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Honda Odyssey GPS Navigation System



  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Posts: 840
    Have you seen any info on the new 2004 MDX?
    I have made new direction inputs while driving my Odyssey NAV and it works fine too. I think it's so cool how fast it works to calcuate your new input.
  • ganley1ganley1 Posts: 1
    My new 2003 Odyssey's Navagation DVD is very out of date. I live in Northern Virginia and at least one major road that was completed over two years ago is not on the DVD. When I called HONDA to question, I was told that I should buy a new DVD (brand new car) and there was nothing else I could do. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that noone else would say anything different, and the operator refused to let me speak with anyone.

    Customer services is probably less responsive than the Navagation system current.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Posts: 840
    I feel your pain, brother. I think we should be able to get the Honda Accord's NAV disc, which is the most current up to date disc which Honda uses on the Accord and Acura, and it is the same as the Alpine NAV disc. It is a 8.5 GB disc instead of the 4.7 GB (Odyssey and Pilot).
    You can buy that disc, but I wonder if the dealer will allow us to return it if the disc does not work.
  • Visiting this thread because I'm thinking about replacing my Acura w/a Honda, and a Navi system is a must-have feature for me. I'm a Realtor, and when I first took delivery of my 2000 Acura 3.5RL, subdivision streets in my area that were in local maps for THREE YEARS were not on the disc. Since they use proprietary mapping data (instead of partnering w/Thomas Brothers etc.) it's simply out of date by the time it's issued. This is one benefit to a high-end portable after-market Garmin system, where you can download updated info; but there are so many disadvantages to a portable system that I'd rather just have the OEMs produce a better updated product.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Posts: 840
    You said "2000" Acura RL?
    Have you bought the updated 8.5GB DVD NAV disc?
  • mablacksvmablacksv Posts: 5
    Unfortunately, I don't think you can even BUY a more up to date DVD for your 2003 Odyssey even if you wanted to. As far as I can tell, they haven't released an update since 2001! Take a look at the site where you can buy the latest nav system update DVD:

    The last update that was released was 9/1/2001. I'm not sure what's going on, but if they do not release anymore updates, the nav. system will eventually lose much of its usefullness. I live near Boston, and you've ever heard of the Big Dig, you know that the roads in and around Boston have changed dramatically in the past few years.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Posts: 840
    It's an Alpine unit and Alpine has an updated version, which is used in the Accord and Acura.
    Honda is too slow on this because they need to make it available for the Odyssey now, not in 2005!
    Yeah, most of the time, ALL GPS are a little outdated. But there are still A LOT of old roads out there to take, even if the new roads are not on the NAV.
  • I called the update order phone number posted at and got a recorded message regarding the next nav system upgrade disc. According to the message, a "major upgrade" will be available in the fall of 2003. It will cost $185 and will include "coverage" of 95% of US streets using a "new methodology" and will also include limited coverage of "Canadian border cities". This upgrade will ONLY be available for Nav. systems WITHOUT voice-recognition. You can get all the details by calling this number: (888)291-4675.
  • I can't wait for the new toy:-)
    Thanks for the info.
  • but still no NAV update for the Ody. Has anyone seen the NAV for the 2004 Ody?
  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    I have been very disappointed with the support offer for the Nav systems. I have both the DVD system on my Odyssey and the HD system on my Acura RL. They finally put out on update for the Acura but it has made my system slow and did not make firmware changes long overdue. I will never buy another car without navigation but I will consider other manufactures first.
  • Let us know if you find a better Nav system. I have the Honda DVD-based System on my 2000 Odyssey and the newer voice actived system on my 2004 Acura TSX. I really like both systems, and would not buy a new car without Nav.

    On the other hand, all the reviews that I have read seem to rank the Honda/Acura Nav systems as the best available. I've seen several others, as well as after-market ones, but none compare, in my opinion.

    It is true that the Honda databases are not updated very often, but I can live with that if I have to. (Roads don't change that often, although POIs do.)

    One thing to consider is the fact that Nav systems, being computer-based electronics age rapidly. My Odyssey is now 4 years old -- not old for a car, but ancient for a computer. The new Accord/Acura Nav system is much faster and much smarter than the older one. There really isn't much Honda can do to upgrade the performance of the older systems, although it can and should update the database.
  • I wish the Honda NAV were compatible with the Alpine dvd nav.
    Although Honda/Acura uses Alpine NAV, no one--Honda dealers or Alpine people-- will say anything as to whether they are compatible!

    Has anyone tried out an Alpine disc on the Honda or Acura NAV?

    Another thing I noticed was that the Alpine NAV has 11 million POI and the updated Odyssey NAV which is suppose to come out this Fall has 7 million POI.

    What does this mean? Don't tell me the so-called updated Odyssey NAV is already outdated before it is even released!
  • The Honda people are saying the new NAV update will be available this late November.
    8.5 GB. 7 millions POI. $185? Can't wait.
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    We need new maps. we still have the original dvd in our 00 Odyssey, I am hoping it finaly knows where our Dealer is!! The version we have has an incorrect location for Freeman Honda in Dallas(used to be Goode-Taylor Honda).
  • In case anyone still keeps up with this thread, the updated Honda Navigation DVD is available for pre-order now by calling 888-291-4675 (web form still lists older DVD database). The DVD is for models prior to '04 ('04's already have new database) and excludes '03 Honda Accord. Expected ship date is on or before 11/17/03. New data just in time for holiday travel! Enjoy!
  • Thanks a bunch for the info!
    The '03 NAV is way outdated on the POIs!
    Hope the new one is truly more updated!
  • You can go to and order the updated version online for $185 + $6 S/H UPS Ground = $191 and charge it to Discover, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

    I hope it's worth it. If you want to wait, I'll try it out and let you know on Edmunds. They said on phone that it should ship out next Monday. We'll see.
  • Got the new Nav database for my '03 Odyssey on 11/20 and it was worth the quick upgrade!

    Has new unverified routing, similar to '03 Accord, and now shows nearly all roads in 48 states. Excellent! And goes one better than my Accord, allowing routing through unverfied areas via an on/off option. Accord routes you around.
    New voice, sounds similar to one on Accord, and is easier to understand. No option to choose male voice as in Accord, which upset my wife. :)
    More POI's. Our local YMCA was not in the older DB, now is in the newer DB.
    Performance seems same to me. This is good seeing as DB is a lot bigger.
    Still not as many icons as Accord, which is ok since it would clutter smaller screen.

    Overall, new unverified routing and larger DB makes a good Nav system even better.

    Just curious, new DB has 7+ million POIs. Anyone know how many was in older DB?
  • Got my new NAV for '03 Ody as well.
    I noticed the option for unverified routing, but what exactly is it?

    I gues if we activated the icon for ALL restaurants, there would be a lot of icon too, right?

    I also like the new voice. Must be a guy thing:-)

    Yes, I also noticed a lot more POI.

    I think the previous NAV had 3 million POI, but not sure. However, a lot of those older POI were out of date too, as a lot of businesses have closed.

    My 2 year old home in a new addition still is not in the database, but the surrounding houses are.

    I gotta try the unverified routing and see what it is.

    So the "Easy Route" is basically using most of interstates, "Direct Route" is the shortest distance, but what in the world is unverified routing?
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