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Mercedes E-Class Wagons (E320, E500, E55 AMG)



  • rassrrassr Posts: 2
    Hi sced:
    I've owned a 2004 E-500 wagon since March of 2004. It's an AWD and I don't think AWD decreases performance one iota on the E-500. This is a superb touring vehicle. But beware of one thing: I replaced the tires at 7000 miles. The rear ones barely passed the annual Pa state inspection and the front ones might have lasted until 15M or so. They were Continental ContiTouring tires with a super soft compound, totally ill-suited for this car. I complained to MB of North America and got short shrifted with a primer on tire wear, info. any teenager would know. Look for the DOT treadwear rating stamped on ther sidewalls, anything less than a 400, don't accept.
  • sar1sar1 Posts: 1
    Both are new cars. '04 model is 5K less. I plan to keep the car at least for 6 or 7 years.
  • lamboolamboo Posts: 4
    I have had a 2001 E320 Wagon and have serviced at similar intervals, typically 1 to 2K miles earlier. Never a problem with the car, now at 36K miles and going strong. I would not worry at all. Go for it!
  • lamboolamboo Posts: 4
    I'v been driving an E320 Wagon 4-matic in California mountains for 4 yrs and now in chicago snow. The awd is a terrific feature, well worth the trade-offs. The car is very peppy and in an E500, it would, I suspect, be imperceptible relative to other options.
  • I just purchased a 97 e 320 with 125,000 miles.


    The car runs great and doesn't have any oil leaks.


    However, the engine idles rough and is rather noisy for a Mercedes.


    Any suggestions? Do I need a tune-up? Is it necessary to use a certified Mercedes shop?
  • We own a AWD E-320 Wagon and it is absolutely JUNK. This car only has 78k and has so many problems, too numerous to list. Just when you get one thing fixed, something else goes wrong. This car is primarily driven by my wife, and not abused. It looks great, is solid built, and when its running is a fine car. WHEN its running. This vehicle has had every problem you have read about in this forum and More. The dealer is fine, but they can only do so much
  • sjeff1sjeff1 Posts: 3
    ugh.I am buying one!!!
    What year? What kind of
  • jandbjandb Posts: 1
    I own a '93 300TE 4matic wagon which I alternately love and hate. It is such a beauty to behold, however, I am on my 4th folder in which to store service records. I always use the dealer. I had the windshield crack last week and the dealer farms that work out, so I'm using a local glass guy. What scares me is that he says he has to dis-assemble the wiper motor to install the new windshield and that it's a 5 hr. job. My insurance is covering the cost. Has anyone had experience with this?
  • rfasrfas Posts: 3
    Hi I dont know if you will get this, but here goes. I am considering purchasing a 1998 e320 4 matic wagon w/ 49K for 15,000.

    Can you tell me if you happy w/your car? Have there been any problems? Please let me know.

  • rfasrfas Posts: 3
    so did you buy it? Are you happy? Im looking at a e320 wagon 4 matic w/ 49K for 15,000.

    Let me know what you did and if your happy?

  • reagentreagent Posts: 2
    I'm looking at a 01 e320 wagon and need to use the 3rd seat for my 1.5yo son. He will be in a very high quality carseat (Britax). I'm wondering if the owners manual gives any requirements for use ie: min. child weight,size etc.
  • I also researched the Continentals before purchase of my E500 AWD wagon at tire rack and spoke personally with one of the big honchos who reassured methere wasn`t enough difference to at 15000 miles after my second tire rotation there is excessive `cupping` noted on the rears. The dealer told me it was due to the inherint camber of the rear end. I wAs never told to rotate tires every 3000 miles.This is the first such problem..have had 3 previous E 4matic wagons
  • sjeff1sjeff1 Posts: 3
    I have not purchased as 15,000, what year e329 wagon..sounds like a good price? it a AWD too?
    I learned you must baby them more than 3 series BMW but if you do they will run forever too.
    I just love the classic look,space, comfort and ride!!!
  • rfasrfas Posts: 3
    No. As the saying cruise you loose. I saw the add on fri afternoon, told them i would come out to look at on Sat morning. Well Sat morning comes around and i slowly make my way out to the jaguar dealer ship.....bottom line..on my way out i get a call on my cell....the car was i never even got a chance to see the car, except for pictures that showed the car to be in immaculate shape.

    yes it was 4 matic....

    I own a Volvo 95 850 GLT Wagon....runs great, rides stiff, im the 2nd owner, 80 K....and i want something different....I would like to get a Yudkon or Tahoe, but the wife is not into big trucks, so when I saw the add for the E320, I said to myself BINGO.

    The other thing is we are putting on an extention to our house and to spend the 17K (taxes and all) on a car that I really dont need......nough said.

    Good luck with your car!
  • am awaiting dealer decision re cupping of back tires at 15000 m. noted on second rotation..Does anyone have experience with some tire brands rated higher by Tire Rack for the E500 AWD wagon ie Bridgestone Turanza,Kumho ,MichelinEnergy MXV4 Plus,or Continental ContiPremiumContac...Presently have the ContiTouringContact
  • tk45stk45s Posts: 5
    I didn't see any in the owner manual. However it states that you can call MErcedes for their recommendations of car seats. o be safe you can call them.

    My son is 16 months old. He uses a big heavy seat whose brand I cannot remember now. The car seat fit well in the side rear seat. However, with it in only one additional person could be seated on the rear seat. I also tried to put the car seat in the center rear seat. It worked. Two additional persons could be seated. But the space was tight. So if you intend to carry 5 without using the 3rd row make it sure you don't buy a big car seat. If you only intend to carry 4 then there shouldn't be a problem.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Here is an idea for a premium wagon comparison test.

    Premium Wagons

    Mercedes E Class wagon
    BMW 530xi
    Audi A6 wagon
    Volvo V70
  • rdkayakrdkayak Posts: 5
    I am interested in possibly purchasing a used E class AWD wagon. I am currently a Chevy Suburban owner. The gas prices are just too much!!! I'd like to downsize to a wagon, family members, friends have owned Mercedes and loved them. It's a fabulous car also. But safety for our children is what draws me to this car. We have two big dogs that need the space in the back. My questions are as follows: Can anyone questimate the gas mileage for me? What should we expect to pay annually in service also as a questimate barring obvious unforseen problems? I saw one today in a split second that had 41,000 miles and was $35,000...I think, could be off on those numbers a bit. Any other advice or things to look for would be much appreciated. Thank you
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    our y2k 4matic wagon got about 20 mpg overall.
    a couple mpg more on the highway, a couple less around town.
    what to expect to pay annually for service? be afraid. imho these cars are subject to the
    bathtub curve of reliability/repairs. many early repairs, not so many later on,
    then many more much later on. hopefully you'll find one in the middle of the bathtub curve when the car will maybe be reliable. otherwise, i hope you have lots of cash set aside for random pricey repairs. my advice, compare with a new/warranteed volvo v70.
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