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Volvo V70 / XC70



  • Can someone comment on these seats. Are they as good as the purchased seats. What are the size limitations, etc. We have a 3yr old, 34lb, 38", and don't know if these seats would work for him.


    Thanks for any comments.


  • We are considering these cars as well as a Freestyle and Odyssey. My husband has read somewhere that Volvo has the least satisfied consumers for delivered vehicles.


    What are the likely problems we might encounter if we were to purchase the vehicle?


    Also, does Volvo offer a DVD system for the rear passengers?




  • Don't have my book infront of me (to give you the specs), but these far exceed boosters that you would purchase separately. My 6 year old HATED his booster and it was a pain for us to get together too (not as bad as the car seat, but still aggravating). We have had the car 4 almost a month and I kid you not, he loves sitting in his. He likes how he is seated, and his view of everything. We don't have to deal with issues related to the seatbelt going over his chest incorrectly.


    My wife pushed for getting them, and I have to admit it appears it has been well worth the $$.
  • Older models booster was 50 lb - not sure age/wght you need but I would check the requirements - they use to be posted on the seat of the older Wagons...
  • Purchased a V70. We briefly looked at the Freestyle, but to us wasn't in the same league. I actually wanted to look at the Odyssey and Quest, since we stepped down from Explorer and was concerned about size shock. My better half said no, she wasn't interested in driving around a minivan.


    We "settled" on the V70 after looking at other wagons, and didn't look back.


    I wrote my impressions of my experience a few posts back, so can't speak of others impressions of delivery experience, but I feel like we were treated first class. In full disclosure, a few days after owning, front passenger window wouldn't go down. Called the dealer, they handled it, gave us a new V50 (thought they would give me the V90 since I was a new customer!!) to drive around in and we picked it up that evening (software glitch apparently). Did it take away from my delivery experience, no. Am I concerned this may begin the flow of additional issues, not particularly. I have had minor issues with new car purchases before, and I am sure I will have again. This to me was a minor issue.


    I HIGHLY recommend Volvo though, especially the V70/XC70.


  • Define "not in the same league" since the Freestyles has many of the features, and a few more, than the V70.
  • Defined by my wife as when she saw the Freestyle she felt it was not as sturdy and quality feel of a vehicle as the Volvo. I agree 100%. That is all.


    I don't shop for a Hyundai and expect it to be a Honda either. I am not taking shots at the Freestyle as we thought about the 500/Freestyle too. This is coming from a former Taurus company car driver (by request) and EB Explorer owner. I happen to like Ford and will probably buy something like the Focus as my commuter vehicle when my Sonata dies. As we were looking for a near luxury to luxury vehicle, which we were, in our opinion overall the V70 was the best thing for us.


  • Thanks! I appreciate it. I have had many Volvos and would love to have another.


    It just seems the Freestyle offers a good alternative for a lower price.


    I keep remembering all the $$ I've poured in to the Volvos over the years and still love 'em.
  • spleenspleen Posts: 1
    When parking my 2002 V70 XC yesterday, the steering suddenly became heavy and would stick and then release as I turned the wheel. The engine had been running for 15 minutes and there were no problems on the highway. I checked the power steering fluid reservoir and added a small amount of fluid, but it did not fix the problem. Any ideas? The car is still under warranty, but the nearest dealer is about 1 and 1/2 hours away, so fixing it myself cheaply is preferred.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    I'm thinkin' someone needs to switch to decaf...
  • Go here for site and look for 2005 test results.



    This just came out since I check the NHTBA web sit every couple of days. Interestingly, not a single new report on this.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    And yet, the V70 STILL gets five stars all around. Call Oliver Stone!


  • Our family just bought an '02 with 29,000 miles. Before that, we had a Volvo V70 '00 with 62. The reason we got the Xc70 is we live kind of northeast and we wanted an all-wheel drive. That car drives so smoothly. Our FWD hardly made it through the snow.

  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    And yet, the V70 STILL gets five stars all around. Call Oliver Stone!


