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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Wagons



  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Our 93 Sable LS wagon has 50K on it. It has developed a clattering sound in the engine that you can hear above 2000 rpm after the engine is warm. We took it to our dealership, who at first couldn't figure what is was and then later called back to tell us the engine's 'lower end', bearings etc. were shot and the engine needed replacement. This sounds a bit far fetched. It runs good, doesn't burn any oil and doesn't smoke. How can this be true?
  • Edmund's review of the 2000 Mercury Sable is now available. Here's the direct link to Road Test: 2000 Mercury Sable Wagon, by Brent Romans. What do you think?

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • Actually, hilarious review, but fairly accurate. Had money been no object, I too, would have bought the VW Passat V6 wagon in a heartbeat, but this new suburban mom couldn't afford it....yeah, I don't understand why Mercury/Ford, so proud of the Sable's safety rating, would put in a hard as nails, uncomfortable as hell back seat without headrests for a touring wagon. Doesn't make sense. If nothing else, spring for some headrests, Ford! Duh! As to the sound system, I have the upgraded Mach Audio system, complete with 6 CD changer and it's pretty good. Compensates for the lack of moonroof that came (or didn't come) with my lil' red wagon.
  • Oh, as to the complete lack of personality the reviewer complained about in the Sable Wagon, I think it's very "mom-mobileness" is its personality. I proudly show off my suburban taxi to my friends, we all have a good laugh, but I get the last laugh because I didn't succumb to the false lure of the SUV or the banality of a mini-van. Ha, I say!
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    Trouble free except for maintenance items such as ,struts, belts, tie rods, etc.

    After 60k miles it went through tires every 30k. Some expensive work around 100k (throttle sensor and intake manifold gummed up, struts again).

    My teenage driver son loved it until the tranny died around 120K.
  • Has anyone else experienced problems with the Sable's break system? I have a 1993 GS wagon and I ran through a stop sign recently when I slammed on the breaks! The sign caught me off guard, and I hit the breaks as hard as I could, but it was as if I hadn't hit the breaks at all. I took my foot off the breaks and hit them again before I stopped. Luckily, there were no cars driving on the cross street. I took my car in this morning, and I am still waiting to find out what the mechanic says. I was hoping to see if anyone else has had this happened, so I don't get snowed by this mechanic.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    This sounds like a brake hydraulic system leak or it could be some air trapped in the system in which case you will need to have to "bleed" the brakes. Have you checked the fluid in the brake reservoir?

    Good luck
  • joelogjoelog Posts: 11
    I have owned 2 Ford Taurus wagons. An '89 GL for 6 years and kept for 116,000 and a '95 GL. Both have the 3.0L vulcan engine. The '89 I had to overhaul the Tranny at 62,000 mi. the '95 has 138,000 miles with no major problems or tranny overhaul. I change my engine oil every 3000 mi. Also with the '89 I didn't change the tranny oil till 50,000mi. on the '95 I did it every year (which for me is 22,000mi) Maybe this is the difference or the fact that on the '95 I went for the 100,000mi extended warranty in which case nothing major ever happens till after the warranty expires. So go for the extended warranty. I'm replacing my current Taurus with a '01 this month.
  • 40,000 miles, no problems after a computer re configuring at 16K. the weakness in the units is the transmission, not until I saw a tear down did I come to understand. ford uses a very fine(good) transmission filter which mandates oil changes far more frequently than the manual reveals. I get 20+ MPG around town with the air on and up to 29 one the road at 70.
  • rfd2rfd2 Posts: 2
    Okay, it may be time to put to the old girl out to pasture, but I can't find anything I like well enough to replace her! I bought "Bianca" used at 89K miles (I'm the second owner - the original buyer didn't realize the "check engine" light that seems to be lit up constantly is a problem endemic to these cars and doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong, but is really just an expression of the car's character!) and she's been driven hard ever since. She just keeps going... This is without a doubt the most comfortable, useful and reliable car I have ever owned. I live in backwoods Vermont and probably ought to have an AWD or 4WD but when I went to look at the Subaru Wagons and SUVs (at least the ones that I can afford!) their safety ratings and/or small size and hard ride left me less than eager to buy. Why doesn't Ford make the Taurus in an AWD model? I've gotten along fine with the front wheel drive and studded winter tires on our steep, mud and ice encrusted back roads, but I keep thinking it might be easier for a beast with traction on all four paws. So, the big question; should I look into replacing Bianca with another used Taurus Wagon? Could I possibly be so lucky to get another Taurus Wagon so reliable as Bianca or was this just a lucky fluke? The reports on the Ford Tauruses are rather mixed and I'd appreciate any feed back or other vehicle suggestions that might suit me and have made other drivers happy. It has got to be a wagony or vannish type thing that can double as a truck or taxi (but still has the little luxuries I have become accustomed to -- i.e. power everything!) and it's got to be tops on safety. And, if anyone else has had such phenomenal luck with their Taurus Wagons, please let me know -- especially the year and engine make. This car has never given me any problems, never left me stranded nor cost me big money on repairs -- despite the fact that I put an average of 22,500 backroads miles on her every year! Thanks very much.
  • Just got a fully loaded 2001 Sable LS Wagon for $24K not including the rebates.

