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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Wagons



  • tjf2000tjf2000 Posts: 61
    I have a 2000 Sable wagon and it has a function that allows certian power options (I cannot remember which ones) to used even after the car is off and the key removed. It will provide power to them until you open a door. You did not mention if you opened a door after your lights, keys were either removed or turned off. Not sure if your problem may be related to any of that. Good luck.
  • jeff187jeff187 Posts: 2
    DO NOT BUY any Ford or Mercury!! They SUCK in quality!!i bought a 1993 sable wagon with a 3.8L engine from a 'sweet' old lady!! she told me the AC didnt work and it happened to be the year that the new freon was introduced and the car was retrofitted to accommodate it. i am third owner of this car and has only
    54K miles when i got it! After a mechanic review my ac problem he told me Other problems! my coolant line leaks!! the clutch compressor has 'some' damage and WILL need to be replaced ($600 for a USED one!) ! the worst of all, the engine mount has been repaired once before and now it needs to be repaired again!! how many cars have anyone experience that had engine mount problem?? i GOT RID of a 1988 Camry wagon ( which was getting old and the body was rusting! I LOVE this car but thought i needed an upgraded!
    I am SO PISSED that an american car company are so INferior to the japanese and german cars! american do NOT hold their value like their competitors! My car is less than 6 months old and It is already loss 1,000 in value! My advice is check out a used Volv0 wagon,
    a 850 model looked pretty good to me!!that might be my next car as soon as i can figure out how to ditch the sable! i paid 4,500 , she asked for 4,900! at the time it was the kelly blue book value! Oh and the cssatte player didnt work!!
    Good luck finding a GOOD RELIABLE wagon, just NOT Ford or Mercury!
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Gotta remind people though that this is a family oriented website, and to please be careful about the language used to describe your vehicle problems.... Some of the words used in recent posts are questionable by our Town Hall standards. For further clarification, please refer to our Membership Agreement. Don't want to have to use that delete tool. Okay?

    And now, back to the subject of the Ford Taurus & Mercury Sable Wagons. Thanks for your participation. ;-)

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  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    So now that you had such a lousy experience with you 93 Sable wagon we owners of Sables and Taurus wagons should sell ours.

    I honestly believe that you should check the performance of other model year Taurus/ Sables and not pass judgment. You will find that some of us are quite satisfied with our wagons. But again, this is a free message board and you have the right to shoot these wagons down.

    I can tell you that Volvo cars are very expensive to repair and the parts are also expensive. I also don't know that Volvos are particularly reliable although they are said to be safe.
  • ehennessehenness Posts: 92
    Volvos do have a safe reputation. True indeed. Let me point out that so do the last two generations of Taurus/Sable ('96-'99 and 2000-up). They perform well in the NHTSA (flat barrier frontal and side-impact) and IIHS (offset frontal) crash tests. They are quite safe as well by these measures (in most cases, equal, and sometimes better performance than Japanese mid-size cars).

    I agree with danielj6. The Taurus and Sable of today are quite nice wagons, and serve hundreds of thousands of folks reliably daily. The '96 and up design (and the 2000-up cars that came from that) has begun to prove itself as reliable.

    The other thing is that the original post dealt with a 9 year old car with low mileage. It's bound to have a few problems (as are ANY cars of that age) and in fact, very low usage can cause more problems (especially with AC units, which need to be used periodically so the oil can circulate in the system and lubricate it) than high mileage.

    Engine mount replacement is a common thing for many front wheel drive cars. They are basically rubber sandwiches, and they do wear out. They have become more of a maintenance item than on the older rear-wheel drive designs because of the weight, vibration, and torque they must work with.

