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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • palkopalko Posts: 16
    I had a similiar problem with a ford crown vic wagon. i bought this car used and within 1 day my oil pressure light would come on , stay on, and then go out at idle. When i pulled the valve covers off, there was a large amount of sludge on the rockers and near the oil gallery ports. I knew then the oil pump pickup screen was clogged. This sludge buildup is usually due to lack of oil changes at 3000 miles, if using conventional oil. I pulled the engine, took off the oil pan and it was full of sludge . The oil pump screen had only 25 % of area clear from sludge. I put in a new oil pump. I cleaned the crankshaft and bearings off with kerosene. Flushed and cleaned the rocker arms and oil gallery ports with kerosene. put everything back together and @ 188k miles the engine was still running good when I got rid of the car. Now mechanics have told me an old trick they used to use to clean sludge out of an engine was to put in 1 quart of oil with 4 quarts of transmission fluid and run the engine at idle for about 1/2 hour and then drain everything out. I did this on the crown vic prior to taking the engine out and a lot of junk came out of the motor, but apparently the oil pump screen could not be cleared. I've heard that rislone may also help . Good luck in your efforts.
  • 238839238839 Posts: 1
    On my 2000 Chev Tracker, I pull on the hand brake and the headlights go off. :)
  • billp5billp5 Posts: 12
    They are hard to find. Suggest you do a salvage yard search. Most of them have a connection to other yards and they may be able to find you one. I just LUCKED out and bought a 1999 with a almost new hard top. Has a little vibration problem that I expect to solve in a day or two. Paint very good, couple of small (2 to 3" push in dents 118K miles, no rust, motor and trans smooth. Now the good part, $1,100!!! (less than the cost of a new hard top) As us country boys say "Even a blind squirrel occosionally finds an acorn".
  • eunieuni Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I already replaced the o2 sensor. Now the second sensor is need of replacement. I have a 2001 tracker. Right now my left rear brakes literally fell apart. The shop is now looking for a part they say GM has on national backorder. My tracker has been in the shop for four days now.
  • czkidczkid Posts: 1
    I was wondering if the lack of power problem has been resolved. My tracker (2.0, 4 cyl, automatic, 2wd) is also lacking power. It feels as if I'm pulling a trailer. After running at a high RPM it feels a bit better. I've done everything from changing of fuel filter, air filter and cam sensor. The Cam sensor was changed because it felt as if the car was going to stall at traffic lights. I still have this problem every now and then. Any help would be apprieciated.
  • Sorry about the late reply. I should visit more often. I got the links at BENSON Autoparts in the Ottawa area and yes, they were $30 tax included.
  • cdl2cdl2 Posts: 15
    My power steering just went out. 2000 5 door 4 wheel drive. It gets better as the RPM's go up. New pump is $125, I'd like to get a rebuild kit. Amybody know where I can get one?
    Also my steering rack is leaking. $500 for that!!!!!
  • I have a four-door Tracker that is way gutless. It has no power from idle to around 3000 rpm. Also, if I'm using the cruise control, the transmission will downshift on the slightest hill and then sit there reving the motor to 4 grand and not upshift again until I go down a steeper hill or floor the throttle and get off it. In regular driving, I'll push on the gas pedal and the power just falls in a hole.

    I've tried fuel injection cleaner and a new air filter, but they didn't help. I'm thinking vacuum leak. I chased down all the vacuum lines I could find and they all look good, so I thinking of replacing the intake manifold gasket. Any other ideas would be welcome.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Chevrolet Tracker power loss may be helpful.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I did read this. I don't believe it's a clogged cat because it runs better at high RPM's. I had a 4.0L Jeep Grand Cherokee with a broken cat and it was fine at low RPM's and ran out of power up top.

    I thought I ran a good quality F.I. cleaner through there, but I've heard nothing but good things about Seafoam. I might try that before replacing the intake manifold gasket.
  • I am trying to pull my 2.5 engine apart to replace head gaskets.. I have never worked on this type of engine before.. When i got the valve covers off. i was surprized to fine 3 timing chains.. found a manual for this engine and it has all the proceedures to align the marks up.. I have turned this engine over at least 80 revs and finnaly got the main chain three marks aligned. But the other two that align the cams to the main chain are not.. I guess my question is does all the marks on all chains have to be aligned at same time? The manual has a proceedure for each chain. But no where does it say all have to be aligned at same time. I have all three marks aligned for main chain.. is this where i start and just do the other procedures and align the keys to match the main? Please help Thank you Roland
  • wonderin how to get to interior light bulb triede to get just the lens out.dont want to break it just a bezel the whole unit comes out
  • wonderin how to replace bulb on front overhead interior light fixture.dont want to break it.
  • You need a flat head screwdriver to pry it open. When you pry it off you'll see the 2 notches where it goes back in. It took me a while trying to figure out how to get it off a while back.
  • If you ever find out please let me know. I have the same problem on my 2002 VR2 Tracker.
  • When I bought my '02 Tracker there were no cabin filters in it! Apparently the previous owner had removed them. As a result the evaporator core (air conditioning core) totally clogged up, resulting in practically zero air flow. Replacement of the evaporator core was $750. There should be 2 filters one on top of the other with tabs protruding from the filters that 'click' into place
  • Okay. I got a 2001 tracker and i cant seem to locate the drl relay. can anyone help?
  • google Bestops......that's where I got mine years ago.
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