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Volvo V70 Wagon Experience



  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Why is it that almost everyone who posts here with a horror story either bought their car second-hand or doesn't know / won't reveal the preventative maintenance history of their V70?

    I bought my 2004 V70 new in July 2004. I have changed the engine oil every 5000 - 7500 miles, flushed the transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant every 50,000 miles, changed the spark plugs at 60,000, replaced the timing belt (and tensioner, idler pulley, etc.) at 100,000 and installed new shocks at 110,000 (way overdue).

    Except for some small nits early on (a rattle in the cargo area, trip odometer resetting at random, broken rear seat cupholder (kids), and a separated fuel filler neck) that were fixed under warranty, we have enjoyed 120,000 trouble free miles.

    My V70 has proven to be more comfortable and reliable than any of the 4 Honda's I've owned over the years. I plan on keeping it for many years to come.
  • Well, I'm sitting here reading the reviews and starting to panic a little. To start off, I began this week all set to buy a 2001 Volvo V40. 104,000 miles. $5100. The owner could not produce documentation that the timing belt has been replaced and the struts needed to be replaced on the front after having a mechanic do a full car inspection. So, I walked. I went to another dealership and he had (4) 2001 V70s. One of them was black with the T5. I fell in love with the power and comfort of this car. I fear my emotions got the best of me since I put down a $500 down payment and I'm taking a hardship loan from my 401K to pay the balance on Friday. It's a 2001, 87,000 miles. Out the door price is $7800.
    My husband and I separated and since both cars were in his name, until we settle, I need a car immediately. I have always driven either a Honda or Toyota, but I wanted something different.
    Now, I'm a little (OK, maybe REALLY) scared. I'm on a very limited income and have 4 children that I'm sharing custody with. I cannot afford to buy a car that will have constant repair issues. Should I walk away and just eat the $500 deposit. PLEASE HELP! ????
  • k7hpk7hp Posts: 29
    Fedlawman - these are my records with my 2003 V70 2.4T

    This car was bought new from Volvo Feb 2003 and was maintained at or better than Volvo recommendations .

    4 year 50,000 mile warranty - goes to Feb 2007 2003 V70 2.4 T

    Date Mileage Cost Notes

    27-Mar-03 1164 59.53 Mobil 1 synthetic $5.95 a qt for 6 qts ($4.99 at Checker)

    11-Jun-03 2312 0.00 Rear hatch seal loose - misaligned - Done under warranty ..

    18-Nov-03 4366 19.35 Oil change with my own Mobil 1 Oil .. also fixed power steering leak from bottom of reservoir NC. Note: A few weeks later , fluid was so low it would not touch dipstick, took it in and they said it was full. That was patent BS ... I checked it before I left for dealer. Anyhow they filled it and it has been OK since ... probably an air bubble from when they did the original repair but don't lie to me!.

    12-May-04 7271 136.38 They did not check spare tire , it was at 48 lbs instead of 60 lbs.Left one of the battery cover bolts loose.
    Bill was with using my own Mobil 1 oil for oil change
    9-Dec-04 10569 21.89 Oil change with my own Mobile 1

    4-May-05 12923 973.34 4 Michelin 235/45-17 Pilot XGT H4 at Discount

    5-Oct-05 15089 340.52 15000 mile service using oil and filter with ( my Mobil 1 ??? )they did not check battery - had to take it back - also they tried to charge me for oil. Big discussion of what oil they really used !!!! Service adviser brought out empty Mobil 1 containers ???? 4 wheel alignment

    3-Oct-06 20515 59.69 Oil change with my own Mobile 1- Replaced front wiper blades Also tweaked front end for pull - 22500 mile service

    26-Sep-07 25000 324.00 new set of Yokohama 235/45-R17 - Michelins shot - Discount credited $89 a tire for poor mileage against the 40K warranty

    26-Sep-07 25026 49.99 Front end aligned - rear wheel alignment was "perfect". Network Alignment

    2-Oct-07 25129 16.24 Oil and Filter - my own Mobil 1 - Swedish Auto Works -

    27-Jun-08 28974 540.33 OIl and Filter - my Mobile One - Front brake Pucks , engine torque mount bushing , diagnose gas leak from fuel pump.

