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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • Ok so my daughter owns a 2003 chevy tracker. She's had it for a couple of months now but about a month or so ago the interior lights would not turn off. Unless you turn it off manual. I went through and checked all the pin switches, and also checked for shorts in the wiring. My question is that is there a dome light relay. if so where is it located. IF there is not one I am willing to take sugestions.

    Thanks for the help.
  • Thanks for your reply. I have had a professional oil change every 3000 miles but something was wrong as the engine seized up after my original posting and I may need a new engine. : (

    Thanks for your message!
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    I installed a cabin air filter for the first time on my 2004 tracker ZR-2 at 40,000 miles. I bought one off of ebay for $20 instead of paying the $70 chevy wanted... Well i forgot all about the cabin air filters i installed and 20,000 miles later i installed a new set. Well let me tell you! them cabin air filters were solid black.. So thats the air we breathe... And in 20000 miles my cabin air filters looked Worse than the air filter the engine breathes with.... I was shocked. im glad i replaced them.. I had no idea them air filter actually work.. Once again i bought a set off of ebay...
  • pk306pk306 Posts: 2
    Hey there.....
    I think i know what your issue is.....
    I have an 02 Tracker that had the same problem.
    First off, there are 2 fuse blocks (one under the dash, and the second is on the passenger side under the hood close to the top of the strut).... My issue was I kept blowing fuses for the A/C and blower motor. After changing the fuses about 6 times.... I decided to do a bit of wire tracing..... LOOK close at the wires leaving the fuse block and relays that are under the hood.... These wires run over the top of the strut tower and will rub and short out on the top of the strut bolts. I have pics available. :)
  • pk306pk306 Posts: 2
    Hey there.....
    Check the rear door for proper alignment.... This was one of the issues I had. You can test this theory with a small wad of paper (or similar) between the door and the switch. If the door is out of alignment, then the wad of paper will take up the slack and push the switch to a closed state. (You will have to wait for about 30 seconds for the lights to go out). If this solved your problem, just take a block of wood and a hammer and hit the door catch towards the front of the vehicle. (You might have to do this a few times till you move it the correct ammount). Also remember to tighten the 2 screws on the door catch as well.
  • Replaced the fuel pump on my 1995 Geo Tracker, 1.6 16 valve engine after the vehicle quit running. Determined that the fuel pump was not working & replaced it. My tracker still won't run. The new pump's working but it doesn't seem to be sending the fuel. Any suggestions? If it's the fuel pump relay, where is it on this machine. Many thanks.
  • palkopalko Posts: 16
    Did you change the fuel filter? It's possible you have a blocked fuel filter. How do you know the fuel pump is working? By sound after installed? If so then I don't think the relay is bad. The other possibility is the fuel pressure regulator.
  • The fuel pump is humming but there's no fuel making its way up to the fuel regulator. The relay is making a clicking noise and the fuel lines all appear to be good. Any suggestions about what to check out next? I really appreciate the help. I've found two relays under the dash right next to each other. Is there another one for the fuel pump somewhere that I'm missing? When I checked out these two relays, the previous owner had a jumper wire instead of the original relay in the 4 prong plug. What relay goes in here? Do you have a number. Both relays have juice on the top & nothing on the bottom. Talk about a challenge. It only has 114,000 original miles on it & the automatic & 4 wheel drive work fine (when it's running). At this point, if it wasn't in such good shape, I'ld scrap it.
  • My 2000 Chevy Tracker has served me well other than the inordinate amount of rush along the passenger side underneath the "running board" or whatever. I think I also have to investigate the rust cross beams thing..I paid for that problem dearly when I went to get a brake job last spring.
    Now I have a problem with my hatchback not opening. When I put my fingers up underneath to open seems to be already in the "up" position to do so but it does nothing. I dont relish getting gouged on fixing this type of thing at the dealership. Has anyone encountered this problem? I must get this door open so I can just clean out my car and actually use the back seat!
    Also, the radio doesn't get good reception. Do I need to replace my antennae? Will that fix it?
    Thanks for any help.
  • Can anyone relate to this noise on my 2001 tracker? The front drivers side wheel, when the temperature is 30 degrees and lower, there is a "rubbing" (root,root, root)sound that will go away after about 3-4 miles of driving. If it sits for more than 4 hours it will do it again. I took it to my mechanic today and he took the wheel off but didn't see nothing unusual. Happened the last 2 winters! Thanks in advance.
  • I was having the same problem. What I found was the bolts that secure the differential mount to the cross member were gone. Put new bolts in. Problem solved. The tell-tale signs were marks in the bell housing, marks in a support bracket, and dimples in the oil pan from the differential housing mount, driveshaft, and yoke rising under torque. I could see the bolt heads that secure the front drive shaft to the differential yoke were somewhat rounded off. They had made contact with these other parts. Hope this helps Good luck.

  • I have a 2000 chevy tracker 2.0L 4x4, the brakes are soft and go all the way to the floor when I push on them hard. I have replaced the pads and shoes, bled the brakes, can find no signs of leakage anywhere, not low on brake fluid. Anyone know if the power brake booster could cause this? I would think that if the booster were bad it would just feel like manual brakes but am running out of options! Don't want to start replacing $200 parts just hoping it might fix the problem. Thanks
  • palkopalko Posts: 16
    Here are a couple suggestions.(1) Look close where the master cylinder bolts to the booster. If there is any sign of leakage of brake fluid on the surface of the booster usually at the bottom where the master cylinder bolts to the booster, then your master brake cylinder is going bad. You won't see it in the fluid level change. I had this happen on my 2004 tracker. Soft pedal feel. (2). On these back brakes, I've noticed that if you have to readjust them, there needs to be a slight drag on the drum to shoe to get effective braking action. It's also possible that your self adjuster is rusted shut. Either lubricate or replace. When taking off the back drum, look to see if there is a rust built up on the drum edge . If so then this needs to be ground flush with the braking surface or the whole drum put on a brake lathe and turned down. This will enable proper seeting of shoe to drum. Also look close at your brake cylinders in the back to see if there is any brake fluid on their surface. I had one chevy with a rear leaky cylinder, but the dash brake light never came on. If you can see the brake lines underneath makes sure there are no signs of leakage. If all this checks out then you'll be into a vacuum booster replacement. In all the GMs and Fords (mistake) I've had , I never had a booster go bad. Good luck!
  • Does anyone know what engine that i can replace the stock engine with on my 1995 2dr 4x4 to increase power?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    you can onlt replace with the same that came in it.. even if you were able to put somethign in alot bigger and more powerful you would rip your drive train apart. short life span on all the parts.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    my tracker (2004 ZR-2) just started doing the samething.. before i read this thread i was out lastnight and i was 99% sure it was the rear door switch. when i had the door open and i was able to press the switch all the way in the light would go out.. but with the door closed it wouldnt stay out. and it was a pain when i was driving.. So since i was hundreds of miles from home with no tools i removed the dome light bulbs to not drain the battery..
  • I own a 1990 chevy tracker can't find the hood release can some one help
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I think it's in the glove box?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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