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GMC Acadia Water Leaks



  • philly_fire_ltphilly_fire_lt Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    I had the same issue with the Acadia running and several electronic issues. I also got a "engine hot a/c off" message. Also a severe battery drain. Have your dealer check the Fuse Block. Mine was corroded and needed to be replaced (I had a leaking sun roof). Call GM and complain. Get an incident #. Make some noise. You might be able to get all your money back. I got all but $180 back.
  • ahuff03ahuff03 Posts: 11
    I had the same issues with the leaks, it took the dealer 6 visits to finally throw in the towel and send it to a water specialist. I am now a couple of months out from getting it back from the specialist and am still leak free as far as I know. They re-routed the drain hoses and had to seal both sunroofs in different places. They did not give me a detailed description of the work since it was paid for by the dealer but the service tech told me as much as he knew. I am thankful that I had such a great dealership to work with and after the 2nd visit was not charged more and was even provided with a rental on a few of the occasions. If you are not happy with the service you are getting I would recommend finding a new dealership to work with or going straight to someone who specializes in water damage and sunroof leaks since that is who they ultimately sent me to anyway. I wrote all of my updates on here in a post titled "so dissapointed" and it goes through my whole process with the leaks, I was hoping that it could help others out eventually as to what helped and didn't. I know how frustrated you are and hope they are able to resolve your leaks sooner rather than later. I had to have my BCM and Fuse Block replaced in the process and I can tell you that it is not an inexpensive repair. There are lots of TSB#'s online for the Acadia that relate to different leak issues as well. Oh, and that smell never goes away, even now, there are no leaks (that I see) anytime it is rainy or even humid my car smells like a wet dog wearing stinky running shoes. I would imagine the entire carpeting and interiors that have gotten wet will need to be replaced eventually to get the smell out.
  • Floor was wet again today when I dropped it off at the dealer this morning. Here's to hoping they find the leak this time. I e-mail Sara/GMC customer service a week ago and never heard back anything from them. I am sure they could give a Rats [non-permissible content removed] about me as I am not the original owner.....ughhh
  • snorander,
    We're sorry that it's taken a bit to get back with you! Our main email responder has been out sick and we're working to get caught up. If you haven't heard back by 4:30pm EST this afternoon, please try resending the email and we apologize again for the delay!

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I resent an e-mail this morning

  • It's really frustrating, as I love the Acadia, but I can't afford to be throwing $100 a week to the dealer to try and find the leak. I have owned 3 GMC s-15 Jimmy's & and a GMC s-15 pickup before this and never had any problems with them. I have loved all my GMC's, but that being said, if I can't get this resolved soon I will be looking to get rid of it and move onto another brand :(
  • Well they dropped the headliner and found the leak. the rear sunroof is leaking. $500 to repair...yay me...not! :banghead:
  • snorandersnorander Posts: 12
    edited October 2012
    Well don't know what I was expecting, but GM called this morning and offered me a $100 voucher towards any future work. Can't do anything for me as it is out of warranty & not a Certified used GM. Not happy at all, not that I was expecting much any anyways, but a little help with the bill would have been nice, since I already paid it they said there was nothing they could do. So I am out $590 and my truck smells like a cross between garbage & a wet sock. Thanks for nothing GM. :lemon:
  • We bought our 2008 Acadia at the end of Feb 2012. I live near Seattle, WA.... SO you all know where this is headed.

    Within 4 months of having the car we had water pouring into the passenger side front headliner area AND in the back near the rear seats. We found this just a day or so after it started having problems turning off. So I documented it with a video. We could take the key out of the ignition and the car wouldstay running for a couple minutes until finally dying. We took it to the dealer and they said that they fixed the water leak as it was a faulty door seal. THat was what cause the electronics to go haywire. Thankfully we bought it Certified Pre Owned so we have a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Summer came and gone being one of the dryest ever.

    Now this week it started pouring!!! Yesterday I got in the car and there was about an inch of water on the driver side floor. Couldnt believe it. Checked the passenger side and it was not as bad but still very wet and water was coming down the same exact place near the above handle of the passenger side door. So we called the dealership again and set up an appointment for today. Well the wife had to get cookies to the school yesterday so she jumped in the car since I was at work and when she got there the car never started again. Last night we had to have it towed to the nearest dealership. (same one as before) and they were hesitant on even giving us a rental car. I was persistent as we have 4 kids and I am at work most of the day so the wife needs a vehicle, and NO our Mini Cooper won't cut it.

    So as of today we have 2,000 miles left until our warranty expires or about 4 months. I am already looking at trading it in but dont know what to do. It totally sucks that we will have basically wasted $8,000 to use this car for 8 months if we get rid of it because I doubt we will get more than what we owe on it currently.

