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Volvo V70 Wagon Experience



  • I have a 2004 V70. Recently the check engine light came on. I made an appointment at the dealer to have it checked out. Reading through the manual I found something that says the check engine light may come on as a result of a loose fuel cap. I checked my fuel cap and sure enough it was loose. I fixed the problem but my check engine light is still on.

    Can someone please tell me if the light needs to be reset or if it will correct itself? Tightening the gas cap seems like too easy a fix on the other hand if that's all it is I prefer not to have pay the dealership for unnecessary repair.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    You've got a couple options here without going to the dealer. I think it takes 15-20 ignition cycles for a Check Engine light to reset itself after no longer detects a fault. Your more immediate, but slightly less convenient, option would be to disconnect the battery for about ten seconds. Have your radio code handy if you go this route, though.
  • Hi all - I am strongly considering becoming a first time Volvo owner! I'd greatly appreciate any advice about how to evaluate a 2001 V70 (non-turbo) with 51K miles for $14,500 at a non-dealer car lot in our small town. There's no rust, and it drives like nothing domestic I've ever owned (that's a good thing). It does have traction control. How do I tell if it's a 2.4 or a T5 or whatever - I did see that it was 5 cylinder. Are luggage rails and third seat available to add-on? What should I beware of or how fast should we get out our check book?

    A friend whose full time job is buying used vehicles for a local Chrysler dealer asked me if I'd "lost my mind" when I mentioned considering the V70 and launched into a tirade about $500 brake jobs and crazy expensive maintenance... but man, oh man, did I like the feel of that test drive!

    Thanks for any thoughts!
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Thanks. I thought that the discussion of W2's might hit home.

    This whole issue is very important to a person of limited means. An upper income person who makes the wrong, un-researched decision on a car doesn't take a meaningful hit. Moreover, an upper income person usually has lots of help (e.g., the WSJ, friends in business, professional partners, etc. ) to avoid a bad decision. Good luck.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I don't know about that.

    I know a doctor who bought an SL600 a year and a half ago.
    He just sold it and lost $50,000(not including the taxes he paid on the original purchase).
    $50k is a big hit no matter who you are.
    Rich people make stupid decisions too.
  • The only turbos are 2.4T & T5 for that year. If it doesn't say either of those on the back of the car, you're right, it isn't turbo.

    I have a 2001 2.4T. It felt like a tight, sporty sedan & still does (wouldn't know it was a wagon unless you turned you head around). I had a love affair with that car & still love the safety features (4" thick doors, etc...). Then the quirkiness started.

    This car has had everything from persistent oil leaks to manic electrical issues. All at HUGE costs to me. I just got it back from the shop TODAY. This car has 69,900 miles on it. The laundry list of repairs needed are as follows:

    Reseal turbo drain back tube - $200.00
    Replace BROKEN engine torque mount - $200.00
    Replace inner tie rod assemblies & align - $450.00
    Replace passenger door lock actuator - $315.00
    Perform steering module software download - $235.00

    I just spent over $1,000 at the 60,000 mile visit! THIS WAS JUST FOR ROUTINE MAINTENANCE!! I was so upset that I called the service dept to ask them if they put doctors & lawyers on my car. He told me to sit down for the $1,400.00, 100,000 service that was coming up. This thing is a money pit. I spend about as much on maintenance & repairs (monthly) as I would to drive a nice new car that was under warranty. My co-worker had the same year & model as I have. His was an absolute bomb. He got "0" satisfaction from Volvo. He said he tried to navigate the voice-mail system from hell and could not get anybody who cared.

    Want to routinely pay big $$ for safety? This is your car...
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Volvomax, I've always valued your posts and seek no quarrel. My point wasn't that rich people don't make stupid decisions but that the consequences aren't as great. An MD who is writing off a significant portion of his uber sedan as a biz expense is not going to feel the 50K loss anywhere nearly as bad as the person who wanted to buy a Volvo wagon with 135,000 miles on it for 14K for (probably) their sole means of transportation.

    Incidentally, despite some problems with our 2001 XC we are going to re-up. You can't beat the seats, safety, looks, ride, etc. What improvement would an E Series wagon with Fourmatic give us? For probably 15K more money we would have less traction, less usable space, non-Volvo seats, etc. What did I leave out?

    It seems to me from reading the board that the current ETM is not the same as the one sourced from Magnelli Moretti in the 2001 and that the AWD is now by Haldex. Can we assume that all the bugs in the 01s have been corrected by now?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The "bugs" are long gone.
  • I have 47K miles on my 2001 V70, no problems and love it. It fits me and my family (big & tall in size). Getting it serviced is expensive, but I'd been going to the local dealer. Get it and enjoy the car.
  • rey2rey2 Posts: 1
    Hi, I am thinking of getting a used 98 V70 AWD with 73k miles and was wondering how reliable this car is. I've seen some threads about the viscuos coupler going bad, but other than this, how good is it? Also, since you do most of the work, how difficult is the maintenance like what you've done so far?

  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Volvomax and others, my wife's 2001 XC runs well at 62K after a series of problems that I've posted about earlier. As a research-oriented kind of guy, I am looking ahead to the next vehicle for her. I've got a couple of questions that maybe you can help me with.

