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VW Passat Wagons (GL, GLS, GLX & W8)



  • rpfundstrpfundst Posts: 7
    I think you miss my point. I don't think that every dealer needs to have every trim level, in each color in stock. My point is that several of the dealers I've visited in the DC area only have maybe 1 or 2 Passat Wagons in their inventory ( at least that they are willing to admit to) and those seem to be either already sold or on their back lot or at another storage area and not available to be test driven. I don't think I'm being unreasonable expecting to be able to test drive a car before investing close to 30 large in it and the dealership!! Volvo makes both sedans and wagons and their dealers seem to have both available for test drives!! I don't want to get into a war of words I think the advice and insight you give out here are invaluable to folks looking for these cars and hope you continue -- you generate a lot of goodwill for VW. What made me look at the Passat in the first place were the memories of my old Sirocco. I hope have fun driving the Passat while still being family oriented.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    No...You are certainly correct...see #202...
    Things should improve as we get into the early

    Thank you for your kind words...PS
  • I agree with lots of seen on previous posts:
    - there does seem to be low (wagon) inventory at local (west of Boston) dealers
    - however, rather than switch, we'll wait (2 months, I'm told)

    We seriously considered V70s and looked disinterestedly at others (Suby, Saturn, the A6), and there's really nothing out there that does it for us like the 1.8t 5spd wagon. So we'll wait. Signed last weekend on a car in Germany that is in production (no VIN yet). 7 weeks, 1 day, and counting....
  • The last time I tried to buy a Passat Wagon was 1998. It was ordered in January. March "they're in production" April, " its on the boat". May, " we're not bringing it to Canada this year"

    In Canada it seems to be the same story all over again for the 2001.5 Passat Wagon. Vw Toll-free information line staff inform me that the Wagon is in Canada already. Well someone should have told the dealers cause they don't know about it. Dealer opinion on arrival of the wagon varies from May to September, to" I don't think we're getting it til the 2002 model year."
    Even the sedan is hard to find. One maybe two per dealer. Good luck getting a test drive.

    No shortage of Volvo and Subaru wagons. The new H6 3.0 is a great ride.

    Looks like VW blew another opportunity. Last VW in this driveway was 1995. And I agree with others, the two year warranty is a pathetic. Stand behind your German engineering.... once you figure out the production side.
  • Ok, the last few posts have all dealt with the availibility (or lack thereof)of new Passat Wagons. Well, I am looking to purchase a used one,'97 - '98 and can't seem to find any. How many wagon units did VW sell in these years, are they that rare or do the original owners just hold onto them? Because of their rarity should I expect to pay a premium price for one? Thanks!
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    VW buyers are generally not whimsical in their purchases...Although it is
    certainly no secret that the new, redesigned Passat of 1998 has launched
    this VW product onto an entirely different plateau...I sold a rather reasonable
    number of '96 & '97 Passat Wagons...and have sold, or more acurately had
    the opportunity to sell a grand total of 1...yes, 1 Passat Wagon...vintage 1997,
    GLX, Green/Beige Leather. It was a trade for a '98.

    Certainly we broke no Sales records with that product, but this was in a different
    time...VW was a product that had a following...a cult following, if you will. We are
    now very main stream...just follow the threads.

    It is my belief that the folks that have these Wagons will keep them, and run them
    into the ground, because they own the last of a breed...these are the people that wave
    to other VW drivers passing in the opposite direction on roads all across America and
    have done so for decades...I don't think new Passat owners, although I know they
    love their cars, feel the same comraderie.

    So, good luck in your search...there are plenty of places to look...finding might
    be a little tougher...
  • mauislickmauislick Posts: 107
    the local dealer on Maui has a record SEVEN 2001 pre facelift passat wagons on their lot,
    If i remember correctly
    two gls / c. red/ anth. grey
    the rest are v6 and/or 4 mo. a couple of white and another grey, don't remember the rest,
    they have been there for probably close the three months.
    If you really wanted one they would cut a deal and ship it BACK to the mainland. (that's a new one)
    there seems to be a scarcity of wagons at the BEGINNING of the Model runs,
    the economy is stalling, I would guess there will be a glut of inventory about Sept. that's the time to cut a deal.
    the dealers will eat their mrsp words about then
  • mcferbrmcferbr Posts: 2
    just purchased a 01.5 P wagon GLS 1.8T automatic blue with leather, luxury, monsoon, cold weather, and homelink. i was able to get it at $100 over invoice (invoice was 25,397, msrp was 27,300). here was my strategy - i went in, test drove it and offered 4000 under the msrp of 27,300. the dealer kind of laughed but took it to the boss. the dealer came back with the invoice sheet just to show what they "paid" for the car. i compromised to 3000 under msrp. the dealer said that is still under invoice and will not work. eventually we got to about 25,500. my goal was to get it for under 25,000 and could not get the dealer below 25,500.

