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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • hilldudehilldude Posts: 3
    edited November 2011
    Any one know how to prgram the keyless remote.One place I found said to place a jumper on the data port but do not see it.another had about eight steps to go through tried that no go.thanks for any help.
  • cdl2cdl2 Posts: 15
    OK, here it is.
    Finally got the timing chain cover off. I had to remove the stud in the center of the chain cover & the two studs going into the cover from the oil pan.
    If I couldn't get that done, the book said to drop the front axle, disconnect the trans from the engine & raise the engine to drop the oil pan.
    Replaced the chains , guides & tensioner.
    The small chain on the cams wasn't streched at all, but I think the big chain off the crank was streched.
    I couldn't get the marks to all line up. They were about half a tooth off.
    It starts & runs good, but I'm still working on getting the stat to open. BTW, the stat has to be lined up with a mark on the block.
  • Hi there, i have the same problem, did you find a fix ??? I have replaced all brake lines on the back half of the vehicle and tried the master cylinder and have fluid in all my lines without any air bubbles coming out. The brake pedal will not go tight for me and I am wondering if its front caliper issues or wheel cylinders in the rear but i dont think this to be the problem.
  • I did mine on a 2000 Tracker by holding down both lock and unlock button for 7 seconds and it went through the cycle and has worked ever since.
    Hope this works for you
  • Hello

    I have similar problem with my Tracker 2000
    The problem was with the condenser fan, one blade was brocken and the fan was unbalanced causing the vibration

    hope this helps

  • shinsecshinsec Posts: 1
    I too am experiencing the rumble/vibration (with no steering wheel shimmy) effect in my 2002 Tracker. This has been going on for some time now; it occurs between 55 to 60 mph. No symptoms from slower to faster than those speeds. I figured it was a ply separation or balance issue. I was slated for a tire change which I had performed two months ago, to include balancing and a thrust alignment. The issue is still there, and so amazing as how the rumbling starts and stops; it's like someone flipped a switch.

    Any ideas, anyone?
  • hilldudehilldude Posts: 3
    Pulled radio on
    tracker to install XM radio what is the size plug on the antenna, the radio is a delco it is a odd size. the XM adapter requires a standerd type plug.I need to find adapters.
  • rgirardrgirard Posts: 8
    I am having problems with the power door lock on the rear door (the fifth door) on my 2003 Tracker. How do I remove the inside plastic trim panel without damaging it? It appears to be held on by some type of metal or plastic clips. Any and all advice will be appreciated.
  • pdpo222pdpo222 Posts: 1
    The rear end is going in my Tracker. Will any other rear end fit it or does it have to be from another 1999 Tracker? Thanks for you time.
  • Sounds like your cv half shafts are split , mine made that same noise and both cv shafts were split
  • What socket or tool do I use to remove the plug of the rear axle to check fluid?
  • dmetzgar1dmetzgar1 Posts: 1
    I've recently purchased An 01 tracker with the roof luggage rack also has the slide rails. My problem is that I didn't receive a key for the 4 locking devices on them. I would like to move or remove them.Does any one know where i might purchase a key to unlock them. any help greatly appreciated. Thanks! D.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    If the rack happens to be made by Yakima or Thule (and some OEM racks are), then you can get replacement keys at shops that sell racks. Like REI, local boating or sporting goods store, or a local truck canopy/accessory store.

    Or try a Chevy parts department.

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  • bodallybodally Posts: 5
    DOES a 1998 tracker 1.6 4 cyl. have a timing belt or timing chain ?? some of the poswts I have read are not specific enough. Thanks
  • I have a 2000 tracker 2x4 and recently start to make a noise on the front when the car is on the road at 35 mph and up. I put new tires, change the front wheel bearings (both sides) and noise /“vibration” still. My mechanics have no clued after hours of inspection. Again the problem is when the car is running; the car was tested on the lifting rack and was accelerated up to 60MPH and no noise whatsoever. Only when the car is on the road and the noise feels on the front of the vehicle. I’m wonder if could be a differential related problem. If someone have an idea or have had the problem with successful repairing results, please let me know.
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