    30-Jun-08 29046 715.83 Replace fuel pump assembly- two new o ring seals also

    19-Mar-09 32692 39.90 Oil and Filter - my own Mobil 1 - Swedish Auto Works -front brake squeal - deglaze and graphite

    20-Mar-09 32721 276.57 Changed coolant , cabin air filter, engine air filter , all rest 30K Re-did front brakes for squeal

    12-Jun-09 33874 1232.04 Replaced right front power door lock , replaced radiator leaking at right lower seam put in all new coolant
    say need upper strut mounts $473 say need all lower control arm bushings $650

    10-Aug-09 34717 225.68 Check Engine light - ECM upgraded - ECM0431D fault code - say if comes back will need to do leak pump. say now Transmission pan re-seal - beginning to leak - $900
    if do transmission flush at same time about another $300. also highlight CV boots ,half shafts,control arms as "may require atten" ????? and highlighted Shocks/Rear Struts as "may require atten" ?????

    total of $2323 repairs "need" to be done as of 10 August 09
    have done $2489 since 27 June 08

    Like I say , maybe I got a lemon --- maybe lousy dealer service - (I went through three different organizations , each dealer went out of business and became something else . I even looked at a new 2009 V70 at the last dealer , Sanderson Volvo - but it got sold while we were thinking - that was the end of V70 at Sanderson - and the Ford/Volvo change was scary .

    And one crowning thing was how I was treated by local Volvo Factory rep and my letter to Volvo Customer service was replied to with a basic tough . (But as I said they did refund about $1000 a year or so later through a recall letter they sent saying that if you had already had the work done send in receipts) .
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    edited February 2011
    That's really useful (and enlightening) information, thanks for posting it k7.

    Not to play devil's advocate, but...

    I don't think you got a lemon. It looks like many of your problems are plastic and rubber failure (bushings, hoses, seals, CV boots, etc.). I suspect that a lot of this is caused by your cars duty cycle exacerbated by the desert climate.

    5000 miles/year means that your car either sits unused for long periods and/or makes many short trips. Both cycles wreak havok on your car. It could certainly explain your fluid leaks, brake squeal, and check engine light (intake/ignition/exhaust/emissions?).

    Today, your car is 8 years old and it appears you have never changed the transmission or brake fluid. You kept the original coolant for 6 years. If your CV boots are shot (which after 8 years they may very well be), then you will most likely need new driveshafts too. Other things that could be at the end of their useful life (in my humble opinion) are the catalytic converter, O2 sensors and muffler.

    My opinion: You may have had some questionable dealer service too, I don't know. But if you did, who knows what they did or didn't do to your car? Finally, I used to use Mobil 1 in my cars too, but I recently switched back to high quality dino oil because I've been told (by very knowledgeable sources) that real oil is thicker (I'm paraphrasing) and lubricates seals better than synthetic oil, thus it is less likely to leak/seep.

    Finally, I'll just add that I don't claim to be an expert. I'm not a mechanic. I'm just a car enthusiast and shade-tree wrench turner who works on my own cars. I wish you the best of luck with your car!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    edited September 2011
    We just had our first unscheduled maintenance with our V70 so I thought I would post an update. My wife got a CEL illumination a few weeks ago and also had the car stall. It started right up again and ran fine, but I brought it to my usual independent shop to have it looked at.

    OBC reader said fault code ECM-261A Fuel pressure system, which indicated either the fuel pump or fuel pressure sensor was faulty. Since our problem was intermittent and the car ran fine, we replaced the sensor. It was also only $200 and an easy fix so worth trying first.

    Well I'm happy to report that all seems fine again. No CEL illuminations and no stalls.

    I also replaced all 4 tires as the old Goodyears were getting low on tread and winter is approaching (here in Seattle, that means more rain than snow). I chose Goodyear Assurance TripleTreds to replace the ComfortTreds we had because I liked the ride but wanted to improve wet traction. We haven't had any rain yet, but so far the TripleTreds have a very nice smooth and quiet ride - easily a match for the ComfortTreds that I really liked.

    With the new tires and struts, our 123,000 V70 rides as good as the day we bought it. I have test driven a few cars lately (Land Rover LR4, Mercedes E350 wagon, Jeep Grand Cherokee) thinking about getting a new car and giving the V70 to our daughter when she starts driving next year. None of these cars offer a significant improvement over the comfort, ride, or safety of our V70. I do like the more modern telematics they offer (Bluetooth, iPod connectivity, nav, etc.) so we'll see...
  • rmo3rmo3 Posts: 2
    Isn't it a shame they didn't bring the v60 to the states. I really like that car. I have 2005 V70, you probably went on line and saw those green diesels getting over 50 mpg. I think there is some gentleman's agreement to give Europe all the diesels. Maybe to keep price of diesel low but who knows? but seems odd that technology continues to be kept from the US. Not helpful as information just my 2 cents, does 2 make it a petition drive? For a v60 diesel!
  • hi wanted to see if you ever figured out how to put the upholder back in and attach the spring thing.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Since I last posted here.

    Car's running strong with 135,000 on the odometer. No issues - it's still a pleasure to own and drive.

    We did get another car to join the V70 in the stable. A lovely old BMW 3 series convertible. Yes, my daughter will be driving the Volvo... :)
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