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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2000 Tracker. I bought it used about a year ago. It had 63K on then. It has now passed 100000. This is an amazing vehicle. I have kept the maintance up on it and it has preformed very good. I used it for delivery. This was up and down some 8-10 percent grades. I had the alignment checked at 100000 and it is still perfect. I have had to replace the gasket and filter on the transmission. Other than that only regular maintence. I am very happy with the little rooster.
  • on mine I just hold the arrow button down until the numbers show up that I am looking for.
  • I'm having the same problem...Is it a starter motor issue? Did you find a solution hiskid?
  • Hi, I don't think it is an actual starter problem, rather it would seem to be an interlock adjustment issue. I have posted on a few forums and was waiting for an answer.. thanks for responding. May God Bless You..Kid
  • Kid, I have an automatic with 100K miles. I'm thinking of getting the transmission fluid levels checked and maybe transmission filter changed first, as my tracker feels a little loose (soft) when I put it in drive and doesn't want to lock in park - which is why it doesn't start sometimes. I have to thrust it into park and keep my hand on the shift lever while turning the motor off??
  • Hi Jesse, I have a 2000 also - Automatic 2.0L. 105K miles. My transmission is not locking in park properly and fails to start sometimes until it does eventualy lock. Gear shift changes are a bit soft. I'm thinking of transmission filter and fluid change will help...what do you think?
  • Definitely sounds like an adjustment issue..If you learn anything when you get it serviced let us know..God
  • I just had that done. I developed a leak. I noticed some spots of oil on the rear bumper, after a pretty hard run. I found out that is was the transmission pan gasket. I changed the filter and put in new fluid, changed the gasket, it was what I would call "crunchy". It fell apart when I tried to get it off.
    That should help yours to do this maintence. It helped mine. I did not realize how soft the shifts were until I changed all of this. Now its like new again. Hope it works for you also. Happy Trails
  • Kid & Kim,
    I have good news. Discovered that the nut associated with the transmission cable was loose and just needed adjusting. After a tranny flush, oil change and nut adjustment - my Tracker is running like new!!! Quick fix, easy on the wallet.
    Chevy Trev
  • Hey. I sorta thought you might get some answers after that type of service. Were you at a dealer or a quick change place? Did you ask them specifically to check the issue? Was the adj. down at the tranny or inside under the shifter console? If I may ask how much did all that set you back.
    Again,Thanks Trev..May God Bless You..Kim
  • Yes Kim,

    I went to a AAA car care quick fix type place and they knew exactly what the problem was. Located under shifter console I believe. Quick fix, tranny flush and oil change cost $149 with labor & tax. Worth every cent.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Thanks for quick reply and info. I will check that out..You have a great Thanksgiving too....Kim
  • Does anyone know if the body parts of a 1999 four door suzuki vitara and a 1999 four door tracker are interchangable. I need a drivers side passangers outside door handle.I have visually inspected them and If I was a betting man I'd say yes! The dealers of either vichicle dont know GM WANTS 139.00 can Suzuki wants 80.00can
    Gerrard ">:sick: <img src="
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    DOES anyone know if you can order replacement parts for our trackers online? what i need is ANOTHER inside door handle. its the drviers side handle you use to open the door from the inside. i swear ive gone through 2 sets for each side..

  • Try
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    thank you for that link. im going to see if the dealership is the same price i think they might be cheaper. the price on the part is good until they charge you $10 to ship it.
  • Does anyone know where i can get one?? they are hard to find!!
    Tire size p205/70r15
  • Does anyone know if the 2003 Chev Tracker LT in the Canadian market had anti-lock brakes as standard equipment???
  • What exactly is the problem with the manual transmission in my recently purchased 1999 Tracker so I can get it fixed? This would be a decent mini SUV if I could stop the gear grinding. I tried replacing gear oil with the recommended GM product, but the problem's not any better. The dealer says there's no "customer complaint" issue with this transmission and that it's the same one used in other years. Yet when I did an internet search, I found similar complaints about the 1999. The vehicle has only 23,000 miles and is in great condition. I think it's worth fixing. Please help.
  • I had an alternator sieze up and die.
    Replaced the alternator, belt and battery. I start the tracker and after maybe 5 min ther check battery light comes on and then thre battery will dischrge and then die. When I strted the tracker I put a volt meter on it and it was just over 13 volts then from there once the light strts to flicker the voltage drops off.
    I had the alternator retested and it checks ok.
    lost at this time

    2001 tracker 2.0L auto 4wd

    thanks keith
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