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2007 Forester Gas Gauge Trouble

moosmoos Posts: 18
Love my Sub but...first the o2 sensor went and they fixed that now the gas gauge stopped working and have to bring it in to fix that. Anyone else have things going wrong all at once. We think it is probably in the tank but?? This has only 40k miles on it and expected more but maybe it's just that I am thinking it's a better made car than it really is. By the way they had to install a new battery about 6 months ago since it went totally dead and wouldn't hold a charge. But I digress, the gas gauge issue is my concern right now...any thoughts?


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think you've just had bad luck.

    On the battery - did you top off each cell with distilled water at least once a year?

    Most people ignore battery maintenance. Mine died after 5 years but all of the cells were low on water and one was less than half full, so it was really my fault. :(
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