    I will be reading every single post on this and sending it to our dealership for them to read. Yeah like they will. Hope you all get your issues fixed. Wish i would have read all this BEFORE we bought our :lemon:
  • This sounds like our old Acadia. We had the EXACT same issues with our 2008 that we had purchased back in the summer of 2011. We are from Portland area...I sure hope you weren't sold our old one. =( By our third time taking our car in we had had ENOUGH! I was headed to our local news station to have a consumer report story done. Finally, the dealership took the car back and we swapped it for a 2009 Chevy Tahoe. Best decision we've ever made. I have stayed on this forum since and read complaints almost weekly of other victims of GMC Acadia's. I hope your dealership will make it right with you as our dealership made it right with us. Good luck!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Good morning sharkreef,

    We're sorry that you're still having this leaking concern on your Acadia. If you haven't started a Service Request with Customer Assistance already on the phone and would like for us to check into this situation further, please email us at with more information (include your name and contact information, a summary of the situation, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Good morning momof3boys28,

    We're sorry that your experience with the Acadia wasn't satisfactory, but from the sounds of your post your Tahoe is doing its job well! If we can ever look into anything for you, please don't hesitate to contact us at (include your name, contact information, and the last 8 digits of your VIN with your inquiry).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I have a line of posts on here titled So dissapointed, they start a couple of pages back in about July of 2012. It took me 6 visits to the dealer before they gave up and sent my Acadia to their water specialst over an hour away. So far I have not seen anymore leaks, they ended up re-routing all of the drainage tubes from the sunroofs to angle them correctly for draining and they also had to reseal parts on each sunroof. The weekend after this repair my area had 8+ inches of rain in about 24 hrs and this past weekend we were hit with over 7 inches of rain from Hurricane Sandy and so far so good. The posts tell different things the dealer tried that did not work however I do think the some of the repairs they did make in combination with the re-routing of the drainage tubes helped. I did find a new small leak a couple of days ago with water coming in through the seal of my drivers side door so I will be returning to get that fixed soon before it ends up being a big leak. I hope you are able to get your leaks taken care of ASAP!
  • So I want to give an update on my car issue. First off I did contact GMC as I was asked to in the forum. They were in contact with me through email and I don't know if they did anything on there end but as it was being fixed I received an email that said... "You still have the remainder of your warranty left. After this repair, if you are still experiencing the issues with your vehicle, pelase contact us back. All of your issues thus far have been documented."

    The repair took about 2 weeks. They did give me a rental after some feeling that they did not want to. We asked them to do the oil change and check our rear window that would not close from the drivers controls at the same time. We got our car back and they did a good job drying it out, however no oil change was done nor did they check the window issue. So we had to go back for that...which became an entirely different issue of them saying the window may not be covered under warranty and we needed to pay $104 to even dianose the problem. REALLY! I was on the phone with GM customer service so fast and they let them know otherwise. Very grateful for the Customer Service Number and them taking care of us as we feel pushed around at our local service center.

    Anyway...back to the leaks...once they finished my wife picked up the car, NEVER recieved any details about the work. She signed somehting to pick it up and I wasnt there. SO who knows. I still need to go back and ask them for a detailed report of what they did to fix it. THE GOOD NEWS so far is that we have had some major rain here in Washington over the past month of having it back and we have found no drips or leaks so far. I pray that it stays this way and that Customer Service will indeed take care of the problem if it happens again after our warranty is expired here in the next month or so.
  • I just purchased a new 2012 GMC Adacia Denali a few weeks ago. There was a hard rain this weekend and the interior was soaked in the rear area due to leak(s). The interior lights were full of water and 3 of the 4 rear seatbelts were soaked - not to mention the seats, headliner and carpet. So I can empathize with mgermaine. Now I get to see how GMC and the local dealer handle this.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    We're so sorry to hear about this leak in your new Acadia! Are you already working with your dealership on this? Please let us know if there is anything we can look into for you - we can be reached at (include your name, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a summary of the situation with your inquiry). Otherwise, we look forward to any updates.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Just go read post #140 in its entirety. It explains the issue with probably 90% of all the 2008 Acadia roof leaks. Basically, 1) clogged drain tubes on the front sun roof and 2) extra holes in the roof design on the back "moon roof". This was at least the precise issues with our 2008 and many others I verified with the GMC Dealer I dealt with. By the way, there are very good GMC dealers and some very bad GMC dealers out there. You just have to spend time to find the good ones.
  • Thanks to everyone for this forum. We had a leak in our 2007 Acadia back in 2010 in Virginia. We thought it was something to do with the noreaster that came through (our floor boards in the front were soaked, then we started getting water in our interior lights) and we filed a claim with our insurance. We appear to have continued to have problems after a GM dealer there said they fixed the sunroof tubes and sealed screws in the roof rack. We never see water but when the truck sits in the sun we get moisture in the interior windows following rain. We were just getting ready to take it to a dealer to determine if it was from the work done on the insurance claim or something new. I was suggested to search if others had a similar problem and found this. So going to bring it up to the dealer and will likely bring this up to our insurance company if it does appear to be like these issues.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057

    Keep us posted on what you hear from the dealership! If there is anything you would like for us to look into for you, we can be reached at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a summary of the situation so far with your inquiry).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • jreneajrenea Posts: 1
    We had a water leak in April 2012 in our 2008 Acadia which we bought used in July 2011. Dealership fixed for free by removing trash and doing something w/ the drainage tubes. Now it is happening again but much worse. Yesterday, water was coming in from multiple locations...Third row seat belts, backup sensor, third row lights, dvd player....It's like it was raining in my car. I'm just letting the car dry out today. I don't know if anything is working or not. I spoke w/ Ashley at GM customer service. She called the dealership for me and they called me to set up a time for the water leak people to look at it again. Thankfully, they warranty their work so this won't cost me anything. Ashley is also setting us up for cost assistance in the event that this does cost us some money to get fixed. I am very upset that we were sold a car w/ known issues and it was never mentioned!!!! I don't want this car any more. I love the Acadia. I want another one without a sunroof or moonroof. The fact that GM hasn't issued a recall for this is absolutely ridiculous!!
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