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Best Vehicles for Taller Larger Drivers



  • cmk73cmk73 Posts: 1
    my husband is 6"2 and we found that some American cars have good legroom. Check the specs for front and rear legroom - Edmund's provides this in the info for each car. Monte Carlo is too short. We liked Grand Prix, Century.
  • ckarackara Posts: 1
    My father is 6'6" and has always driven the big Buicks like LeSabre. He can extend his right leg at least to the right on long trips to stretch, over where the gear shift would be on most cars--granted not the safest way to drive for accident reasons. I recently bought a VW Passat and he thought it provided a good amount of room for him, for a mid-sized sedan. It has a "greenhouse" roof design, giving great headroom (and mine has a sunroof so there's probably more in ones without) plus it has an easy ratcheting handles that raises and lowers the seat plus a telescoping steering wheel which all helps give a better driving position. With the seat all the way back, those in the rear seat still have some room to spare. He may seriously consider it for his next car purchase because it's a fun car to drive and something very different from his history of big, GM "boats". Depending on options and engines, it ranges from the low 20's to mid-20's so it's an option for those that find the Lexus's and Mercedes too steep. Next year, it will also have a 4-wheel drive option which my dad likes as he lives up North.
  • scrajscraj Posts: 10
    Try a pontiac bonneville. This is quiet big , comfortable GM boat as well as very good power and comfort conveniences.

    Could you share some of your 200,000 mile journey with the caprice, as to how was the performance of the car over the years, and the seriousness of the problems?
  • xcdatxcdat Posts: 2
    I'm 6'2 and can comfortably sit in the back seat of my 98 concorde. (though you'll catch hell getting me out of the driver's seat!)
  • sammy5sammy5 Posts: 1
    Isn't it the case that the "B Pillar" determines how far backthe front seat is allowed to go? I believe Fed Law won't permit manufacturer to place seat in such away as to block clear view by the "B Pillar".
  • jekv12jekv12 Posts: 1
    If you're OK with used cars, try a Merkur Scorpio
    (German built Ford). Lots of leg room, good
    thigh support, and a lots of room in back.
    And the hatchback will come close to the utility
    of your wagon. Try for an 89.

    Other than that, Saab 9000 or its replacement,
    the Saab 9-5.
  • lorinclorinc Posts: 2
    It's not a Saab or Mercedes, but it's roomy:
    I'm 6'6" and I have plenty of headroom and legroom in my Intrigue GL. You'll need to skip the sunroof, though; in every make & model I sat in, you lose an inch or two of precious headroom when you add the sunroof. It pays to go sit in the cars you're considering --- subtle differences in roofline and seat position can make a big difference, even among "twins" like the Intrigue and its Pontiac / Buick sisters. Power seats help, too; they seem to sink lower than the "compromise" rails on manual seats.
  • lorinclorinc Posts: 2
    Oops! I just re-read the very first posts to this topic, and I see the original question was more about legroom than headroom. Oh, well --- my comments still stand. I have a 36" inseam, and the driver's seat still has about 1.5 " of backward travel when I've got it adjusted comfortably. Backseat room behind me is adequate but not spacious. For a bigger back seat, try a Toyota Avalon. It's a stretched Camry (old-style). I drove one before buying my Intrigue. *Plenty* of room --- I could sit behind myself. Beautiful car, but $6,000 more than the Intrigue, similarly equipped.
  • I Found of the three cars I looked at (Maxima, Accord and Camry) The Maxima has by far the most legroom and is the main reason I choose it over the others. Just a sidenote according to Edmunds stats the Maxima has more front legroom then a BMW 7 Series by 2 full inches. I couldn't believe it.
  • cbishopcbishop Posts: 2
    I am 6' 10" and own a '97 Jeep Wrangler. I have plenty of head room, but leg room is a little tight. Does anyone have a know where I can get "Extender Rails" for this model? I called Jeep and they do not sell them.
  • naganaga Posts: 2
    Regarding extender rails: my parents had extenders put in their '96 Pontiac minivan. They went to a company that modifies vehicles for people with disabilities. Cost? $110

