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Chevy Equinox Downshift Problems



  • I hope everyone that's experiencing this problem gets a fix soon. Keep the pressure on, and eventually they will figure it out and fix it for you. But, don't get too carried away with telling people not to buy the vehicle and so forth. This is apparently not a design problem, but rather a sample defect with a certain batch of transmissions. They will get the problem isolated and corrected. In the meantime, you have a 100,000 mile warantee so if the transmission fails it will get fixed. Overall, this is a decent vehicle (although certainly not perfect). Once they get the problem fixed for you, you can get back to appreciating the reasons you bought it in the first place.
  • Well we bought ours new back in 07 and I wish we wouldn't have. We just replaced the 5th piston rod with only 46K miles. We are having tons of electrical problems, which most korean cars seam to have. I know that the next car we do buy it will be with your guidelines stated above.
  • what year is your equinox?
  • eadgbeeadgbe Posts: 1
    Hi, all:

    I am the proud owner of a piece of paper that says I will be getting a 2010 Equinox Real Soon Now (it's on the way from the railyard). I don't need to be told that buying one sight unseen (and un-test-driven) borders on the foolhardy, but in the land-grab atmosphere of the last days of the CARS program and other incentives that added up to $6750 off MSRP, I decided to take the chance. You may all offer a collective "I told you so" if it doesn't have a happy ending.

    My automotive background is that I'm coming from a 1996 Dodge Caravan with 375K miles on it (all mine), so I know a thing or two about transmission issues... :lemon:

    Anyhow, this site has been very helpful to me, so I am going to try to give back in kind and will provide my experience in this thread concerning the transmission misbehaviors that are being reported.

    To set the stage, my incoming vehicle will have these (very standard) specs:
    LS trim line
    2.4L 4-cylinder
    6-speed automatic
    (Nothing else)
    ...So if the issue demonstrates itself, it'll be on a very baseline unit.

    I checked with the dealer on the topic, and they had no reports (no surprise there; I don't think they've delivered too many of these yet). They seem like a 'play it fair and square' outfit, so we'll see how it goes if anything like this arises.

    I'll be sending in my VIN to add to the database and I will follow all the guidelines posted above if I find a reason to. I will also report back here yea or nay at intervals.

    My driving pattern is going to be about 80% freeway and 20% in-town. The freeway routes are mostly flat, the in-town and side roads are moderately hilly, so the transmission should see pretty average conditions. I will be using first-tier name brand regular gas for the first several thousand miles (and keep with it if it seems to give the best gas mileage as someone reports) and intend to use a high-grade synthetic oil at the changes the computer specifies. All routine maintenance will be done on schedule and by the dealership or certified mechanics.

    A/C will be used for the next couple of months as needed and I will take advantage of the ECO setting to the maximum extent possible. I am not lead-footed; in fact I am probably one of those drivers you curse at for only doing the speed limit+5MPH on cruise control in the inside lane. I don't do any towing or hauling of any particular amounts of cargo either. So, hopefully this is a plain-vanilla set of circumstances to measure any transmission peculiarities against.

    I'll be back in a couple of days with any first reports and experiences, transmission-wise. Everyone drive safely and kindly and enjoy the view and the ride.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I'll be back in a couple of days with any first reports...

    We're looking forward to it! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Thanks for your post. I also noticed the problem with an LS model, the first one the dealer got in very early July (also FWD 4 cyl). Thought it was a brake assist issue at the time, later to find out it is a tranny programming problem (probably). If you aren't obligated to buy at this point, I'd test drive it before you take delivery and run away if you notice any symptoms. I hope you don't have this problem, however. I think it is more of a problem than GM is letting on, but certainly not everyone is experiencing this with their vehicles. Keep up posted.
  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
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  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    You could Just Ask Fritz:

    Share your ideas, thoughts and suggestions directly with GM CEO Fritz Henderson

    Otherwise I just have the usual Contact info that you see on their website.
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46

    We purchased a demo '07 Tahoe (redesigned model) with almost 6k miles on the engine. We took a 6k mile road trip from Dallas to Seattle and back visiting various states and cities along the way. The trip got real interesting as we were in Kansas on I-70 and all the sudden we feel a huge clunk, all the warning lights started flashing, the air turned off (100+ degree day) and we had no overdrive. Onstar did a diagnostic scan while we were driving and the nearest dealership was 30 miles up the road. As we were exiting the highway, we definitely could tell that the transmission wasn't shifting correctly at all. Got to the dealer and they spent around 2 hours trying to duplicate the problem or find any problem codes associated with what we experienced. We left 4 hours later with no explanation. As we continued on, we figured out that after driving for 4-6 hours straight it would happen again. We would pull over, turn off the truck, open the drivers door, shut it, lock the truck, unlock, open the drivers door, shut the drivers door and start the truck up and everything reset. Didn't happen again for another 4-6 hours on the road. We stopped at another dealer in Reno, NV and again they did not find anything wrong. Got back to Dallas and immediately dropped it off at the dealer we bought from with an extensive note describing the conditions, what we did and basically said don't give it back until you have figured it out. Turns out it was a sensor that was bad. These new vehicles have so many more sensors, much more sophisticated computer system which amounts to many different scenarios and problems that could exist. You, me and the rest of the educated consumers would have heard about yours and a few others problems long before the 2010 model was released. I hope they figure out your problem soon, being a new vehicle it may take a while. I stopped at two dealers on my vacation and they had no clue what the problem was but the one I bought from knew exactly what it was and there was a bulletin out about it.

