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GMC Acadia Water Leaks



  • cheechcatcheechcat Posts: 4
    After 3 trips to the dealership, they told me that my leak was coming from a faulty install on a replaced windshield. I had the windshield re-sealed and so far no leak onto the floor boards. However, after going thru the car wash to test it, I did feel a few drops that were dripping from the front sunroof. Is that normal?
  • mimi2_4mimi2_4 Posts: 1
    I bought my Acadia new and about 3 months ago I was having water running in my passenger side floor. Dealership told me the drain tubes needed to be replaced. I had them replaced and $580.00 later, hopefully the problem is solved. They told me the recall was not in effect. I have also been told since by another dealership that tubes rarely have to be replaced, that they have usually just come loose and cost for that would be quite a bit less.
  • I have the same problem. I was told that the leaks destroyed the fuse block and its not covered. 172 plus labor to fix...this can't be right it should be covered under my bumper to bumper expensive warranty
  • I have the same problem ...did they have any recalls. Did they cover it under warranty.
  • I have also experienced the dreaded Sunroof Water Leak/Faulty Electronics related to this vehicle.

    I have sent an email to the address. I hope they can help me resolve the issue or it may be time to trade-in the Acadia and move away from GMC products.
  • I own a 2008 GMC Acadia SLT1 and now have 105,000 miles on it. I love the vehicle except for the water leaks. I'm not sure how long its going on but my kids pointed it out to me this summer. I took off from a stop and water poured through the 3rd row dome lights into their laps. My 8 and 6 year olds began screaming. I took it to the dealer, they "checked into it" by running a hose over the roof and told me that they couldn't find anything wrong. I guess my kids and I imagined the whole thing. Over the next few months the leaks got worse and water began running down the inside of the windshield and through the front airbag mounts. I took it in again to GMC service and they again said they couldn't find any leaks. The leaks got worse over the next month with water now running out from behind the dash onto my shins over the emergency brake and onto the driver and passenger side floor. This past Friday I began getting bizarre electronic warnings "Service Airbag" and then "Engine Hot, A/C Off" followed by the Passenger Seat Belt warning light coming on even though no one was in the passenger seat. I parked the car, turned the key back and pulled it out of the ignition and the engine continued to run. I got out of the car, locked it with the remote and 5 seconds later the engine finally turned off. I let the car sit for an hour and then drove it home with the same electronics error messages haunting me. I parked the car in the driveway for the night and then couldn't start it the next morning. The electronics seized up and the car wouldn't let me turn the key back into the accessory position or remove the key from the ignition. The battery was totally dead. I got a tow truck to first jump the car successfully and then take the car back to its service center. After analyzing the issue they noticed that my car battery had EXPLODED!!!!! The battery compartment under the floor boards of the 2nd row passenger seat was full of battery acid. Thankfully my 8 year old wasn't sitting near it when the explosion happened. I spoke with the local GMC service center at the dealer and they "have no idea of any problems with Acadia water leaks". I recreated the problem today and showed the service manager as water poured down through the 3rd row dome lights, driver side visor mount, driver side airbag mount, from behind the driver side dash, from the emergency brake connection, from the passenger side airbag mount and down the driver and passenger side windshield. I explained that due to the cold weather I had to scrape ice off the inside of the windshield the past 5 days...not the outside but the inside of the windshield. The service manager finally saw what I was talking about and agreed that they should check it out. He wants me to leave the car with him for several days. When I explained that I am a single dad and that I have no other car to use in the meantime he just looked at me with a blank stare as if to say, "fries...I think I'll have fries for lunch". I explained that I would be going on vacation soon for a week and that he could have my car then but would have to pick it up from my apartment. After "checking with the manager" he agreed to pick it up from my place even though it's not policy, "as a favor" to me. Obviously I'm not happy about the leak, the electrical issues, the scraping of ice off the inside of the windshield, the once soaked now frozen floor mats on the driver and passenger side, not to mention the exploding battery and who knows what extent of damage is running around behind the dash and all throughout the dome light area in my 3rd row. I want a straight answer from GMC on what's wrong. I want them to fix the problem at no cost to me. That's it. Too much to ask?

  • rosr1rosr1 Posts: 1

    I have read through a lot of the comments on here going way back to 2009. Has anyone gotten any resolution??? I bought my 2008 Acadia from a personal owner in 2012 and have had issues ever since. Fuse box was corroded which I believe due to the water leaking inside my car. The car leaks like crazy in the front and the back and the interior is beginning to smell. I am afraid that mold will start forming and would be harmful to my kids and dogs. But I can't afford to go buy another car and if I did trade or sell mine I wouldn't even be able to cover the loan I have on it!! If anyone one out there has any help they can provide please let me know. Is this something that can be repaired??? Is this going to cost me hundreds of dollars to fix?? I have 92K miles on it so I doubt I am covered in any kind of warranty the car may have had.

  • I have a 2008 Acadia and have had issues with it since purchasing it new off of the lot. I call it Driveway Candy because it is beautiful to look at but that is about it. I have had to get the front end repaired every six months since I purchased. It sounds like a ball joint and it squeeks like an 80 year old car. After a rain my daughter and I thought that a bottle of some drink had fallen over in the car, we kept hearing water draining but could not figure out what it was. This happened several times until one day I noticed water coming in from the visor. Now lets talk about driving this vehicle in the snow. Remember when I told you we considered our Acadia Driveway Candy? Well that is where it stays when it snows, because it will not go anywhere in the snow. It is the worst vehicle in the snow that I have ever owned. You have to turn the traction control off so that you can even try to move. It refuses to go up small inclines. It is a front wheel drive and not the all wheel. And lets talk about the traction control...I took my Acadia in several times because the service light for my traction control and something else...which slips my mind...kept flashing on. When I took it in they said that nothing was wrong with it. I took the Acadia in for this same issue so many times I lost count. They finally found something in the steering column. What? Whatever... I seriously am so over this vehicle that I am weary of ever buying a GMC again. The service at GMC in Seymour is wonderful and so are the people, it isn't their fault that GMC made the worst car on earth. We need more women engineers, the design on this vehicle just wasn't thought out.

  • kannegirlkannegirl Posts: 3

    We finally got our issue resolved on our leaky Acadia. It took me writing to my Senator who finally agreed to take it to the Attorney General on my behalf. I asked GM for a note stating that I was responsible for the care of the tubes and that the cleaning of them should be treated like an oil change (cleaned every three months), but that this was not documented anywhere nor was it ever sent to us in a letter as an appendage to the manual...they suddenly changed their tune and forked out the money for all of the repairs. Evidently they didn't want me to bring attention to the problem. Be sure that you complain to the NHTSA. Not that anything is being done with that information - GM sat on the ignition issue and airbag issue for years while some died. Evidently battery acid exploding on passengers because of a corrosion from the leaky sunroof isn't a big deal. Evidently your car still running without the key in it isn't a safety issue either. GM and the government know about these issues and nobody does anything to fix them. Some people should be fired. Because it IS a big deal when you have water pouring on to electronics on a regular basis - it ruins everything that is run by electricity or it doesn't respond the way it should.

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