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2010 Nissan Maxima



  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    isn't that the truth; plus the new Maxima looks more like an Infiniti then it does a Nissan; it you took off the three Nissan badges and replaced them with Infiniti emblems most people wouldn't know the difference! ;)
  • jeff618jeff618 Posts: 29
    As a follow-up to my post above, I just got an email from and Trico has a $15 rebate on NeoForms and a $10 rebate on Techs through 5/15/10. They also sent me an additional $5 instant coupon "springreturningcustomer" (orders over $30) not sure when it expires... I'm not ready to replace them yet so take it if you want it!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I know what you mean. Although my local Nissan dealer does have a very nice waiting room, I have really hesitated even thinking of getting back into a Nissan, because I didn't like the way I was treated when I took my 2002 Maxima in for service over the four years that I had it. They were just kind of rude, not very polite all the time.

    Lexus really spoiled me on that front. This is a shame, because I like the 2010 Maxima.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Infiniti is litterly the same way. I mean you do get a nicer dealership in regards to loaners, elegant waiting areas, slightly nicer service people, but in the end they are just as bad as Nissan with customer service. Its not so much the dealerships that bother me but more coporate. I mean there are times with both Infiniti and Nissan over the years when they don't even return my phone calls when I have a question or problem and when I do hear from them, they tell me to speak to my region rep who knows absolutely nothing about the products and refers me back to the dealership!

    Its such a shame because they make such nice products but they charge an arm and leg for vehicles like the Maxima and Murano but don't want to give you the same level of service. Acura and Lexus treat you far better on the customer service front then Nissan/Infiniti!
  • I saw a few posts about this topic (no conclusions) but the more I drive my now 4 month old vehicle, the more I realize that the noise levels are really unacceptable....especially given the overall refinement of the rest of the car. Sounds like the sunroof or front right "A" pillar noise. Any ideas or remedies?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    To be honest with you, I haven't heard too much wind noise with the car. I have heard an incredible amount of road noise, which most of agreed is the result of the crappy OEM RS-A tires! They just seem to howl on any road surface and any bumps are rough road and transferred and heard into the cabin which really ruins the incredible comfortable and balanced suspension the Maxima has.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    edited May 2010
    Hi all, I have a 2010 Max SV with the tech package and I've been having a issue with noise coming from the engine while the car is running and especially when its turned off/cooling off in the garage.

    I hear a lot of knocking/pinging/clinging noises coming from below the engine area of the car while I'm driving, the car is idling at a stop, and especially when the car is first cooling off after the engine has been shut off! I mean the thing sounds like a popcorn machine with these knocking/pinging noises while the engine is running and especially when the car is shut off and cooling off in the garage!

    I have never heard this noise before from any of my vehicles, except one or two in the past while they were turned off and cooling off in the garage but never to this loud and this much of an extent as this Max. This Maxima does it while the engine is running and you can noticeable hear it really sounds unrefined and cannot figure out why a car with only 8k miles would be doing this. None of my vehicles in the past make this noise while the engine is running, and in fact, I have 2005 FX35, which practically has the same identical 3.5L VQ V6 engine as this Maxima, just with a different HP/torque and it doesn't make any of these noises, not even when cooling off in the garage!

    I'm at a loss as to what is wrong. It is definitely not the gas I use because I just usetop tier Shell Premium in my Maxima since day 1 and all my other current cars get the exact same gas from the same station and none of them make this noise. It is not the oil, Nissan gave me regular motor oil for my first free oil change at 3750 and I now have a full synthetic in their at the 7500 mile oil change and the noise was there with both kinds of oil. I've had this noise since about 1000k miles mark on the car so at first I thought it was just the break in from the car being new but at 8k miles on the odometer now, it has not gotten better and seems to be worse and I'm passed the break in period now!

    I think I either have valve chatter, a bad spark plug, or a catalytic converter trouble that is making this noise.

    I wanted to find out if anyone else had this problem and if so, if you found out what was causing it and how it was fixed, before I take it into Nissan and make a stink! I expect Nissan to play the "oh thats a normal sound game" with me but since my FX35 engine is virtually the same and doesn't make these pinging/knocking/clinging noises, I know that not to be true!
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 51
    I know this reply is late but I have the same noises when I park in the garage only. My in law who's a mechanic said those sounds are normal. I also have an MDX and it pings when the engine is turned off.
    For anyone who's interest I bought a 7 year/100,000 miles extended warrant for $1735 on the internet. That was the best deal I could get from nissan
  • I had the same problem with wind noise. I actually had the dealership replace the window because I said it was unacceptable. It actually got a little better but there is still a lot of noise. Don't get me wrong, I love my Maxima. But for $38k I could have gotten a much better made car. This car is way overpriced!!
  • I've had my 2010 Maxima since December and have been into the shop about 10 times! I can't believe a car that costs $38k would have this many issues. Below are some that were because the car was poorly made and others because the dealership I bought it at has the worst service dept. in America!

