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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • No one has any ideas of what may be wrong with this vehicle? Other than it needs to be brought a field and be shot? the driverside window is completely off track..its trying to come out of the door frame..I think its trying to escape!! :cry:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    As a wild guess it sounds like you have a bad electrical connection somewhere. Perhaps the weight of the reservoir bearing down on its support allows contact while a near empty reservoir does not. Try jiggling it up and down and see whether it has any effect on your lights.

    I will also add that some people get turned off by requests to email solutions to problems. (Why should they take the time to do that if you have no intention of coming back?)

    But, since you are back, maybe someone who has had similar experiences will chime in and lend a hand. Anyone?

    tidester, host
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  • I have a '99 Tracker 4X4 w/2.0 L & 123,000 miles. I didn't drive it for a week and today I tried to start it & when the engine turned over It sounded like 2 or more cylinders had no compression. Can the valves stick on these? Finally after cranking for a bit it started and now sounds normal with a smooth quiet idle. Don't know if this is related or not, but the week before I put a can of Sea Foam in the gas tank thinking it would remove carbon deposits. Anybody know if this can cause the valves to stick or not seat or cause any other damage?
  • I have a 1995 Geo Tracker 1.6 engine light comes on and goes out once in a while but it stays on 90% of the time it runs perfectly 150,000 miles on it do you think this pigtail will solve my problem ?? and where is it exactly--Chuck
  • Hi! I have a 2000 chevy tracker and today my exterior driver door handle got broke off. Its been a nightmare trying to find one. Does anyone know any where online I could purchase this? Thanks in advance!
  • did you ever get this fixed? I 'm on my third alternator in a year same symptoms
  • Yes, I did get the problem fixed. After going through four NAPA alternators I brought the fourth alternator back to NAPA and talked to the manager. I received a full refund. I then purchased an alternator that was rebuilt in my local area with heavy duty diodes. This alternator seems to be holding up to the Trackers needs. I have installed an amp meter to monitor the current draw and the max is less then 60 amps at night with all the lights on, the radio and the AC running. I would suggest trying to locate a service shop that rebuilds alternators and requesting one to be rebuilt for heavy duty operation. Good luck.
  • Where is this 18.00pigtailvalve at on the exaust????
  • I have the same vehicle but not the same problem. However, I had a 2001 that did this. I was really worried about it so I traded it in for the one I have now. I was afraid the transmission was going out. I really noticed it on the winding road up the hill on the way home.
  • I still need help?????
  • anyone know where i can pick up a remanufactured 2000 chevy tracker ecm? My check engine light is on saying that the backup ecm unit is damaged and i am having the hardest time finding a matching ecm for my tracker. it's a 2000 2.0 liter, automatic with a/c...please help!!!
  • hey guys maybe you can help... my check engine light is on and the pcm code says its the backup ecm unit...any easy fixes besides buying a remanned ecm? know anywhere i can get an ecm for a 2000 2.o liter with a/c and an auto tranny? help!
  • I have a 2001 tracker that used to sound horrible when stopped. It started when I had only 3,000 miles. Two different GM dealers tried to locate it. They re did suspension etc. My son found that it was the hood of the car. A few rubber stick on washers really helped. Now has 135,000K on it. I had to replace the washers once. No more horrible rattling sound. I don't know if this is your problem or not, but it is a cheap fix. Worth a try.
  • sv9779sv9779 Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 Tracker. Lately the steering seems harder to turn and it won't return to center after a turn. I have to turn it back manually. The pump is full of fluid, I don't see any leaks and the belt appears ok. Any ideas?
  • sv9779sv9779 Posts: 4
    Have you ckecked the harmonic balancer??? My battery was going dead on my 2000 Tracker. I checked the alternator output and found it low ( I don't remember exacly what it was). As I was testing I remember thinking that the belt looked like it was running a liitle slow. Long story short...After a new alternator and another dead battery I found the balancer had broken. It has the pulley mounted on it with a rubber between the balancer and the pulley. The rubber had broken so the pully was spinning on the balancer and wouldn't come up to full speed. You can check it easily by marking the balancer and pulley. Then run the engine to see if the marks come out of alignment. The new balancer was $200.00. but problem sloved.
  • 45MPH going up small hills
    2000 Chevrolet Tracker 1.6 stick shift* replaced fuel filter/air filter/gas cap. Removed EGR/ no carbon/all coils ohm 23/ terminals #2 & #5 12.37vdc to ground. I pulled codes 420,400,440 and 455. I know there are emission control issues but can not solve the loss of power problem.
  • I have 2002 Mailibu it is good car in general but I notice many times that sometime power windows lock/unlock sometime works and sometime not, and also dash board lights some time on sometime not.. before I have startin problem becuase of theft system.. then i took advice and i solve start problem my just keeping key inside for 10 minutes. any one can have same problem like me..
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    when was the last time you had the transmission fluid and filter replaced?
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