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AC issues in 98 Grand Marquis

My AC won't blow cold air. Heated air comes in. even with the AC off and the vents closed hot air comes in from the direction of the dash.

This started out with occasionally the AC wouldn't turn on when I pushed the AC button. Generally turning the AC off and on a couple of times would make it come on. When turned on the compressor is coming on. The compressor is not shot, the freon charge is fairly good (return line is cold, condensor line is hot).

Anyone have any experience with this. My husband doesn't know if it's an issue of something being stuck open that is allowing hot air only or if there is something else going on.

Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • Just got my Crown vic last month in the heat of Texas summer. A/C works great, sometimes.
    The word on that is the Blend Actuator thingy inside the A/C system, possibly inside or behind the dash. Havent done the job yet but began asking around to get that answer.
    Saw one on internet, AM Autoparts, for 47.00
    If you feel this was helpful, buy 2 and spread Good Karma to a poor Austin boy trying to get his AC cool on!
    Good luck. :)
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