    1) Now that we have replaced the electronic thottle module at 50,000 miles, what is the probablility that it will fail again, and this time out of warranty?

    2) We like the looks of the 70 but could be tempted to investigate a 2.5 AWD XC90 (sorry, don't need a V8). But in reading the XC90 posts I notice a lot of teething problems (and a lot of whining about some not so significant things). Can we expect to have more problems with an XC90 than a XC70?

    3) After you get past the more upright and higher seating and the additonal passenger room in the 90, doesn't the XC70 have more ground clearance, probably corners better and holds about as much cargo? In other words it does the same job for a lot less money. Am I missing something? I know that the XC90 is the New Best Thing from Volvo with an incredible resale. But what does it do better or more comfortably (besides hauling 7 people around) than an XC70? Frankly, the now NLA optional dual turbo engine seems a crazy choice (DUAL turbos on a Volvo?) that is destined for some expensive maintenance at 65K just after the warranty expires. (Anyone want to guess what it will cost in parts and labor to replace two turbos that croaked because stop and go driving to the local mall coked the oil on them?). Even the Yamaha V8 seems a bit much.

    The XC90 boards read a lot like the LR3 boards. They are full of posters who are quite proud of themselves, their achievments in this world, and seem happy to have paid a lot of money, money that was darn close to list price, to own and carp about the latest thing from Volvo. I don't get it. Then again I can recall growing up in New England when no one had a TV. Am I just not with it?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    1 Failure is always a possibility. It is after all a mechanical part.
    The newer throttle designs are much less prone to failure however.

    2 The XC90 teething issues were minor, mostly software issues, wind noise and a few squeaks and rattles. XC90 reliability has actually been quite good on the 04 and 05 models.

    3 XC70 ground clearance 8.2", XC90 clearance 8.6"
    XC70 cargo capacity w/ back seat down 71.4 cubic feet.
    XC90 cargo capacity w/ 2nd and 3rd rows down, 85.1 cu/ft.
    The XC90 is simply bigger than the XC70. Otherwise, ride and handling are almost identical. XC70 does a little better in fuel economy, 1 mpg better city, @ 3 mpg better highway.
    As for the turbo's, contrary to popular belief it is almost unheard of to replace a turbo. We have had the twin turbo engine since 99 in the S80, and I can't remember us having to replace a turbo. The last turbo we replaced was on a 2000 V40 w/ 85k that the owner simply never changed the oil in.
    The V8 will get better highway mileage than the 5 cyl and probably better highway mileage than the XC70. It turns alot fewer rpms than the 5 cyl does.

    Xc90 owners tend to be type A personalities. XC70 owners tend to be the more traditional Volvo owner. More analytical and less likely to give in to fads.
    I'd go w/ the XC90. The price of a 5 cyl isn't that far off from the XC70, resale will be better and you can do more w/ the XC90.
  • I recently bought a 1999 v70 xc wagon with ~70 K miles. It runs great, but my mechanic claims that I shuld routinely replace the electronic throttle at ~80 K miles because it is known to die by ~90 K miles. He wants $600 for the part and $400 labor to replace it. Is he right?
    Does anyone know where I can get a full factory manual for this car?
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Thanks VolvoMax for filling me in. I appreciate it.
  • Anybody ever receive "good will" from Volvo after the warranty expires?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    It does happen.
    Alot depends on your maintenence history and your relationship w/ your dealer.
    Also, if the problem is a known one.

    Keep in mind that it is "goodwill" and not a right.
    Volvo only has to warranty the car for 4 yrs or 50,000 miles.(some parts/systems longer)
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    yes re goodwill re warranty. air pump failed after warranty expired (aux air injection). without me asking, the dealer asked volvo if they would cover it and they did. i think it saved me about $350.
    we've had great experiences with our volvos, 96 855, 01 v70 2.4t, 04 xc90 2.5t/awd. there's little doubt we'll end up buying another volvo some year.
  • camydogcamydog Posts: 64
    A friend just traded his '00 XC for a 4-motion Passat wagon because he had the viscous coupling replaced twice in 79k miles. He was done with their Volvo and huge repair costs. Doesn't help that our closest dealer is almost 2 hours away. I'm wondering what the difference is between the AWD system in the '00 and that of the '01 and later cars.

    I don't have his problems, no AWD on my '01 T5. It sure is a nice car to drive but I dread the visits to the dealer for services. I am shallow pocketed like most V70 owners.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    VW is no service picnic either. In fact they are horrible!

    The 2000 V70 XC used a different coupling than the 2001-2003 models.
    Haldex was used starting in 2004.

    Contrary to popular belief, Volvo's maintenance costs are pretty close to average.
    Since you own a V70 T5 your pockets can't be that shallow.
  • 105,000 miles and Volvo dealer serviced since new. Never had a trailer hitch. About 1,000 miles ago, started hearing a howling noise at low speeds and now it's a bad vibration at high sppeds. We're told that the rear drive shaft center bearing is junk. $1K to fix! Shouldn't this bearing last longer?

    First ?: Can a good drive line shop replace this bearing?

    2nd?: Since vibration started the tranny shifts with a 'BANG". Is this caused by the bad bearing?
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