    We looked at 97-98 Audi A6 wagon and same year Volvo wagons.

    For the price, Sable is a great car, I wonder why Ford doesn't advertise it more.

    Got the extended warranty just in case.
  • mrl11777mrl11777 Posts: 154
    I own both a 92 Taurus GL wagon and a 98 Taurus SE sedan. The wagon has the base 3.0L engine and the sedan has the Duratec. Both cars have been trouble free. The wagon has 140,000 miles on it with no major repairs (oil changes every 4k, 3 sets of tires, 3 sets of brakes, replaced front struts once and the only thing that I did not consider a normal wear item was the replacement of the front tie rods twice). I would like to replace this car with a new Taurus or Sable wagon but I cannot justify getting rid of this one because it is so cheap to keep. It runs well and everything on it works.
    The sedan is also a very nice car. It has 34,000 miles on it and the only thing that has worn out prematurely was a front tie rod end (at 20,000 miles). The SE tires, General AmeriG4S, stank so I replaced them with a set of Michelin Pilots, which make the car handle extremely well.

    I am very happy with these cars. They were also bargains (the wagon was purchased at one year old/13k miles for $13,500 and the sedan was one year old/12k miles for $14,000).
  • I experienced a terrible wind noise with my wagon. I had a windshield replaced in October of '99 and apparently it worked loose at the base. I was able to get it fixed with no problem from the window installer, but I thought I would list it as a possible source for the noise other owners have tried tracking. I understand some have taken to adjusting the luggage rack, might try looking for windshield leaks.
  • anyaanya Posts: 4
    Purchased this car at end of November, 2000 and so far I really love it. Handles real well and
    extremely comfortable. Driving is about 50% freeway and 50% streets in heavy traffic, and I
    live in a hilly area. Mileage seems to run about
    22 - 24. Anyone out there find this mileage to
    be average or a little low? Engine is the
    Duratec 24 valve. Also, was advised by dealer
    and found confirmation in the manual that gas
    should be 87 octane but a decent brand. Have
    been using that with no problem, but recently was
    advised to us 89 octane. Any thoughts on this?
    Anya in LA
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    I get 26-28 mpg on my 2000 Sable LS Prem wagon on the highway, but only around 20-22 around town. So your mileage sounds about right.


  • anyaanya Posts: 4
    Thanks for the response, Pete. Always nice to have validation! Still looking for some input
    from Sable Wagon drivers on the 87 v. 89 octane
    question. Anyone out there have any ideas?
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    Stick with the manufacter recommended octane. The 89 will do nothing except take more coin out of your pocket book.

    I personally like the fact that GM and Ford 6 cylinder engines use 87 octane. Find it interesting that most reviews by American Press don't slam foreign makes for requiring premium (92 or higher) gas.

    How do you like the performance of your engine?
  • We experience metallic 'clanking' noise when our 3.0L - 97'wagon accelerates from 30 mph and up...especially noticeable when moving onto a hwy from the entrance ramp, and always seems to struggle for more power climbing hills. Started to notice at around +-20,000 miles, dealer couldn't find anything wrong; continues as we approach 47,000 mi.
    Changed octane from 87 all the way up to 90 w/ several national brands, still no difference.
    Is there any 'secret' warranty or TSB that might have addressed this in which we can try and present when we return car to dealer for Calif. emissions repair ?

  • anyaanya Posts: 4
    I really enjoy the engine performance on the Sable. After years of driving a 4-cyl its nice
    to have the power and control without losing any
    maneuverability! I am enjoying being spoiled by
    this car! Also I have found that I have more cargo space than a lot of SUVs!
  • mike5806mike5806 Posts: 12
    test drove a taurus wagon with cloth seats and a sable with leather. could not get comfortable in the sable's driver seat, but didn't seem to have the same trouble in the taurus. don't think it was the leather as I have always had leather. salesman said that they are the same basic seat. edmund's review comments on the same sable problem. anyone out there have the same problem?
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