    First problem I noticed when I started driving it regularly on the freeway was that the steering wheel would vibrate a lot once I hit 65. I took it to the dealership and they said they did an alignment on it. Got it back and it was still doing it. Took it in again and they replaced the tires. Got it back and it was still doing it. Took it in again and they said something was wrong with the front right alignment and now it's fixed. And by George, it was!!

    Second problem was the extreme wind noise coming from the front windshield. I mentioned this to the service dept. when my car was in for the vibrating tires and they told me that there was no leaks even though I heard a whistling sound. I didn't accept their answer and had them replace the windshield. The whistling is gone but there is still a lot of wind noise.

    Third problem was the driver seat back would move back whenever I accelerated. Took it in and they said it was a known problem and they would fix it. Got it back and a few days later the horrible service dept. issues began to surface. I went to put up my window and the automatic up button didn't work. A day later I went to turn on my heated seat and that no longer worked. Then I noticed my power seat would not function properly. So I took it back in and they needed to order a part for the heated seat. Took it back in another time to get that fixed along with the window and power seat issue. All good until I went into my back seat and noticed that my seat back was falling off! I couldn't believe they gave the car back to me in that condition. So I took it back in to get it fixed and they said they would have to order a part for it. I looked at it when I left and it looked fixed but figured it would fall down again when I went over a bump.

    Next issue I noticed in the meantime was that the car felt like I was stuck in a gear and it would be making a humming sound. I also noticed a knocking sound coming from the front of the car, sort of like a loose strut or shock. So I took it in last Saturday so they could check out those new issues and replace the seat back. They told me that the noise was from a wheel barring? that needed to be replaced and they would have to order it for me. Fine, I left the dealership and sure enough the next day I noticed my seat back was again falling off :mad: I almost lost it. How can something that looked like it was fixed but wasn't, then was supposed to really be fixed, now be broken?? How does the Service manager not look at a car before it's considered repaired?? I'm dropping off my car tonight to get the engine and noise issues fixed, then I am talking to Consumer Affairs about my issues. This has been the worst 6 months of owning a car EVER!!

    If anyone has had similar issues please let me know. I will be writing a letter to Nissan about the quality of this car.

    Oh, one last note. How can the trunk not be somewhat powered when you go to open it or shut it? I brought this up to the service dept. and they told me its the way it was designed?? Or, the mud flaps are a joke!!

    If you couldn't tell, I'm a little distraught about my Maxima experience.....
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I belong to a Maxima forum where once in a while a Nissan Master Technician will come on and try to help us out and answer some of our questions.

    According to two separate techs, Nissan is aware that on the 09 and 10 Maxima, there is bad vibration/shimmy issues with the Goodyear RS-As, the front driver and passenger seats have moving/shaking issues, and there is a recall on the front strut insulators. I have had and will be taking my car in again in the next two weeks to address these issues.

    According to the techs, Nissan came out with a new TSB on the suspension that if anyone brings the car in under warranty complaining about suspension noises/sounds, etc, which I have begun experiencing, that Nissan is to inspect and replace the front struts/insulators, whether or not the car was under the initial recall period of being manufactured from 08/03/09-08/14/09. Nissan has told me that my car was not apart of the recall yet my door sill says my car was assembled in August 2009 (got it in the middle of Sept 09) so it has to be related!

    To be honest with you, I think your making too much about the trunk issue. There are a lot of sedan trunk lids that don't pop up all the way and so the Maxima is hardly alone. I've got the spoiler on the trunk which weighs it down even more so you can imagine how much of a pain it is to lower and raise the thing.

