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Suzuki Kizashi



  • knewbieknewbie Posts: 6
    edited November 2011
    I owned Suzuki Kizashi 2010 SLS and I am VERY VERY happy with it, I don't have any paint issue, Thank GOD, what I am trying to say , I don't think Paint issue is only with Kizashi, today while I was driving to work, I saw Mazda 323 and another one Nissan Altima paint stripping out all over front bumper.
  • I owned 2010 SLS very happy with it, best driving experience I ever had with any car, Brake, style, handling are awsome, if you test one you will on hook. Suzuki Kizashi is best kept secret mid size car.
  • I agree with teh child seat issue as when we took our grandson and the wee chld of a friend there was very little room for our adult daughter in the back seat. She was squashed. However for four adults it is very comfortable with plenty of room and the kind of ride that saw my Bro-in-law and daughter comment how good it was on our last long trip.

    It keeps showing just how good a job Suzuki did on the chassis and suspension, getting it right from the outset.

    Being leather the seats in our model may be more durable than the fabric, but Suzuki NZ offers seat covers in hard-wearing Ngauyahide as an optional extra.

    Now that I am very familiar with the car, the CVT is fine and though it may lose out a bit to the manual, I never find myself wishing for more power, it really hauls when you ask it to!
  • Couldn't agree more! The more I drive it the better I like it!
  • 1 Resale value, they're selling fewer than 1K/mo and local dealers have very few in stock.
    2 Parts availabilty and price, I don't want to be buying all my parts thru the dealer with huge markups
    3 Limited dealer network
    4 Unknown reliability, and generic warrantee (no Hundai/Kia 100K confidence builder).

    Suzuki has been in the US market for decades, makes good products across the board but hasn't developed an image/reputation and their sales (and mitsu) have tanked as much as GMs (-75%) so there is a risk that these could be "orphans" with dismal resale vals.

    I'm going to take a rest drive today and the dealer will have to offer me a VERY good price to take on a share of the risks of ownership. (It's yearend and optimum buyer neg time). It offers a decent mix of performance and MPG (for AWD) and it sounds like it handles nice (nothing local to test drive).The only real comp is sub which has underpowered the new Impreza to boost the MPG and it sounds like there are waits for Imprezas.

    Also waiting to hear back from a Kia dealer about a stripped Optima turbo. The Optima turbo sounds like the perfect combo of power and fuel economy but the dealers pack options on a low 20s car until it is high 20s and I ain't gonna play that game (3K pinstripe pkg, kiss my [non-permissible content removed]!)
  • Its not my problem but Suzuki is really missing the boat not federalizing their little 3 cyl pickup vehs and selling them in NA. They are the perfect economic little tool avial in a variety of models and they'd sell like hotcakes here and give Suzuki some visibility.

    Marketers are already bringing in slow and med speed versions of these vehicles and people are licensing golf carts for local streets.

    They can be made every bit as safe as those Fiat 500s that are languihing on the lots here
  • rcopa1rcopa1 Posts: 24
    I agree with all of your concerns except the warranty. The Kizashi has a 7 year/ 100,000 mile warranty which is comparable to Hundia/Kia. As far as your other concerns I understand and if you want a car that has good resale vaule and boring then a Camary or Accord would probably fit the bill. If you want something unique, fun to drive, and an outstanding value then you should consider the Kizashi. Aside from it being a great "little" car I love that it's somewhat exclusive. I've owned Ford's, Mercury's, Honda's, Toyota's, and Isuzu's and i have been stopped by people asking me about this car more then all those others combined.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    edited January 2012
    If you want something unique, fun to drive, and an outstanding value then you should consider the Kizashi. Aside from it being a great "little" car I love that it's somewhat exclusive. I've owned Ford's, Mercury's, Honda's, Toyota's, and Isuzu's and i have been stopped by people asking me about this car more then all those others combined

    I test drove a 2010 Suzuki Kizashi and loved it. It's when I went into negotiations to buy a 6-speed manual one in red that things didn't work out. I pushed a little too hard to get a great deal...I thought that Suzuki's bad sales state would help me, but it didn't. So I walked out.

    And just kept the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS, which I love...probably more than the Kizashi, but I may one day buy a Suzuki Kizashi. Love it!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    Both Mitusbishi and Suzuki have become such small niche players that they are unlikely to survive in the US market. Not one of the Suzuki models sells well, and the lack of dealers is no small part of it. So many dealers have left the fold in the past few years. Unless Suzuki shuts up and plays nicer with VW, the writing is on the wall...and even then, it is probably bye bye. Their entire US sales barely equals the dismal sales of the Fiat 500. There are several brands that do well elsewhere in the world (Suzuki is one of them), but are unable to compete in the US market.
  • I am really interested in purchasing a 2012. I have read many reviews via forums. I am undecided at this point but need to make a decision soon.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I've owned two Suzukis in the past, a Verona and an SX4 and I really liked them both. I only had two drawbacks to them . One was that they easily dinged and paint chipped really easily. Also if you need a part even as commonan oil filter, don't expect to find it in stock at Auto Zone or any auto parts stores. It will have to bew ordered. If you are unfortunate to have a fender bender as I did on the SX4, it took 2 1/2 months in the shop waiting for the parts. I really like the Kisashi but the dealer in my town closed and the closest one is about 50 miles away, another deal breaker for me.
  • I was told that the paint issues were resolved on the 2012s and that paint issues on the older models were with the grill paint. What year was your SX4?
  • I am very happy with our 2011 Kizashi Ltd. model. It is the best car I have ever owned or driven in my 40+ years on the road.

