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Audi S4 Lease Questions



  • Premium Plus:
    Estoril Blue
    19 inch Wheel & Tire Package.
    Audi Mmi Navigation Plus Package.
    Audi Quattro W/Rear Sports Differential.
    Fine Nappa Leather Seat Trim.
    Layered Aluminum/Black Wood Inlays.
    12k/yr for 36mo

    Invoice: 54,723
    Agreed: 56,270 (invoice + 1,500)

    mf: 0.00048 (0.00088 - 9*0.00005)
    residual: 57%

    monthly payment: 736

    it wasn't a spectacular deal, but I don't feel like I got ripped off either. all in all it was a pleasant experience, and the test drive was awesome! can't wait to go pick it up tomorrow
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 110
    edited September 2013
    $1,500 over invoice is not a good deal. For an in-stock S4, I'd expect $500 over invoice worst case scenario. The benefit of your Multiple Security Deposits are being negated by an inflated negotiated sales price.

    FYI: Estoril Blue is extremely difficult to care for and swirl marks are caused very easily. Consider the application of a paint protect ant / sealant like Zymol immediately and avoid all car washes, hand wash or otherwise.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Is something like zymol easy to DIY or would I want to take it in somewhere?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,621
    " residuals, money factor for 2014 S4 Prem Plus - 12k miles"

    .00088 and 57% for 36 months..

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  • Hi all, looking at leasing a 2014 S4 Premium Plus and was hoping for some feedback on the numbers the dealer is giving me:

    MSRP: $58,945
    Invoice: $55,377.25 (I verified this figure against the known invoice prices and it matches, but also includes not only the $895 destination fee which I know is unavoidable, but a $195 prep/inspection fee and a $290 "FL Gulf Coast DAG" fee - not sure what those are or if they are standard)
    Dealer profit: $500
    Shipping (they had to get the car from another dealer across the state): $450
    "PDI and detail" fee: $450
    Sale price: $56,777

    Acquisition fee $695
    Audicare $880

    Conquest bonus cash $1,000

    So with the acquisition fee and Audicare rolled in, I get:
    Total adjusted cap cost: $57,352.25 (my calculation) $57,742.59 (dealer calculation?)

    42mo lease / 12k mi / 54% residual (with Audicare) / .00108 MF

    Base payment: $713.68
    Tax @ 7%: $49.96
    Total monthly payment: $763.64

    Due at signing:
    First month’s payment of $763.64
    State license fees $250
    Rental surcharge $60
    Tire & Battery fees $6.50
    Dealer Service Charge $697.50
    Cash Cap Red. Tax $76.47
    Tax on Florida fees $53.48
    Cash to cap reduction $92.41
    Total due at signing: $2,000.00

    What do you guys think of these numbers? The negotiated sale price of invoice plus $500 seems reasonable to me from what I’ve seen, although I don’t know what those extra things on the invoice price are. The shipping I don’t know if I can avoid since they went out of their way to get this particular car for me. The two things that really jump out at me are the $450 “PDI and detail” fee and the $697.50 “Dealer Service Charge”. Also, I can’t figure out how the dealer is getting their cap cost with the numbers above.

    Here are three screen captures from my sales guy’s computer that he sent me:

    Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 110
    "The two things that really jump out at me are the $450 “PDI and detail” fee and the $697.50 “Dealer Service Charge”" DO NOT pay these fees.

    Also, I have no idea what a "Rental Surcharge" is. And no idea what the "FL Gulf Coast DAG" fee is.

    The $195 prep/inspection fee is a cost that is passed along to the dealer.

    Others will have to comment whether it is standard for a dealer to charge for transportation costs from another dealership, in your case, $450.
  • 2014 Audi S4 Premium plus - 60,165
    Black Optic
    Audi Side Assist
    Audi quattro w/Rear Sports Differential
    Bang & Olufsen Sound System
    Carbon Atlas Decorative Inlays
    Fine Nappa Leather Seat Trim
    Front License Plate Holder
    Supercharged Badges

    The dealer said I can have this vehicle for $55,000

    The lease is:
    $5000 $645/36 for 12K BO 34900
    $5000 $683/36 for 15k BO 33700

    I am wondering if I should lease or just buy the car outright. Do you guys think this is a good deal?

  • isles1isles1 Posts: 110
    edited September 2013
    Sales price is very good (probably too good at 8.5% off MSRP). Which begs the questions: What is the Money Factor, what fees are being added, and what (in addition to the down payment of $5K) is due at signing?

    IMO, putting any significant money down on a lease is a bad decision. If anything, use the money for Multiples Security Deposits to "buy down" the Money Factor (if allowed in your state).