    Actually, the curtain coming down on top of the head don't have to affect the crash test scores. That's because in NHTSA's side-impact test, the barrier is the shape and size of a Corolla. There's almost no blow delivered in the head region. The bags themselves don't inflate with the same force as front airbags so aren't likely to cause injury. Volvo actually goes one step further and inflates the curtain at two speeds, faster when it starts, slower when it's almost all the way down.


    It's hopefully a fluke or at least a very unusual circumstance that happens under certain conditions. IIHS and EuroNCAP run tests that include testing the head protection, but they haven't tested V70's. Volvo runs extensive internal tests, so you'd have to believe that 99% of the time, the side curtain provides the head protection. It'd be nice if Volvo requested a re-test, which they can do if they're willing to pay for it.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    One must also keep in mind that in most cases, the person sitting at the point of impact will have their head swing away from the door from the sideways momentum. When their head/body recoils back towards the door, the curtain should be down and in place to keep them from striking the window.



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  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817


    I don't follow you. Isn't that what was tested? There was a side impact into the driver's side, and by the time the dummy's head got to the window, the curtain hadn't come between them in time.


    Besides, in a side-impact like you described, I don't believe that the head moves away first and then recoils into the window. Check the IIHS videos on When the side-impact hits, the head goes straight for the glass.


    This is not dissimilar to a frontal crash, where the head heads toward the front of the vehicle.


    Regardless of which direction the head goes first, the airbag didn't make it down in time, at least in this test instance.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    Depends on how you're hit...


    If you're sitting at a stoplight and get rear-ended hard, your head goes forward with the transfer of force/velocity, then snaps back (hopefully against the head restraint - that's why it's there). The crash tests are controlled as opposed to spontaneous like a real collision. In the real world, the chances of getting t-boned while moving are probably much higher than while stopped, which means something fairly large or very fast will have to hit you to really cause the side curtains to inflate. The greater force with such an impact will probably cause a "sideways version" of the rear-end impact described originally.


    My F150 was T-boned on the passenger's side by a Grand Am at an uncontrolled intersection back in 95. We were both doing about 25-30. The person in the passenger's side rear seat did lightly hit her head on that window, but in rebound, not initial contact.



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  • molly3molly3 Posts: 1


    I need some help! I am wondering what is my best bet in terms of reliability, longevity of style, etc.- XC70 vs. XC90? We're looking to buy soon bec/ my old car is on its "last legs" (Toyota Camry). I have never owned an SUV.


    I live in New England & will mainly be using vehicle for transport (less for off-road). At this time, I have an infant & plan to have another child shortly, so I am not transporting teenagers, although I am sure that I will need space (i.e., BMW 3-series & Merecdes C-class are too small). Since we tend to hld on to our vehicles for awhile, is it true that Volvo plans to rework the XC70? I don't want to purchase something that will look obselete in few years.


    Also, did anyone compare XC90 to Acura MDX. Reviews of both tend to rate MDX much higher in terms of reliability. Finally, whenread Consumer Reports 2004, it gave XC70 a "recommended", but the XC90 "reliability" received negative reviews.


    Any help w/b great. Thanks!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    It will probably be at least 3 yrs before Volvo redesigns the XC70.

    Both vehicles will do what you want. The XC70 will probably be cheaper.


    I have too many issues w/ Consumer Reports methodology to put any stock in their recommended ratings.

    the MDX is alot simpler in technological terms than the XC90. The xC90 is alot stronger and safer.
  • calhoncalhon Posts: 87
    Note that the NHTSA takes three injury measures during the side impact test, including a Head Injury Criterion; but only one, the risk of injury to the thorax, is used to determine the star rating. One of the reasons I'm somewhat cool on NHTSA side impact testing.


    Despite the mishap with the side curtain, the Head Injury Criterion measured for the V70 (238 front/189 rear) indicates low risk of injury. Compare that to the result for the frontal collision of 367 driver/282 passenger, which was a major factor in that 5-star rating.
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