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Chevy Tahoe Stabilitrak Problems



  • pajennpajenn Posts: 1

    I just bought a 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT with 47K miles on it in December. I purchased an extended warranty and now I'm glad I did! I would not have bought the vehicle if I had seen this thread though. I haven't had any issues yet (fingers crossed) but it has only been a month. Any update on the class action suit?

  • OMG I'm scared to death after reading this thread. I have a 2007 Yukon XL with 121K miles on it. Last Tuesday while out running errands the check Traction Control/Stabilitrak lights came on. I was probably going about 45mph when this happened. Pulled up to a stoplight and the car just started to feel like it was running rough. I decided to pull into the closest shopping center parking lot and called my husband. I do not speak car maintenance. I explained what it was doing and he had me turn it off and try to start it again. When I did it almost jumped forward a couple of feet in the parking lot. I told him that I maybe doing damage if I try to drive it to the shop to be checked out. We had it towed to our local dealership for diagnosis. They called a few hours later to tell me that they would have to pull out the engine to really be able to tell what the problem was but it seems to be the main cylinder and it may have damaged the cam shaft. That they estimated the cost to be $2800-$3800. I literally laughed out loud. I told them to hold off at that point.
    The next day we experienced a southern blizzard and everything shut down for several days. They still have not started fixing it because I am at a loss of what to do. They mentioned that I may be better to just have the engine replaced if I was going to already be spending that much. I wouldn't mind trading it in but I know at this point I'm just going to get raped at the dealership. We have had problems with it burning oil for several years and we have to check the oil level every time we fill the tank. The lift gate works sometimes and other times it doesn't.
    I just wanted to try to find some answers tonight about estimated costs for fixing Traction Control issues on a 2007 Yukon XL and now I have discovered all of this. I'm at a loss and confused about what to do with this possible death trap, lemon that I have honestly enjoyed. I have gone almost a week without a car and as a mother of 3, I can't do it any longer.

  • jpfjpf Posts: 496

    hudgrif1: Does your vehicle have the AFM (active fuel management)? GM has had some problems with this engine and may be willing to help. Check out the Silverado forums for AFM issues. Good luck.

  • I just bought a 2007 Suburban with 72,000 miles on 1/17/14. Wish I would have read this post before the purchase. The Traction Control/Stabilitrak service soon lights came on a couple days ago. I took to a chevy dealership and was told that camshaft sensor was bad. That cost me $135 just for them to hook it to the computer. They wanted $788 more to replace the sensor. I thought that was a lot just for a sensor so I had replaced at another location. The traction control/ stabilitrack service soon lights went off. The next morning right back on. Hopefully GM will have a fix for this. If not I think I'm in big trouble since I have a 5 year loan on the truck.

  • mncold1mncold1 Posts: 1

    Possible solution to long list of problems problems. I have a 2007 Suburban from new with 149k miles. My oil pressure gage red lined and the went to zero. The sending unit is on the back the motor. and required me to move many vacuum, fuel and other lines out of the way. After I quit poking around, I took the truck on a 58 mile ride, and every thing started to go wrong. The engine was rough, 4wd Auto quit working, service auto trac, service stabilitrack kept flashing on and off. When the car was shut off and restarted the idle went to 1800rpm and sat there. I also got 2 lean codes on the engine mgmt system. Shifting from 1 to 2 was hard. I had virtually all of the problems that everyone on the site is complaining about.

    When I got home I went to this form to understand what was going on on got very frightened.

    I decided to retraced my inspection steps and sure enough a vacuum line was knocked off of its port. Further investigation showed the soft rubber connector was split. I repaired the split reassembled, cleared all codes with the code reader, and ALL problems went away. CHECK FOR VACUUM LEAKS!

  • sclum79sclum79 Posts: 2

    It's driving me crazy. I have a 2011 Avalanche, after a tire rotation all heck broke loose. My stabiltrak warning came on, service traction control, and it now sounds like a need a new exhaust. Oh, my a/c heater fan went out. My dealer has no clue. Please help. Thanks sclum79

  • sw686ssrsw686ssr Posts: 1

    '07 Tahoe with 87k miles. Been there done most except the engine rebuild nothing successful. So now I drive around with a quarter inch drive ratchet and 12mm? socket and when the Stabilcrap/Check Squirrel Cage light comes on, I pull off the road, pop the hood, disconnect the battery and touch the positive cable to ground, re-connect and go on my not-so-merry way for another 300+/- miles until the next Christmas tree light flashes on the dash. Time to trade, my wife is getting unhappy and that is a bad thing.

  • sclum79sclum79 Posts: 2

    Took my 2011 Avalanche to a different dealer. This is what they did. They replace the stearing wheel sensor. They said that this was the cause of the Stabilatrak/service traction control. The lights went off. However, they first had to replace the rear differential which was under warranty. Let me know if this works for anyone else.

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