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2010 Cadillac SRX



  • Limited supply because they are selling faster then they get them!
    Don't look for incentives till after the new year or even longer?
    Then again February is usually a very bad month for car sales so who knows?
  • john178,

    I agree....I ordered a Grey Flannel Performance with the ebony interior and will fly into Chicago and drive it back home...but I think it's totally worth it.
  • john178john178 Posts: 48
    Bigliljen: You must have had your mind set on an SRX, flying to Chicago to take delivery. I drove nearly 200 miles to take delivery of my Imperial Blue Exterior, Shale Interior. Another customer was ordering a Gray Flannel with Ebony Interior at the same dealership when I picked up my car. The only color close to this on their lot was a Silver SRX. I like all the options- but the Navigation system is awesome and user friendly. The back lift gate being able to be programed to an adjustable height is a nice option as well- especially when you have a garage door that is an issue for other SUV's I've owned. I hope you enjoy your SRX as much as I have mine.
  • John178,

    Well I shopped around in the Cleveland area, and this dealership in Chicago got the MSRP down by $1000 more than anyone else. It's supposed to be here by mid NOV and I can't wait! I like the adjustable pedals & lift gate, not so much for the gargage, but I'm petite so every little bit helps! I'm a Lexus baby, my IS 250 lease is up soon, and the RX 350 is ok, but wasn't thrilled about the body style, and I'm definitely NOT a soccer Mom! I will have a Grey Flannel, Performance, with chrome rims, and hopefully the dealership will have the splash guards by then as well! Enjoy your ride, sounds sweet, and I'll post when I get mine!
  • I just took delivery of one last tuesday, black raven with ebony interior...premium pkg AWD. On day 3...NOTHING turned on. No Power...nothing. It's been at the dealership since Saturday morning and they can't figure out what happened. Brand new car, 3 days power. It started Saturday morning with a jump...but seriously after 3 days, you shouldn't be having issues with the battery. I've always been a foreign car kinda gal...this is my first American car. I hope this is just a fluke...but I must say I am SERIOUSLY disappointed.
  • Luvcars8,

    Oh, sorry to hear! Hopefully it's a fuse or something? Wow, I'd be crushed too! I'm a bit cautious with GM with everything they've been through anyway, but I'm hoping Cadillac is holding it's own. Good luck with yours & hope it's fixed soon!
  • So they were unable to reproduce the issue. They were on the phone with technical support all day and ran every diagnostic they have so far...nothing. It's fine far. Fingers crossed!
    One more thing...battery dies...the tranny has to relearn your driving pattern, until then it's jumpy. Interesting.
  • Oh no, I took delivery on 10/20 & I did not get out of dealer without car needing a jump.
    We were messing around with hatch trying to figure out the 3/4 setting.
    When I went to start the car it was totally dead.
    I notice the car shuts down after 5 minutes to prevent it from dying, but yet still does.
    Since I left dealer yesterday I've been fine. But I notice if car is not running & in "Accessory mode".
    Battery "Volts" drop from 15 to 13 real fast. Something is up for sure.
    Love to know what I will do when I go to a drive-in movie. Car will shut off every 5 mins. :cry:
    Oh well, everything about this car I love, so I will be very patient & hope the BEST!
  • Could a lot of problems with this vehicle be attributed to its place of manufacture?
  • You make a good point. I didn't notice this fact until I bought mine and took a really good look at the window sticker, which, up until I bought the car was in the back window which is heavily tinted and made it hard to read. This fact would not have stopped me from buying this car because I like it so much, but you do have to wonder about quality control.

    My story is similar to one of the earlier ones on here: We took a 24-hour test drive in an Imperial Blue one a couple of weeks ago at the saleman's suggestion. It was a very rainy evening and so we drove around with lights and wipers, etc. all running. We parked the car at the end of the evening and the next morning the battery was totally dead.

    Cadillac Roadside Service responded and jump started the car and we took it back to the dealer. The car had been sitting out for a few days with nobody driving it, so we assumed the battery had just gotten weak.

    Fast forward to Tuesday of this week when we bought a Carribbean Blue Premium edition. We took it on a trip yesterday and on the way back it was snowing and we had the lights, wipers, etc. going. Guess what? This morning the battery was dead and they replaced it.

    I think the batteries they put in these SRX's are maybe not powerful enough given all the electronics, etc. that are on these cars. Or possibly the alternators just aren't up to the task of keeping the batteries charged.
  • I just had my SRX for 1 month. Last week the electronic control system for the heated and cooled seats, and air conditioning went completely out. It was late one night. Next day it worked again. Then it happened 3 days later. Took it back to the dealership and said they had to re-set it. It went out 3 days later once more and again started working the next time I started the car. Anyone else have this problem?
  • kec11kec11 Posts: 11
    I've been going nuts as there were hardly any platinum ice SRX's on any lot here in Chicago. But went to Rizza Cadillac in Orland Park (long drive from downtown Chicago) and they had two performance with 20" chrome wheels in stock. I took the one with custom pin stripes that matched the shale & chocolate interior. Absolutely love it. I mention Rizza because they gave me an unbelievable trade-in on my previous 2005 SRX. I currently get 5 more miles to the gallon in city driving (16 mpg vs 11) but also that's because my average speed is always in the lower teens from stop and go traffic.