    Before that my 5'10" mom couldn't get comfortable in this van. Now it has more legroom than even I could possibly use (I'm 6'6"). A great service. This was in Burnsville, Minnesota, if anyone's interested.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    I live in Lakeville and work in Birnsville, what is the shop's name and phone#?
  • daybwdaybw Posts: 1
    98' Passat GLX with power seats,
    ahhhh room galore!
    (for a 6'5" guy at the end of a three year quest to find a car that fits)
  • I'm 6'7" and we are buying a Toyota Avalon. TONS of room for legs and head and butt (don't ask) and a bench seat so your right leg doesn't rub against something all the time. I think I have driven every car available under 30 grand, and this is the roomiest. No question. Otherwise, get a Civic or a Metro. Lots of head and leg room. Pretty narrow, though.
  • We just got a Gold '98 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and that suckaz got room!! The seat goes waaayy back but theres no way anyone can sit behind me who's over 3' tall, when someone else is driving the rear legroom is good though. It's a great looking car, (a lot better looking then those cookie cutter Asian cars), great excelleration (even w/out the supercharger), and we got every single feature excluding the sunroof and supercharger for under $23,000. You just gotta negotiate;)
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    if its in burnsville it should be the 612.
  • MencharMenchar Posts: 5
    How about the '98 Cadillac Seville? Anyone know if a 6'4" 34 inch inseam person fits in it? With sunroof? Believe it or not, I fit into an '84 VW Rabbit GTI. I did tear out the headliner after it started to sag after 12 years or so and rub my head. I've put 187,000 on the VW and looking at Seville.
  • I'm cross-posting this from topic #478 re: short drivers since my answer is pertinent here.

    My wife have always have difficulty finding a car
    that satisfies both (I'm 6'1" and she's 5' exactly). We finally found a very satisfying car in the new VW Passat. Sticking only to the erogonimcs here are the features:

    telescoping/tilt wheel

    fully adjustable seats: height, length, slant,
    and lumbar support.

    View is very good for both of us.

    Fully adjustable seatbelt height with pretensioners.

    Pedals have good grip pads and are large. Left
    footrest position works (finally!) for both of us.

    Seats are comfortable for long drives. We do a lot
    of long-distance driving.

    Lots of headroom (important for tall partners)

    Locking headrests

    Rear trunk lid is an easy lift-over.

    Easy step-in for driver and rear seat passengers.
    (my wife is very particular about this, so we opted out of SUV's and vans),

    Something important for her height, which tall
    people don't often consider is a center visor which blocks the sun between the driver and passenger visor.
  • The New Beetle has more headroom than any car I have driven. Any tall people tried it yet?
  • I'm 6'4", 220 lb guy who's all arms and legs (36"
    inseam, 39" reach...), so headroom is rarely an
    issue. Legroom, and having others sit behind me,
    are the problems. I'm driving a '95 Eclipse GS-T
    now, and with enough seat adjustments, and
    acrobatics, I can fit. I'll be shopping for a
    sports sedan soon and I am considering several
    vehicles. Price range will be in the low to mid
    20's for a new car, or I may wait a couple years
    and buy used '98/99 car that started around
    $28-30K. I'd prefer a 5 speed, or a manumatic
    (which, unfortunately, I hear too often is more
    hype than fun) but, I guess, would concede to
    buying an automatic if it proved to be "worth" it
    somehow. So...with that said, the list consists of
    the 1999 Chysler 300M(used), 1998 Dodge Intrepid
    ES, Olds Intrigue, Olds Alero, 1997-99 Maxima SE
    (used), Camry V6 5 speed (new 2 door or 4 door) or
    the latest Lexus ES300 (used). I'd consider the
    new BMW 3 seires, or the Audi A4, but they seem too
    small. I don't want me or my growing family to
    outgrow this next car. Are there any opinions on
    whether the big domestic sedans listed would be a
    mistake? I ask because no one has mentioned the
    Intrepid/300M as an option for the very tall

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