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Chevy Tahoe Stabilitrak Problems



  • My first post here too and I'm sorry to make it. We have a 2008 suburban LTZ purchased used 4+ years ago which now has 115k miles on it. My wife loves the car. In December we had the same problems many others have had - ticking, misfires, SES light on, stabilitrac light on, etc. My local garage said it could be lifters and the cam shaft so I took it to the dealer. They replaced the throttle body, spark plugs, wires, did a fuel service and got me back on the road for $1,200. Was happy not to have an engine problem even after paying a pretty penny... for the time being. This weekend the ticking came back and Sunday night was incredibly loud so we took it to the dealer Monday morning. They said the #1 lifter had collapsed and recommended that all be repaired ($3,500) and if the camshaft was worn the total would be $4,700. Or, they wrote on my recommended services fax that I could "Replace engine (new engine may be better option than repair)." I like our dealer and the service manager has been good over the years but this was too much for me especially after 10 minutes on the internet reveals a gazillion stories that are all the same. At any rate, I called GM and they contacted me right away on Wednesday morning. I explained my situation to the customer service rep and asked for some assistance with the repair. She told me that the car was out of warranty and they would not help share with the cost. I told her that I knew I was out of warranty but that this was a very common issue that surely GM was aware of and they should be willing to help. She then told me that I had bought the car used and it "would have made a difference" if I was the original owner. Never mind that I bought it from a Chevy dealer. I get the message - I am a second class owner. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said someone would call within 24 hours. It's been longer than that (by a half day) and no call back. Further evidence on how common this thing is... I work in a small office with 6 other people, one of whom has a Suburban like me. I was complaining to her about my issue and she said that she had all the lifters repaired on hers too. I'm really hoping GM will help, but if they don't, any advice on whether to repair or trade the car in?
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    I have read every single post. All 9 pages. I have a chevy avalanche 07. Bought it last February. Was in the shop for lifters two weeks later. I had the traction control problems too!  Everything all of you are saying. My truck now has 97000. I bought it with 70000. Yes I drive a lot. The traction control problem started Thursday night,  it is now Monday and I was just told my engine is not fixable. I guess I throw a shaft if that makes sense. I bought it again with 70000 11 months ago. I treaded my truck great. Never any 4 wheel, never any hi speeds. Just high way at 65. I had a 2002 gmc 1500 before this truck and sold it for $3500 with 230000. My truck did not make 100000. I always talked ford down but even their worst stories are not as bad as this. My truck has had about $8000 worth of repairs in 11 months. Four lifters were done 10 months ago. I am done with gm. And the gm representatives that pop up every few post are fake and just there to make people think something is happening. The two things I got from this form is. Do not but a gm from 2003 to 2013. And gm will never own up it what they did wrong. You think this is only a few million worth of mess ups you are dead wrong. The [non-permissible content removed] up by gm is hundreds of millions of dollars. We are paying that!  Us!  I am looking forward to giving ford a chance. I now have a$16000 loan with a blown engine that will cost me $7-8000 to fix. From my local gm dealer.  The sad part " I read this form before I bought it". I thought all of you were full of it. I am sorry for thinking that now. You live and learn and that us what I am doing. Do not buy you will regret it I guarantee it 
  • I have a 2007 tahoe with stabilitrack issue happened 3 times now I took pictures of all the lights bells and whistles going off with my phone. Now im am starting to track oil consumption. 
  • I am so mad and frustrated right now. We had bought a 2000 Chevy brand new right off the lot and had to replace the fuel gauge just like every other owner of a Chevy that year. In addition we had to replace the radio, headliner piece, door motors, and my son who bought it from us had to replace the transmission at 55,000 miles. Ridiculous and I swore I would never buy another Chevy. We are not hard on our rigs, we had a 76 Ford that we were tough on, getting wood and four wheeling, our Chevy's have only been used on road and very few miles a year. My husband loves Chevy's so we bought a 2009 Chevy brand new right off the lot, even though I wanted to buy Ford. Now at 36,000 miles we are looking at $800 to have our Stabilitrak issues solved. This wasn't caused by our driving, we put 7,000 easy gentle miles on this rig a year. It's about time for Chevy to step up. Like I said, everyone who had a 2000 Chevy had the fuel gauge issue, and now it seems everyone is getting this Stabilitrak issue. I am going to contact Chevy and if they don't offer some sort of resolution for my barely out of warranty truck with 36,000 miles on it I will go Ford or Dodge and never look back. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice shame on me.
  • Our 2010 Chevy Suburban had the same faults. Every dealer gave high dollar quotes saying the problem was everything from the computer, to the cat. converter, bad lifters, bad transmission, etc etc. One of the clerks at Autozone said it was a bad coil pack. We bought one coil pack and changed out one at a time until the truck suddenly ran great. The problem was a bad coil pack on cylinder 4. Coil pack was $80 and shade tree mechanic's time was $50.
  • I have 2007 Suburban and having all same issues... Stabilitrak, traction, burning oil etc.....
    Seems like nobody resolve the issues... Dealer told me to replace engine than will be fine. check engine light is on because of burning oil and that leads to stabilitrak, traction issue and lead to harsh change gear between 1st to 2nd....Told me $3700 for rebuilt engine or $6100 for new engine replacement.
    Still have question if I replace with new engine, will everything be fine?????
  • I started having the problem after we changed the oil pressure sensor yesterday. The Stabilitrak light and hard shift from 1 to 2. I've not reset the computer again yet but will try it shortly today. Hoping it's just a computer reset issue....
  • mikehuskeymikehuskey Posts: 2
    Just to share my experience to hopefully help someone else, we have experienced the same issues with our 2008 suburban. For several days we have searched and read countless sites trying to find what was causing the rough idle, stabilitrak warning, and the hard shift from 1st to 2nd... After going by advance auto, O'Reilly's, and Auto Zone and having them hook up the code reader, we kept getting several codes. From oil pressure sensor warnings (which I replaced first) to a warning related to the stabilitrak needing serviced. But the code that turned out to be the fix to our issues was the multiple misfires on our number 7 spark plug. One of the guys at AutoZone suggested that it was most likely the coil pack that was the problem. With the vehicle running rougher and rougher I (not a mechanic by no means) swapped the ignition coil pack on #7 with #5 to see if the misfire code would then switch to #5 as well. Running rough I went back to two different stores to run the diagnostics and it was still showing up as the #7 misfiring. At that point the automotive angel nudged me to go ahead and buy a new spark plug. After an hour of trying to find my socket wrench and busting a knuckle getting the old spark plug out, I was a little shocked to see the old spark plug corroded and pretty ugly to look at. I got the new plug in and crossed my first fingers... And upon starting her up she ran like a top. No more warning lights... No more service the stabilitrak errors... And everything seems to be great. Not sure if this will fix everyone's problem, but after $7 for a new plug and a skinned knuckle the problem seems to be fixed. Hope this helps someone and good luck! 
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