    It has just had its 10,000m service which was pleasantly cheap, I was expecting a bigger bill!
    I have had no issues at all apart from the fact that if one is not too careful getting out the front passenger door, you can pull the rubber out of it's plugs. Easy to pop back in of course but really if that's my only gripe, what more can I say?

    It goes like a V6, drinks like a small four, handles like a sports car with the best suspension and brakes you can get under $80,000! If you can't get comfortable in this car you won't be comfortable in any car!

    I have grown to love the CVT transmission and there is plenty of performance whenever you want it. The engine may be down a couple of horsepower compared to the others, but it has so much torque you can accelerate up any hill, or easily pass slower trafiic without being on the wrong side of the road for very long at all! It's only turning over at 2000rpm at 60mph and it is torque, not HP that counts on the road.

    Having said that, if you really need or want more power than this car puts out you need a V8! It is a fast car when you want it to be and I have no doubt it will easily attain its stated top speed of 125mph in CVT form or more as a manual. 90mph is a breeze and relaxed cruising if you have the roads to do it.

    It does well as a station wagon with the large trunk and split-folding back seat, you'd be amazed at what you can fit into it when necessary!

    It really is in a class of its own in the medium segment as Suzuki first got the chassis right then added all the fruit to it. The competition simply took their existing cars and added more fruit and it is in the suspension and brakes that Suzuki really show them up. Even Hyundai, which was my second choice, along with its Kia stablemate, loses out to the Suzuki in chasis performance although a wee big bigger in the back seat area and softer to ride in around town. Once out on the open road and off the smooth highways, they lose suspension damping control and get uncomfortable and floaty in the back, whereas it doesn't matter what the road or conditions, the Kizashi remains well damped and controlled and very comfortable to drive, (especially for back seat passengers), with very low wind noise, lower than most others in any class.

    I researched for six weeks before choosing the Kizashi and included Japanese, Korean and European cars in my comparisons. Now I am convinced I made the right choice and it even looks great!
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    My SX4 was an '09. With the local dealer closing after I bought it, I would have had to drive about 50 miles for service. I changed the oil myself rather than drive to the larger dealer in Baton Rouge. I just wouldn't want to have to do that with a new Kizashi.
  • We are spoilt over here, as Suzuki is a major player in the market and we have dealers pretty much anywhere you need them.
  • rktbrkrrktbrkr Posts: 15
    An all-new model for 2011, the Suzuki Kizashi slims down to a single configuration for 2012. The front-wheel drive and manual transmission previously available have been discontinued.

    Given the sales levels they slimmed down the transmission offerings, the FWD version was lost in a sea of competition, the AWD sedan has some relative advantages against Subaru and much more expensive AWD choices.

    This low snow winter in the northeast and midwest has to be impacting AWD sales
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    edited January 2012
    It was all new for 2010. This is its third year out. Suzuki lists 14 Kizashi trim levels for 2012, including manual transmission and FWD models. As for its advantages against Subaru (Legacy), they are pretty evenly matched in terms of AWD, power, and gas mileage. The Subaru may be a tad slower, but mpg will be a tad better than the Suzuki. The Legacy is a bit longer and roomier. The Kizashi splits the difference between the Legacy and all new Impreza sedan. For most people, the Subaru is the better bet: many more dealers and better resale value. I'd say the Kizashi is better looking, and perhaps a better handler, but when you have to drive over 100 miles to the nearest dealer, then Subaru is the choice.
  • rktbrkrrktbrkr Posts: 15
    The AWD only info was posted here on Edmunds. IMO the name is a killer sounds like a Japanese disease. I think it would sell well rebranded and sold as a Kia, GM etc but the dealer network is another killer, they should have been able to pick up a lot of disenfranchised GM dealers but I guess they didn't!
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    No, instead they closed dealers in 2010 like it was the end of the world. It was a stupid idea to consolidate dealers in order to move more units per dealer. You need to have dealers close by, or people won't buy. Here in WI, they closed every Suzuki dealer in the northeast quadrant of the state. Sales plunged in that area. It didn't take a rocket surgeon to predict that.

    I loved my loaded SX4, but am just as glad to be rid of it. This company is in deep trouble with its US arm. And now the Kizashi is already in its third year. No powertrain changes, no significant updates of any sort. Kizashi was a decent entry in 2010. Today, it is not keeping up with the competition. Where are they going to get the funds to renew this model in the next two years?
  • rktbrkrrktbrkr Posts: 15
    The US sales levels don't justify updating the models, only about ^K annually for Kizashi, I don't know their total global sales.

    Total US sales of all autos is about 25K only one quarter of what they were selling a few years ago (mostly rebranded thru GM). Amazing they didn't sign up a lot of GM dealers who lost GM dead brand franchises.

    I think their products are fine, esp Kizahi, but they can't continue with this dealer network.
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