    The rest of the issues are legit though and you just have to keep complaining and demanding Nissan does something. Aparently, if you make enough stink about the problems with the tires, and show you spent money on balancing/alignments with no resolve of the vibrations (especially at high speeds), like I have, some Nissan dealers are swapping off the RS-A for Michelin Primacy's MXV4s which has gotten rid of the vibrations/ride quality/noise level issues of the crappy Goodyear's, but keep in mind, this seems to be a dealer specific thing and I don't expect my dealer to do it though the techs told me their dealerships have been allowed to do this and I have heard from some owners online that their dealerships did this as well.
  • Thanks smarty. I got my car back today and the service dept. said no one was able to hear the sounds I was talking about. They're trying to make me think I'm crazy! So I will no longer be going back to that dealership and will make sure Nissan knows about the service, or lack of, I received there. I'll be taking my car to another service dept. to follow up on the suspension noises. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to bring it up at the next place I go to. As far as the tires go, I haven't had any more issues after the finally fixed the vibrating. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Oh definitely do that! If my dealer pulls that on me when I bring it in, I'll tell them right to their face how crappy they are, will be reporting them to Nissan Consumer Affairs and go to another dealer! I suggest you do the same!
  • So when I am driving my 2010 Maxima (purchased just 3 months ago in March), there is a distinctive buzzing noise that appears to be coming from the dashboard mounted speaker. I can hear the noise really well at 40 MPH or lower (with or without my music on). I took it into the Nissan Dealership and had the service technician take a ride with me. Sadly, we were not able to duplicate the buzzing noise. I was just to curious to see if others have experienced a similar issue.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I have heard a few people hear and there complain about a rattle issue with front and rear speakers while driving! It is best if you can reproduce the sound with a tech, but if not, I would go back in and force them to replace the speaker you hear the noise coming from. As long as your under warranty, its free of charge to you and the speakers should be a dime a dozen for the factory to eat the cost from the dealership! If not, you'll have to live with it for now!
  • rgb42rgb42 Posts: 40
    In 2004 I purchased a new '04 Maxima SE, which I really liked. In 2008 I decided to purchase a new '08 Hyndai Azera Limited, which I liked at first. After about a year and numerous problems, I got to dislike the car quite a bit. This past May I decided to get rid of the Azera and purchased a new 2010 Maxima. Although the Azera had a couple of items on it (as did my '04 Maxima) that are not on this new Maxima, after 3 months and 4500 miles, I simply love this car. So far, I have had absolutely none of the problems I have been reading about in this forum. At this time, I am a very happy camper with the new Maxima ... and it is so much nicer, better riding, and quieter than my '04 Maxima, which when I had it, I thought was a great car.
  • ljpzapljpzap Posts: 3
    I had vibration with my 09 Maxima SV with the 19 inch Goodyear Eagle tires. First time they said they needed balancing. That didn't do it, next time they said they needed to trim the rotors as they were warped. They did that and it helped but I can still feel a vibration in the the car. I will check the DOM on the car as I have not received any recall notice on it.
    Also had it as the steering wheel tilt motor went out after 14 months. There is a Nissan SB out on it (mechanics left it in my car) They have known about the motor problem since the new 09 model came out. They are just hoping the cars get through the warranty period before the motors break so Nissan would not have to cover the problem under warranty.
    I had 2 Acura TL's and switched to the new Maxima because the TL body style was not for me and the Maxima had good performance "allegedly" I have been dissappointed and wished I kept my 2005 TL. This car doesn't handle anything like the Acura. It is mushy in corners. Power in it is definitely really good and the transmission smooth, but with the vibration issues and the motor on the steering wheel I am pretty much done with them and will be switching when the lease is up.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I've had the same thing with my 10 Maxima with vibrations. I haven't had any problems with the alignment or steering being off center but the vibrations are entirely due to the tires. I've been through this with Nissan and my local Goodyear tire dealership. The RS-As have inherent vibration issues both places told me and no amount of sport performance balancing/alingments, etc are going to fix it. It is just the nature of these POS tires.

    The only way your going to solve the vibration issues is by replacing the Goodyear's with a high quality Michelin or Bridgestone tires. The guys online who have done so have completely gotten rid of their vibration issues once new/different tires were put on.

    Sorry to be the barer of bad news!
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    I agree with it being the tires. I am looking to buy a car in the spring and am currently monitoring multiple make/model message boards, and I'm seeing complaints about GY RS-A's all over the place.
  • ljpzapljpzap Posts: 3
    For what it is worth I would not get the Maxima again, not for the price. I have the SV model with sport package and tech. In 09 it was $38,500. I am either going back to Acura or switching to BMW 3 series next year. Maxima engine and transmission are great (quiet, smooth strong), but fit/finish/handling for a car with this price and "sports sedan" billing make it a little dissappointing, and their service level at the dealers is not near Acura or BMW. Frankly they should drop the Maxima and just let Infinity market their luxury line, as it just doesn't really fit in at the dealership in my opinion. Good luck in your search.
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