    Great ride, no problems yet (but I had very few problems on my 2005 which is what convinced me to get another.

    Like the higher seat positioning and am crazy about the front fluorescent lighting pipes (that audi started) and the interior led ambient lighting stripe the runs across the full dashboard and all 4 doors.

    I really wanted the rear entertainment system because of the extra sub-woofer, but couldn't wait any more and that's the only thing I wish I had more of is the bass (sounds deeper at lower levels).

    Never had 20" wheels before and they kind of make a flop noise when hitting a bump plus they square off if you leave the car sitting in the cold for 24hrs and take about 500 feet to smooth out round again.

    I'll keep you posted, with how the beauty does over the next months
  • parmparm Posts: 723
    Just returned from the Indianapolis car show where there was a CTS Sport Wagon on display which my wife and I loved. Unfortunately, they didn't have an SRX at the show, which leads to my question. Both the Wagon and the SRX are only AWD (vs. a preferred 4WD). While there are some minor variances with regard to engine choices, both cars seem to be singing from the same hymnal (4 door AWD with a rear hatch). The only major difference I can see is that the SRX has a higher ground clearance. Maybe the SRX has a 3-row seat? So, what niche does each car serve?
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    CTS Sport wagon is available in a RWD and the SRX has FWD. Not sure what you mean about a preferred 4wd?
  • parmparm Posts: 723
    When optioned, both cars are available with all wheel drive (AWD). So, both would be equal in that regard. Neither car is a true 4 wheel drive which is different as AWD - the latter of which is not NEARLY as effective in the snow, trust me.. The Sport Wagon is based on the CTS platform. The SRX is too, right?
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    Edmond's says that the SRX is distantly based on the Saturn Vue. It's 5 passenger only. I got this from Edmond's review here, ""

    For either drive train I'm convinced from experience that the most important way to have traction in snow is to have good snow tires. I owned a RWD car with blizzac snows and passed many 4wd trucks in the ditch. AWD and 4WD is overrated and expensive. You still need to be able to stop.
  • csbktxcsbktx Posts: 1
    Regarding the battery post earlier, we have woken up twice now to find the car completely dead in the morning, about 3 months apart between incidents. The roadside assistance came by the first time and told my wife she left an interior light on. I thought that was odd because my 7 year old Maxima shuts off automatically if you do this. After this second time, I recharged and turned several lights on. They all went off on their own after 15-20 minutes, so this is not on my shoulders as the service man was trying to blame us. Also the battery makes a high pitch noise, even when dead, when just sitting there. I think it's just bad.

    Has anyone else has problems pumping gas in theirs? Every gas station we go to, it clicks off after 2 seconds, have to turn the gas nozzle upside down to prevent it. Not fun during the winter and we tried different stations. Had service at James Wood in Denton tell us they couldn't reproduce it (convenient) and they refused to go to a gas pump with us to show them either. They told us to find a pump where it works and just use that one!

    What awesome Cadillac service we've had so far!!!!! *sarcasm*
  • I have also had trouble pumping gas! I went today for the first time to fill it up, and it would go for about 2 seconds and shut off. I thought there was a problem with the pump so I moved to another one. Same issue. It apparently did not keep the fuel pump nozzle at the correct angle so I had to physically hold it up while pumping (annoying when it is 30 degrees outside.) Then it still cut off when the tank was only 3/4 full. I just gave up. Also, this is a gas station that I go to regularly and have for years. I got my car at Sewell and plan to talk to them about this issue. Glad I'm not the only one.
  • I occasionally have a problem with gas shutting off right away or well before tank is fueled on cars I own. Usually I can correct it by not squeezing as hard on trigger (I rarely set the auto fuel trigger) or not jamming the nozzle in quite as far. If the fuel is going in to hard and fast I think it more readily triggers the nozzle off ... air has to get out of the tank to be replaced by the fuel.

    Meanwhile, I will take the old SRX over the new one for styling. The new one looks like someone squeezed the car on both ends, leading to a bulging look on the sides and roofline, and a fat looking from. And I'm starting to get tired of the chiseled look.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    The problem is that the nozzle tip makes contact with the filler tube and that changes the flow pressure of the gasoline. When the fuel pump senses the pressure drop it cuts off. You can avoid this by adjusting the nozzle so that its tip doesn't does not come in contact with the tube. This is essentially what deena808 discovered. It may be possible to make the adjustment so that you don't need to continue holding the nozzle in place.

    Give that a try and let us know what happens.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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