adds some splash covers in the wheel well area that block water from coming up onto the serpentine belt.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns and frustrations. Have you spoke with GM Customer Assistance? Can you please email me directly with your VIN, current mileage, and dealer of choice? Please include your complete contact information. I would like to look into this further for you. I look forward to hearing from you.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns. Have you had the opportunity to get the vehicle checked out by a GM dealer? Please keep me posted on your concerns. Feel free to email me directly. If you do please include your VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, and complete contact information, with a reference to your post or concerns. I look forward to hearing further from you.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
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    We're sorry to see that you've had so many difficulties with your vehicle. If you would like us to look into this further, please don't hesitate to email us at (include your name, contact information, and last 8 of your VIN).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • If you haven't done so already and would like for us to look into this further with you, please send an email our way at with the following: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, the name of your dealer, and information about your most recent visit there (date, cost, etc).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • ahuff03ahuff03 Posts: 11
    Thank you for responding. I just picked my Acadia up from the service dept. again today after having the rear sunroof seal replaced. The tech seemed satisfied that the issue is now resolved so I am hoping for the best and that I can begin enjoying my car again :)
  • Ok, I have to say...I loved my Acadia...up until about a month ago. In the past month it has been in the shop over 15 days! Got up one morning & it was dead...took forever to get jumped then service engine light came on. It would run after taking key out of ignition then chug till it would die & then not start again. So, I took it into the dealer. They had it for 4 days...after doing parasitic draw test & no findings I got car back at a total of about $300. That was new GM battery & test & labor to install battery. Why in the world is the battery located in floorboard of back passenger seat?! Anyway, got the car back & 2 days later my power steering fluid kept leaking out. I could fill it to max & within an hour or so it was empty! So back in the shop it went that took another 3 days & about $350. Got the car back & a week later the sunroof started leaking. Well, needless to say, a few days later the car would not start again and when we finally got it jumped I took it back to dealer. After 1 week of them having the car (they did give me a free loaner after day 2) they figured out the leak had gotten water all in my fuse block. a cost of $2800.00 I can get my car repaired. That would fix the fuse block, repair leak & replace mildew carpet...After all the money I spent 3 weeks ago on the car I do not have money to get car fixed now. I have a car payment coming due and honestly don't know what to do. I just bought this car May 2011 and it was a GM certified car! Of course the warranty ran out just before all the issues...The manager there said he'd work with me on trading it in , but the customer service there is lacking, since I got the call on July 30th telling me the total repair cost for the car and today is Aug 2 and I still have no response on manager about the van I'm interested in trading this in on. I honestly believe he realized he does not want to trade in my car as then he'd be stuck with the lemon. I spent from 11am July 30 to 6:30pm July 30 in dealership working up trade in deal & like I said today is Aug 2 and he has still not returned my calls with answer if he can d deal or not. I am even willing to pay asking price for van I want to buy...I just want out of this Acadia!!! I tried to call GM cust serv # but got nowhere with them either. They said it is not a recall so basically I am out of luck
  • Glad to hear it! Keep us in mind if anything should come up. Many safe, happy, DRY miles ahead!
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • We're sorry that your second Acadia is also experiencing a leak. If you would like for us to look into this further please send the following information to your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • ahuff03ahuff03 Posts: 11
    Unfortunately the happiness was short lived. I picked my Acadia up from the dealership Thursday and today, Monday, it rained. I was out running errands so as soon as the water started running in I drove straight to the service dept. so they could witness the leak first hand. They seemed perplexed but have asked me to bring it in to drop it off in the morning again. I am very dissapointed that it seems I have paid $300 for a repair that did not fix the problem and apparently I did not need. My husband is currently deployed and we are hundreds of miles away from any family that can help me get to and from the service department every week (3 weeks in a row now) and I can't afford to rent a car every week. The people at the service dept. have been very nice but I don't think they have a clue where the leak really is and I do not have the money for their trial and error approach to fixing it. I am emailing you at the address provided and am desperate for anything you may be able to help with.
  • I'm truly sorry that the fix didn't end up working, ahuff03. With your husband away I'm sure that this is a very stressful time for you. My coworker Christina, who answers inbound emails, will be responding soon if she hasn't already and will help you get a case set up in our department.

    Best -
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I did. I just got off the phone with the case manager of GMC Customer Service. He told me that I need to park my car in a garage at all times and that there is nothing wrong with the manufacturing of this car.


    I asked for his boss and he told me there was none. Now, you're telling me that within one week of parking outside that is enough for the car to malfunction and continue to leak?