    I am not one for buying cars, especially if you can stay within the allowed mileage of a lease. With the conservative residuals Audi uses, you will have a favorable buyout at the end of term, which leaves you with equity for a trade, or the ability to buy the car and sell it yourself or simply enjoy buying a car worth many thousands more than you could on the open market and knowing exactly where its been and how it has been driven.

    Also, ESTORIL BLUE CRYSTAL EFFECT is very susceptible to swirl marks. So plan on avoiding all car washes (hand or otherwise) and detailing it yourself using high-end products to keep the paint looking good.
  • I was told the money factor was .00088

    Doc/MV/Bank = $1400

    I have asked for the rest of the $5000 breakdown. I should find out today
  • Hello all!

    May be in the market for a 2014 Audi S4 and need some help please! I live in Honolulu, Hawaii where there is only one Audi dealer on the whole island. Monopoly i guess you can say?...

    Looking to order a 2014 Audi S4 Premium Plus
    7 speed auto
    Glacier white metallic
    Red leather upgrade

    Pretty basic stuff.....

    42 month term
    $5,000.00 down
    $605 per month
    MSRP $52,145.00

    They said they will throw in Audicare at no charge....

    This seems rather high. Any advice / feedback / comments would be greatly appreciated! thank you very much all!
  • Hi there...

    I've been eyeing S4's for the past month and have a dealer offering me the following:

    2013 S4 Premium Plus

    $56,170 -MSRP

    $50,500 Sale Price INCLUDING $1000 extra bonus cash for competitor brand.

    Lease Breakdown:

    15k/year 42 Months.
    47% Residual
    Acquisition Fee: $695.00
    Adjusted Cap Cost: $55,048.44
    0 Down Except 1'st months payment.
    Money Factor: 0.00069

    $738.31-Monthly including Tax.

    IS THIS A DEAL? I feel the payment is still very high and something is being manipulated here by dealer? Anyone know what the buy rate Money Factor is for October? Residuals for October as well? In September, I was given a quote with I believe 52%??
  • mgski1mgski1 Posts: 4
    I know you have all seen this many times but this is my first time leasing so guidance is appreciated. Looking at a 2014 Audi S4 lease. Details below, pretty much describes exactly what I am looking for. What are the gotchya's that I need to ask for clarification on?

    Audi Mission Viejo, CA. $599 S4 Lease Special, $2999 down. 42 Month lease. Excludes 1st payment, tax, title, bank fee, and dealer fee. 10,000 miles per year/$0.25 per mile excess charge.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,621
    2013 S4 Premium Plus 42mo, 15K/yr
    .00069 MF and 47% residual

    That 52% residual in September was probably for 36 months, not 42.

    Why is the adjusted CAP cost on your quote $4500 more than the selling price?


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,621
    It should be pretty straight forward.. but, you'll come up against a few things..

    1) Bank fee aka acquisition fee (around $700)
    2) Tax... CA is around 9% on the down payment, doc fee and bank fee, plus the same rate on the monthly payment
    3) Dealer/doc fee.. I think is limited to $80 in CA

    So.. you'll have about $4800 due at signing.. and the monthly payment will be about $655/mo, with tax...

    If you want AudiCare (factory recommended service included), add around $900, but that will raise the residual by 1%, so about $10/mo extra on the lease payment..

    They may try to sell you extras or add fees on top of that, but those would be unnecessary..

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  • Kyfdx:

    I'm not sure why the cap cost is $4500 more than selling. This is exactly what's on the lease print out from dealer. Is this easily changed by dealer for us novice lessee's? I'm thinking something is off for the payment to still be $736.xx ?

    What should the cap cost really look like with 6% state tax?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,621
    Well.. if tax is paid upfront in your state, that could account for a lot of it.. That, plus an acquisition fee.. In what state do you reside?

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  • The car would be registered in Maryland. Do you know where the residuals & buy rate money factors stand for October?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,621
    These were the October numbers that I posted before:

    2013 S4 Premium Plus 42mo, 15K/yr
    .00069 MF and 47% residual

    I'm pretty sure that Maryland taxes the full selling price of the car (plus doc and acquistion fees), so, that would account for the extra $4500 in the CAP cost, I think...

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  • pellynhpellynh Posts: 12
    Just was quoted .0014 MF and 56% Residual for a 2014 S4 Premium Plus.

    MF seems rather high. Can someone please confirm?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,621
    2014 S4 Premium Plus 36mo, 12K/yr lease
    .00070 MF and 56% residual


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