    i walked out that day and called around to other dealerships only to find out that they didn't have any on their lot or they didn't have anthing in a 4 banger. one dealer laughed on the phone when i mentioned paying below invoice - that dealer said maybe they could budge a little from msrp, but nothing close to invoice. after hours of calling and searching the web, i figured i had a pretty good deal with the first dealer. the next day i called to see if the car was still there, went down and purchased it.

    before doing any of this i read the very informative edmunds article on buying a new car. i followed pretty much all the advice the article provided - stuck to the price of the car, not the payments, knew what the car was valued at (invoice, tmv, and msrp), and avoided being talked into a different car that i didn't want.

    all of this was in ohio

    good luck
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    And thanks for sharing your story with us. Sounds like you had a good purchase experience, not to mention you got a very good deal! We look forward to hearing more about your ownership experience. Please keep us posted.

    Happy Motoring! ;-)

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  • mikeg61mikeg61 Posts: 28
    I just got a 2001.5 GLS V-6 Tiptronic, with cold weather package and Monsoon. We called the dealer to see if they had any in stock and they quoted us $495 over invoice for one that had come in that afternoon. Closed the deal 2 hours later and took delivery the next day. Figure they make about $1,000 bucks on the deal because of the 2% holdback, but it's still reasonable considering it was $1,500 under MSRP.
  • Our dealer offers a Smartchoice2000 Encore extended warranty (10 years/120000 miles) for $1,100 dollars. The general message I get from most sources is buy the VW backed warranty, though the price is higher and the coverage period is shorter. Has anyone had experience with the Encore warranty, or the VW warranty for that matter?
  • hzhhzh Posts: 3
    Does anyone have experience using the new convertible booster seats with the Passat '01.5? We really like the car but when we test drove it and tried out our car seats they didn't work. The rear seat belts, next to the doors, are set slightly forward allowing the car seat to move several inches side-to-side. The sales people were clueless about installing child car seats and their recommendation of putting foam underneath was ridiculous. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • mikeg61mikeg61 Posts: 28
    I have 2 kids in boosters right now. If you pull the seatbelt out all the way until the ratchets lock, then kneel on the car seat while pulling the belt back it will hold it in place. You need to put some weight on the seat and pull the belt tight, otherwise it slides around.
  • hzhhzh Posts: 3
    We kneeled in the seat and had the seatbelts as tight as they would go. We just couldn't get them to fit. It's nice to know some car seats do fit. What kind of boosters do you have? If the passat had the iso-fix we wouldn't have this problem.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 390
    No one has 2001.5 wagons in Eastern PA. When are they supposed to start arriving?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Are coming in dribs and drabs. Not a lot of inventory out there yet.
  • ark4ark4 Posts: 1
    i have a 2001.5 gls, passat wagon, automatic , monsoon locked in at 23,700--how does this sound?
  • rerskrersk Posts: 9
    I place a deposit for a GLX Wagon with 5spd manual. Dealer says a shipload arrived
    in Boston this week and there were no manual shift GLX wagons on the boat.
  • gtidrivegtidrive Posts: 4

    i paid 24,890 for the same but included luxury (wheels and sunroof).

    Your deal sounds decent. See if you can get the luxury package at dealer cost. The alloy wheels compliment the chrome trim really well.

    My deal got me extras at dealer cost. Leather was added. This made it much easier to find a car. Good luck finding something. Open options are a good thing.
  • mauislickmauislick Posts: 107
    well I have been waiting for a total of 12 months for a gls/1.8t/tip/candy whit/grey leather/monsoon passat station wagon,
    I tried to buy a 2000 in april of last year, none available, told to wait for the 2001's July, waited none available, regional rep said why don't you wait for the 2001.5's we will build one!
    waited unitl Jan 2001 they said "will build in weeks 12 to 14" NOTHING, rep came up with an order # WRONG CAR! Last WAS car is being built in week 18 and it will be a 2002. THAT week ended Yesterday! NOTHING SHOWS UP ON THE COMPUTER!
    I think the higher powers that be say "DON'T BUY A VW" at least oneI WANT.
    GOOD LUCK people, it been a really frustrating, mis informed ride,
    I hope NONe of you NEED A CAR, that is the worst position to by in, I WANT ONE BUT DON'T NEED ONE>
    here I come BMW< Mb, toyota subaru, anything but VOLKSWAGEN
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