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2010 Nissan Maxima



  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I started having this when the cold weather hit back in November. Had creaking/groaning noises from the rear suspension going over speed bumps, dips, etc.

    Need to take it in and tell them about the noise and instruct them to clean and grease the rear suspension bushings. I had that done and the noise is gone. Apparently, Nissan used cheap crap in the rear suspension and the cold weather dries out the bushings resulting in the noises.
  • Thanks! I'll let you know how it works out!
    Pretty sad for a "new" car......
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Couldn't agree with you more! Pretty sad for a car that has an over $40k msrp on the window sticker now.
  • I just started having the same issue with my 2010 Nissan Maxima SV. It is extremely loud when I shut off the vehicle. The noise seems to be coming from the front wheel wells or under the front end of the car.

    My Maxima also has 8,000 miles on it. It is still under warranty. Before I bring it in for service to help resolve the issue. What was the end result of your problem? How was it resolved? What was causing the noise?

    Thanks for your time.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    It won't get resolved, mine hasn't either. It just the heat shield expanding and contracting which makes the knocking and pinging sound. I even told them that I have never had a car do this before WHILE the engine is running.

    I have had some cars in the past do this a little bit when cooling off in the garage but this car takes the cake. It is constantly loud and unrefined sounding. It really sounds like a popcorn maker. Just absolutely ridiculous that a $40k dollar car makes noises like this and Nissan says that is normal. They just don't get it!
  • Maxima 2009 - I purchased a new 2009 max and the seat cover look like it was 3 yrs old. The dealers said it would flatten out but never did. A year later, they replaced the seat cover with another one, which looked like it was 10 yrs old. Almost 1 1/2 yrs later, the dealer showed my a notice he received from Nissan acknowledging the defect. The dealer would not give me a copy but said he would call me in 30 days to repair it. 6 months later no call. I have contacted a Lemon Law attorney, maybe you should fo the same.
  • FINALLY brought it my 15K "service" mark (good thing it's a company car....$296 for oil/filter/wiper blades/rot/balance??) which was overdue, mentioned the "noise"...could not replicate as it was warmer/raining. Luckily, a tech took pity on me and found NTB011-007B which replaced rear stabilizer bushings.
    Don't lubricate the old ones, that is exactly what should NOT be done!
    Insist on this NTB fix, I was told that low speed, cold weather exacerbated the condition and I concur!
  • robtroxelrobtroxel Posts: 103
    Looks like they used the ultra high priced Ester Oil for your oil change. You will not invalidate your warantry if you opt for the regular mineral oil instead. Just tell the Service manager thats what you want. Thanks for the TSB report on the rear bushings!
  • tictac3tictac3 Posts: 78
    edited July 2011
    Our 2010 Max has about 9500 miles on it. I last changed the oil & filter at 8000 miles (every 4000 mi). Today while driving, the VID display showed an oil filter icon. It was not the oil pressure light! Could not find anything in the owner's manual. Any thoughts?
  • Did you get this resolved? We took our 2010 Maxima in for the starter button clicking and not starting. The nissan service center could not find the problem and we left with it not resolved. Two hours after we got it back from the dealer it would not start. They said that the battery was working properly and holding a charge and they could not get it to not start. Nissan has always been a reliable product. It still does it and no resolution so far. Are they (Nissan)hiding this problem from the public? Let me know if anyone has this problem. Thanks.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    I also have a 2010 Max and the exact same thing happened to me last month. The dealer said the battery was fine, but I know when the battery is the problem, and asked them to replace it anyway. They did under the prorated warranty, and I've had no more problems. The batteries only seem to last about 2 years.
  • I recently purchased a pre-owned certified 2010 Maxima with monitor, navigation and technology package. Car has 17,000 miles. Same thing has occurred on three occasions. Dealer unable to duplicate but says battery is fine. Car started after being left alone for a while.
  • I own a 2010 Max, and was also having problems with having the Battery going dead too soon,,if I did any car computer work for awhile, the car wouldn't start,,I have 17000 Mi. on the car now. I took it in to the dealer, and they charged me 50 bucks to replace it,,problem solved??? I never owned a car where the battery failed in such a short time!! I think they have a problem with who ever built there batterys and the easy fix?? Charge the customer to fix it,,NOW THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED!!! WAKE THE HELL UP NISSAN,,people want to save money in todays economy,,and not give the car industry MORE MONEY HANDOUTS for the mistakes they cause!!! I'm giving my soapbox back to whoever wants to let loose now!!!
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    edited November 2011
    Relax, it isn't Nissan's fault. All manufacturers are having the same problem with batteries. Same thing happened to our Altima and both of our Honda Pilots. They die almost 2 years on the nose. With more and more electronic equipment on cars, batteries are subjected to far greater loads than ever before, and the heat in southern climates kills them. I do agree that a prorated warranty is a bit useless though. This is the battery manufacturers' warranty and somethimes it is better to go to Walmart or Autozone and get a replacement battery that has a 3 or 5 year full replacement warranty, for the same money you'll pay for the prorated "warranty" replacement at the dealer.
    BTW Nissan has not received any government handouts, and I won't buy from a manufacturer that has.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Great response on the battery issues being an industry problem. The OEM batteries just aren't designed to the same specs as a heavy-duty replacement battery. They are designed as a three-year battery for an "average" car that doesn't have all of the electronics when every bell and whistle is added.

    As far as "government handouts", don't ignore the fact that they more of a loan than a handout and that they've turned out to be some of the best investments that a government ever made. Between the direct return on investment and the indirect tax revenues that were preserved, the "big auto bailout" is likely one of the very few things that the government has gotten right lately.

    And no, I don't work for an auto company.
  • I was told by the dealer that the Battery installed was a weak one to (pardon the pun here) START with,,so I do not know why they would put that in one of thier top price cars!! I have had Caddys to Corvettes in the past loaded with computers, and never replaced a battery in so short of a time span! It was a bad choice of words that said, Gov't. Handouts,,I should have wrote Corp. "welfare" payments. I worked for another one of the giant "WELFARE" industrys called,, Railroads! And they are still getting checks from US,,the taxpayers. Thanks for your responce.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi All,

    I'm not having any battery issues with my Max and it has 27k miles on it currently. At some point, as with all cars, the battery will go and need to be replaced. I was just curious, what are suppose to be some of the best replacement batteries out there? I'm obviously not going to have Nissan replace it when it does go since they'll just replace it with the same OEM crap.
  • I replaced one with the dealer,,but remember it only cost me 50 bucks and,,the battery was a better one then what the factory sent with the car,,I can't give a answer to which battery is the best because I haven't had to have on installed for Yrs. Maybe 20 Yrs.
  • I have a 2011 Maxima and already bought a new battery. I took it down to a local tint shop and it took them about 2 1/2 hours to tint out. When the went to start the car it clicked. The inside light is the only light that was on. The jumped it and it was fine. About 3 weeks later I got out of the car and left the ignition on and 1 hour or so later went out to start car and clicked again.

    I know it was my fault for leaving the ignition on and the tint shop probably shouldn't of left the inside lights on but I have never had any battery die like that, especially a brand new one. I went to Pep Boys and bought a red top Optima batter and now I feel secure. I bought a Yellow top 6 years ago for my other vehicle with a nice sound system running 2 high powered amps and never once has it died. Even left the inside light on a couple times over night. Red Top isn't as strong as the yellow but rest assure you will have a piece of mind when you go to hit the Start button for years to come. Yellow top will not fit and the red top was a bit tricky installing cause the posts are opposite setup then the factory battery. I wonder if Nissan will give me money back for the factory battery?
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