    Unacceptable. I would love to join a class action lawsuit. This car is a lemon.
  • I'm sorry this is happening to you too, but I emailed customer service AND called customer service and they were both unable to help me. I've also taken my car in multiple times and it continues to leak. I had two leaks within a week and the customer service people at GM tell me it is because I park my car outside and debris is getting in some pipe somewhere. I can't afford a new car and I can't afford to keep calling out of work to get this fixed and I certainly can't afford to keep paying the dealer to pretend to fix it.
    I've run out of ideas and I'm terrified of driving my car. Why won't anyone help?
  • ahuff03ahuff03 Posts: 11
    I just got my car back from the dealership for the 5th time in 3 weeks. It hasnt rained again yet so I don't know if the newest fix has worked. If it does i'll be sure to let you know. I read an earlier post where someone said they now call everyone they see driving an acadia a Now that is what I think everytime I see one too. So far they have cleaned the sunroof drain tubes, replaced the rear moon roof seal, adjusted the moonroof and seal twice, and now they performed a service bulletin about 4 screw holes in the moon roof assembly that required them the fill the holes with urethane sealant. I have also found another TSB about an unsealed seam in the front passenger side area near the floor that allows water to flow back into the car from the drain hose but that one hasnt been done yet. I am praying that this last one fixed it. The water has already fried my fuse block and that was replaced at the last visit but I know it will only happen again as long as there is a leak and I'm afraid that the next time it won't just be flickering lights and I may be dealing with a more serious electrical issue. GM customer service has stayed in contact with me just to see the progress on my car since I never seem to have it anymore. I do have to say the dealership has been taking care of me and they are as frustrated about not being able to find the leak as I am. I have only had my car for 10 months and love it other than the leak, I hate to think about getting rid of it but I am starting to weigh my options. Good luck to you Jennifer! Let me know if you get anything figured out and I will do the same :)
  • ahuff03ahuff03 Posts: 11
    Ok, so it rained all day today. The kids and I were inside of petsmart when it started so when it was time to leave we were a little worried. I got into the car and there was no water running under the dash like there usually is. So reluctantly I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot (usually this is when the water comes rushing out of somewhere in the headliner onto someone's head) no drips or leaks! we made it home dry and after about 2 more hours of raining I went out to check on the car. There was still no water on the floor like usual or dripping from unknown crevaces on the roof, although there was about a half dollar sized wet spot on the headliner right at the top of the "A" pillar above the driver seat. I started the car, backed up, braked, pulled forward and braked again to see if it would run out of somewhere, I could hear some water rolling around but that one wet spot is all I have found so far. I will be calling the dealership again in the morning to get my car back to them, hopefully it is just something small and easily fixed. The TSB# of the last repair they did is 07-08-57-002E they filled 4 holes in the fixed moonroof with urethane. If you take that number to your service department they should be able to look it up and know what to do. I am still a little skeptical that it is actually fixed since I have been dealing with it for so long but I am also hopeful! Now to get this last leak figured out. My next chore will be to figure out how to properly clean or replace the carpets and such since I know they are probably full of mildew/mold :(
  • Good luck! Thanks for the reference number. I will be taking that to my dealer for sure!
  • dm4721dm4721 Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    My purchase history has been gm's for the last 20 years. I have loved every GM product I have owned until now. That is until I had a baby and turned in my convertible for a 2007 GMC Acadia SLT2. Dont get me wrong I LOVE my truck IF it would stay out of the shop. Within the last 3 months I have had my truck for a total of 15 days. Everytime I bring it in they fix something and when i come home there is a new problem with it. my most recent was it rained and when i came to a stop a big puddle of water fell on my left foot out of the dashboard and noticed that the drivers floor under the matt was soaking wet... Which may explain all my other problems too, becuase i noticed the bolt next to the foot rest is coroated and the tracks under my drivers seat are rusted so maybe this is the first time i have noticed the leak, my truck does have a wet sock smell to it.
    I have had the rear heating/ac system replaced. I have had the front a/c replaced 2x's. I have had to have the storage box replaced in my front dash, my radio/nav/dvd replaced, my amplifier replaced, my steering hub replaced, buttons under the radio for changing modes replaced, my rear driver side tailite replaced as well as the computer board for it and more I just cant remember right now. I have had all the work done at my gmc dealer, who has damaged car and am waiting for the body shop to repair (scratched off the paint in my doorwell, ripped my weatherstripping, dented my leather seat, left impressionsand scratches on my leather steering wheel, broke the plastic [piece that covers the seatbelt at the base of the side of the seat and had total disregard for my personal belongings by throwing my prescription glasses and ralph lauren sunglasses on the back seat left underneath my car matt that they never put back in place and not to mention the grease left on my windshield and dashboard.)
    All I know is if this is the NEW GM then you can count me out, which really stinks because now there is NO good american product left, I have never purchased a foreign car in my life... NOW What. And I hate how GMC is not doing something about what they obviously know about, seeing all these posts turn my stomach, I have spent way to much money on a vehicle that is a CERTIFIED PREOWNED, yeah guess that means nothing too.
    PLEASE TELL ME GMC is doing something about this!!!????
  • dm4721dm4721 Posts: 3
    im game for this lawsuit
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