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Mercedes E-Class Wagons (E320, E500, E55 AMG)



  • eliaselias Posts: 1,900
    our data with Y2K E320 4matic wagon is consistent with other postings indicating that was a buggy year for E320. we never had motor mount or rust problems. we owned it for about 5 years. problems we did have with the car are too numerous to list. it did become more reliable after its first year - like the "bathtub curve" of reliability for extremely complex systems such as commercial aircraft!
    i'll never expect reliability out of a mercedes, but i think the features/ride/comfort/safety are so incredible that i would consider another Benz purchase - diesel for sure!
  • we just purchased an E320 4MATIC! While we are still learning how to operate everything my wife noticed there is CARPET between the threshold and the door.
    We can't keep it clean! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cover or clean this area?
  • rktekrktek Posts: 1
    I have an 03 E500. Has anyone had a problem with the electric door locks? The drivers side lock bounces up and down when the key is pressed. Sometimes the catch does not reset it's self. I cannot figure out how to remove the interior panel to see if something has become disengaged. any advice other than go to a dealer. Thanks
  • I just purchased a wagon and my dealer claims that this adjustment cannot be made. Could you let me know where and which service person you dealt with?
  • I am wonderin what year you ended up buying and what you finally thought! We are looking at a 2003 - E320. THanks.
  • kevfirstkevfirst Posts: 1
    I find that my E500 (2004 wagon) doesn't want to coast; I have to "drive" it forward, even down steep gradients. As soon as I lift my foot off the gas, it slows right down - as if it was changing down gears. I've checked that it's not locked into a low range (cleared by holding the shift lever to the right for a couple of seconds). But it feels like the car is down-shifting to avoid free-wheeling.
    Is this a feature of the design or might there be a problem with my particular model? Maybe I've missed something obvious. Help!
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    Ordered the 2007 model and have now had it for a year and 4 months.

    Has been a joy in all respects.

    Have not posted of late and returned to find Edmunds format a pleasant upgrading.

    Just checking in.
  • My grandmother is offering to 'sell' me her 1996 Mercedes E320 with only 15,000 miles (she can no longer drive). I am a Toyota Camry/Honda Odyssey owner and have never considered a Mercedes until now. The E320 is rear wheel drive and I live in a winter climate (roads are mostly clear though) in the foothills near Salt Lake City. Any comments on the reliability of the E320, winter handling, history of problems ... would be appreciated.
  • 2004 E500 4matic wagon...recently upgraded the dvd (275.00) from MBNA...since then have intermitant problem where screen says "navigation activate ..please wait"...sometimes this wait is for an`s unacceptable. Dealer in Tampa thought it was due to car overcharging and after repair ,it again worked intermittantly with same problem.It`s caused us grief as I`ve been traveling extensively and depend on it. Anyone have similar problem or thoughts on what may be causing this? Should I ask to have unit replaced?
  • For a new E320 Wagon, my N.E. New Jersey dealer offers to absorb $2400 worth of remaining lease payments on my current '04 CL500, against a sticker of about $60K on the wagon. A 39-month no money down - lease with a 50% residual prices out just under $1000/month incl. NYS sales taxes (which I would pay up front). However, there's a program now in place to finance a purchase at a 3.45% interest rate, up to 66 months with no pre-payment penalty. Dealer says there's no more than a token reduction off sticker to be had, though I haven't shopped the car or pressed. He also tells me that this interest rate, or any incentive program for that matter, is very unusual on this model. Finally, he says the E-Class will be remodeled for 2010, at which time the wagon may be eliminated from the US product line altogether. I usually lease my cars, but this lease feels expensive relative to cost, while the finance option sounds attractive at first glance. So, buy or lease? Should I expect more price flexibility in either case? Is the possible discontinuance of availability a plus (for later resale) or a minus (outdated styling)? Thanks for any advise you have to offer.
  • bwana4bwana4 Posts: 1
    I'm hoping the nice folks on this forum can answer my question...

    We're looking for an 01 or 02 E320 wagon to haul my 3 kids and their friends back and forth to school and to activities. We would use the third row jump seat on a regular basis. Can you tell me if there is a/c in that area? I know there are vents for the second row passengers but don't know about those in the jump seat area.

    I really appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you!
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    No third row a/c in my '07.

    To regularly carry anyone in this third seat is torture for all but the smallest humans.

    And, no baby/toddler car seat hook up either.
  • Hi there,
    i have a mercedes E320 2003 and the problem is i am not able to change radio stations(the ones saved on memory) from my steering wheel buttons, it only searchs manually once i click the next button from my steering wheel,but i wanted it to switch between the channels saved on memory.
    is there any way to make this?maybe from the menu?
    i appreciate your help.
  • Drive a 2002 E320 in Wisconsin. Have used Michelin snows for years on rear wheel drive wagons with great results. has nice sets of wheels and tires which will arrive balanced and ready to go your wagon.
  • Can someone explain the huge difference in specs for the cargo volume between the current gen wagon and the previous gen? Current is 24 cubic feet, previous is 43. The dimensions of the two cars are not vastly different. Is it all due to the sloping roof of the newer wagon?
  • am ready to trade my 2004 E500 AWD in and looking at possible new Benz purchase.Dealer sold only one so far and none in inventory. Seem to br rarer than hen`s teeth.Has N E one had N E experience wtih the newest model?..Very disheartened when told the beautiful " shooting break" would not be coming to the states .What a beautiful design.New E350 engine to be 300 hp V 6 .Hate 2 wait. Rolandthrust
  • New e350 awd in Palladium`s a very nice riding car ..slightly underpowered for its size. Electronics relatively easy to learn..did get extended warranty as well as wheel/tire warranty (remember the pot holes)..Will keep u posted RolandThrust
  • I know this may be outdated now but I just bought a 2001 E320 Snow-white Wagon in April 2011 with standard rear wheel drive, and a low 102,000 miles- it's like a dream! Powerful V-6 221 hp, 5-Speed Tiptronic shifter. I think it is the most enjoyable car I have ever owned as it appears well maintained.

    I live in the Portland Oregon area my entire life. Apparently some younger people had the Mercedes in LA and put low profile chromed alloy wheels on it with low 'flat-runner' tires onto the vehicle. At first I thought it looked too much like a 'boyz-in-the-hood wagon- Snow-white with grey leather interior, and the pristine white with chrome trim looks so clean, but it draws rave reviews everywhere I go. Even police officers comment that they want one just like it and “where did you find this awesome looking car!”

    As a 6'1" 57 year old middle aged American male, I find the seats to be nearly like from heaven! I am sorry to hear that you wife finds the seat laps too long- as most auto reviewers over the years will complain of seat laps as too short and especially in many Japanese import autos. There is nothing worse to an average height driver feeling like he is falling forward off the seats because they are too short. I'd say if the seat laps feel too long, buy a nice luxury leather cushion for the lower back and this will push the lower derier forward a bit- adjust the seat back to lean slightly forward to make up for proper back support. If an adult is that small and shorter legs, I guess the only real sound solution is to buy a smaller car with shorter seat laps or to have a custom seat lap fashioned.

    If you can afford a new car like this Mercedes at $50,000, you should be able to find a custom auto interior shop that can refashion the seat lap for the driver.

    Good luck,

    Mark Seibold in Portland Oregon
  • waid10waid10 Posts: 21
    Hi - I am considering a used 2011 E350 wagon. I was wondering if any owners of this vehicle could share their thoughts, likes/dislikes, etc.?

  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    Love it. Too many improvements over my 07 to list.

    Things like push button seat folding flat, rear camera, hard drive nav etc.

    Bought as soon as the new model came out in 11.
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