    I'm sorry for that person's misfortune with his or her car, and it's not to be made fun of. But, it is not necessarily representative of all Taurus/Sable wagon owners' experiences. And the problems are also not necessarily found only in Taurus and Sable wagons (or sedans), either.
  • tjf2000tjf2000 Posts: 61
    My Sable will be 2 years in August, so far it has 62k miles on it and has given me no trouble at all. For what I paid I cannot complain. I drove the Volvo wagon and compared it against the Sable, for the extra $17k the Volvo was going to cost I could see that great of a difference. (Just a quick point in the last 17 years I been driving about 40k miles per year, had 8 cars from many different car companies over that time and the cost of the new Volvo was not a problem, I do purchase my own cars they are not company cars) I have also owed a Volvo wagon and it held up well, but in three years I spent close to $4,500 in maintenance on it. I would have to go back and add up my receipts for the Sable, but it's about $1,000 or less to date. Am I completely happy with the Sable no, there is to much tire noise, no headrest in the middle back seat, and no three point seat belt either. Just my two cents worth....
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Perhaps the post should be labeled "Do not buy 9 year old car from sweet little old lady". Seems you have more of a problem with the old lady than with Ford! Also, Volvos are no wonders either. My Mom had a 95 850 that should have been painted yellow it was back at the dealer so many times. She took a bath when she unloaded it in 1999 so don't be singing Volvo praises to me either!

    We had a 89 Taurus wagon that we sold in early 2001 to buy a new Taurus SEL sedan. The old wagon had its share of problems (as do all older cars)but is still running strong for the guy I sold it too!

  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    Thanks for the tips. The radio does stay on when I open the long as the lights are on. I don't know actually how long the radio would stay on as I have never tried to test the theory (I don't have the auto-shut-off lights). Once you turn the lights off though, turning them back on DOES NOT cause the radio to come back on. Weird, ain't it. I do have an extended warranty on this car, so perhaps this would be covered. I need to look into that. Thanks for your help.
  • jdiaz2jdiaz2 Posts: 16
    Well, its been a year since my last update, and our 2000 Taurus wagon w/ Duratec just keeps trucking along. Just turned 35k miles, and celebrated with a transmission service, new fuel filter (very easy to change!!), and an oil/filter change. Gas mileage continues hover around 25mpg in mixed driving.

    The only issues right now are lightly warped brake rotors, and windshield wipers keep wearing out. :) But other than that, no problems.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for the update! ;-)

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  • maryacmaryac Posts: 1
    Does anyone know ANYTHING about safety for the third seat in the back of the Sable/Taurus stationa wagon. I am debating about a wagon and a minivan and have two children (young) I would like to fit 7 people in my car from time to time, but if the safety of those rear facing seats is very poor, then I would never take the chance. Any ideas?
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    The third seat is designed for children or short-legged adults who would take a short ride. Passengers seating there face the back. It has no head restraints but does have shoulder and lap belts. In a minivan third seat passengers face forward and have head restraints.

    To me there is is a safety issue with it in case that another driver would rear end me which it already happened 2 weeks after I took delivery of the wagon. I was hit at 35 MPH by a mid size sedan with my bumper sustaining cosmetic damage. I was driving alone at the time. The vehicle that went into me was a 2000 Accord whose bumper held well but its hood buckled a bit. Mine is a '00 Merc. Sable

    I am sure my fellow Taurus/Sable owners can add more to my statement.
  • sable1990sable1990 Posts: 2
    I own a 1990 mercury sable wagon. Just recently my air bag light started blinking. It will blink 8 times, stop for a second, then blink 8 times again. This continues doing this the whole time I am driving. Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it or disable it.. I would appreciate any help..
  • anydaynowanydaynow Posts: 3
    I appreciate the recent post from jdiaz2 about the mileage on the Duratech engine. I know earlier messages have been about usually exceptionally poor mileage. I was curious what some of you (those that are not having mileage issues) are averaging with the Vulcan or the Duratech. I am wondering how much mileage difference is between the two in order to help in my purchasing decision.
  • ehennessehenness Posts: 92
    I have a '98 Taurus with 46,000 miles on it. It has the Vulcan 3.0. Since I have owned the car (since 11,000 miles), I've kept track of the mileage. I have averaged 22.5 MPG, with maybe 60-65% city driving and the rest highway. On trips, going 70 or so MPH with a couple of people aboard, I get 25-28 MPG, depending on the traffic and terrain. The highest I ever got was just under 29 MPG, the lowest was around 19 (lots of busy city traffic and idling in that tankful). Usually I get around 21-23 on my usual commute.