    As for anyone looking at the Equinox, just like any car you buy, look at it thoroughly, test drive it for 50 miles, not just 5-10. Take it on the highway and side streets. Ask the sales rep if there is a demo you could look at that has more than 1000+ miles on it and test drive it. Ask a lot of questions and if the sales rep doesn't know the answer have him/her find out for you. If there is anything you aren't sure of, don't commit to the buy. Again, if GM had a problem with the Equinox's, we would have heard about it long ago. Enjoy this new vehicle, I am looking forward to mine.
  • I am considering an Equinox. How can I check whether the transmission is deffective? Does it show up right away?
  • Yeah, the symptoms will be apparent right away when decelerating. They are less noticable the faster you slow down, so don't beat on it when you drive it.
  • So GM's Executive Office said they are just going with what the dealer says. The dealer says the transmission behavior is "normal" and insist they can't do anything about it, though they acknowledge what I'm experiencing. So the Exec. Office offered me a token 2 year maintenance plan. Big whoop. :mad:

    So I'm glad to hear about this new GM program where you can return your vehicle for a full refund within 60 days, and am going to be contacted (so I've been told) by the manager at the dealer to talk about it.

    There was also a person who workd for GM and saw my posts on here and emailed me, said he'd get me in contact with an engineer. So far that has not happened, been about a month.

    So if I return this vehicle I'll be in the market for another (I'm just waiting for GM to say it is not valid on recently purchased vehicles, and only valid going forward). Anyone have any suggestions? We liked the Rogue, but you sit lower than in the Equinox and it is a little smaller. The Murano is a little expensive and has bad gas mileage. Would like more of a SUV type vehicle than a wagon. Too bad, since the Nox is everything we want except the crappy tranny GM won't fix. Any suggestions?
  • I know you have exhausted options with GM, start going through the local media and see if they can push any buttons. With the recent announcement of the buy back program, I am almost certain they would jump on a story like yours where you most likely won't be able to do anything. Have you recorded the problem on video and posted it anywhere?
  • Great idea! No, haven't put it on video, don't plan to since only a few people would see it even on YouTube. But will call local media. Great idea!
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Test drive a Ford Escape. I'll bet you will like it.
  • Dang man,you sound like me :) I am considering buying a 2010 Equinox because it would be a prefect car with great mileage and lots of room.I will be reading everything about the Nox until I can test drive one.I must admit that this is making me nervous.
    I have a well maintained Optima EX with all the options.and a 97 Town and Country LXi.I am hoping to combine their two utilities into one super car.Comfort,style good mileage and cargo room.
    Maybe that is asking too much.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 152
    Geez, shoulda clunked the T&C and stacked the deal with a trade on the Optima.
  • My Optima has leather,heated seats,power Drivers and passenger, other words everything.It's the 2006.5 and has only 31,000 miles.Pretty hard to part with that.
    Chrysler is the same way, and has been taken care of like a family heirloom.Kinda hard to junk it.
    I'm currently doing a lot of thinking about it,and we were not ready to make a deal last month.Kinda testing the waters right now.
    I have a feeling that many who bought new cars would have anyway in the next 6 months or so.This should mean a surplus of new cars everywhere.You know what that means,right?
  • So today I was able to talk directly with GM's chief engineer in charge of the Equinox, largely because of someone else at GM getting me in contact with him based on me posting the problem on here.

    Anyway, it seems the transmission symptoms are somewhat intended based on features to save fuel. However, based on what I said he thinks what I and others are experiencing is more harsh than what is intended. So he is having a member(s) of his engineering team contact me (don't know a timeline) to set up a time for them to come down and drive with me.

    Also, back2front I think mentioned that his dealer told him they contacted GM and were told GM was aware of this problem and was working on it. The engineer said this is not true, that GM was not aware of the severity of these symptoms in some vehicles. So it seems the dealer was lied to by GM, or the dealer lied to back2front.

    When I hear more I'll update more.

    eadgbe - how's your Equinox?
  • I tend to believe the dealership did not lie to me, they are extreamly upfront and I've done business with them several times and have gotten to know several of the key players there, I think the information given to GM was probably not followed up on by the person recieving the call. I love this vehicle but do wish they would come up with a fix, I have 2700 miles on it and it probably has "learned" all it is going to. Mine doesn't do it all the time which makes me believe there has to be a problem, it has clunked into 2nd gear a few times also. Good work Wallyuwl !!!!! :)
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