    I find the Vulcan perfectly adequate for my use (I've had a couple of four cylinder cars prior to the Taurus), but have not driven a Duratech, so I can't compare. It accelerates just fine.

    Hope that helps.
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    I have a 2000 SE Wagon with the 3.0 Liter Vulcan FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicle). When I first got the car (used from Hertz), I was getting 16 - 18 MPG. Then Ford replaced the fuel pump due to a recall and did some work to eliminate a chronic knocing and pinging that seems to be endemic of FFVs. After that, the MPG increased to around 20. On highway trips, I've gotten as high as 26 MPG. I generally drive a mix of highway and city.
  • bg729bg729 Posts: 6
    I would welcome anyone's experience with the air filters in the new Sables.Do they thoroughly screen out street and exhaust fumes? I currently drive a '92 Sable Sedan and am considering buying a Sable LS Wagon. I do mostly bumper to bumper inner city travel and in the winter, have set the dial knobs on the old Mercury to red/hot and turned the other dial to MAX A/C, since with the compressor running the air gets recirculated within the car and does not pull fumes in from the street. However, I have a circulation problems in my feet and they freeze. Most foreign cars allow you just to recirculate the air and set the heat to floor. This is not the case in either old or new Sables. In the 2002 LS- all computerized- I attempted to replicate my old strategy: pushed the button to increase the temperature to 80 degrees, but also pushed the button to floor ( yes it was hot), and then pressed the MAX/AC button and that cut off the heat and the temp dropped to A/C levels , although the readout still said 80 degrees.

    If I thought the air filter worked, I could just increase the temperature in the winter and heat the floor, but I am wary...very wary...since Ford tends to skimp on quality. I would appreciate your experience and thoughts.
  • ehennessehenness Posts: 92
    The passenger compartment filters on the newer Taurus/Sable work very well at eliminating smoke, pollen, dust, and other particle-type things from getting sucked up and entering the car. They don't work on smells, but that isn't Ford's fault. I've been in several GM rentals with the filters, too, and they also work well on the particles but not the smell. They aren't designed as odor filters, I guess.

    If you can't turn the system to recirc with Max AC, the system does close completely when you switch it to 'off.' That works well when you have an intermittent odor like diesel exhaust or a skunk that you want to keep out of the car.

    I never tried running the system on Max AC with the temp all the way up (I have the manual AC system, not auto temp control), but there's no reason why you can't do that. I have had the AC on with the temp part way up, and that's fine. Plus, the AC compressor only runs down to 50 degrees F; below that, the airflow is the same but it's not refrigerated by the AC compressor. You should be able to do it that way, though you'd only get heat through the dash vents (given that the AC settings give you airflow through the dash vents only).
  • I've come across a '93 Taurus GL with the 3.8v6 and ABS, and a '90 Camry "dx" with the 2.5., both for $2K; although I want the Taurus mainly because of the ABS. Reliability would be very nice too, since I may have to work part time with school and can't afford to w/o a car. I don't want to waste money, yet at the same time I want something safe.

    I'm going to have them both inspected, or atleast that's what I keep reminding myself when I go look at them again. Are there any major problems with either?

    I've heard about the 3.8 head-gaskets. How hard are they to replace? What price range for that job?

    I'm willing to live without ABS for a year, considering that I've driven vehicles w/o it before, yet the situations really got suspenseful when it was wet out.

    Oh, the "Camry" a '90 model had only been on sale since '88. Although, I don't remember when the wagons came out, nor if Toyota was a reliable enterprise back then???

    Any opinions????? Please help, thank you.
  • I own a 94 sable wagon and have a long history of problems with this car (brake system, a/c, head gasket,power steering, coolant, oil and transmission leaks...) I woke up this morning and wipers no longer work. They seem to start and just stall few inches above hood. Anyone know what the problem may be?? Costs to fix??
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